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At Florida Pain Medicine, your interventional pain and diagnoses experts, their mission is to help you “RESTORE FUNCTION & RELIVE LIFE.” Florida Pain Medicine offers complete, compassionate, and comprehensive pain care. They provide the latest in technological advances to relieve pain associated with bone, muscle, nerve damage, and any other painful illnesses including cancer related pain – improving your quality of life. Florida Pain Medicine focuses on and implements a multi-disciplinary approach to treat your pain with the latest technological advancements including interventional pain procedures, physical therapy prescriptions, modalities such as TENS unit or ultrasound therapy, and pain medication management. They perform a variety of procedures at the hospital and ambulatory surgery centers as needed, required by insurance, or by patient choice. They also offer state of the art pain procedures, which are performed in their office, thus saving the patients the financial cost of their medical care as opposed to procedure done in the hospital or at ambulatory surgery centers. At Florida Pain Medicine, they find that by using a multi-disciplinary approach, they can often minimize or avoid long-term pain medications.


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