You’ve Got Mail!

With concierge medicine, patients can consult doctor anytime via email.

It was the height of flu season when Barbara Marshall began to feel a little under the weather. Her symptoms included chest congestion and a nagging cough. To be safe, she chose to alert her doctor about the change in her health. She fired off an email describing her symptoms and asking for advice.

With Dr. Zimmer’s concierge service at Zimmer Medical Services in St. Petersburg, patients like Barbara Marshall have more access to the doctor. They can consult with him on minor acute or chronic conditions by email.

The concierge model offers Barbara (left) easy access to Dr. Zimmer.

Barbara was comfortable doing this because she’s a patient of Michael A. Zimmer, MD, a board-certified internist and head of The Zimmer Medical Group in St. Petersburg. Dr. Zimmer uses a different model of medical practice called concierge medicine.

“The concierge model is based on a limited membership, so physicians can spend more time with their patients,” explains Dr. Zimmer. “It also enables physicians to be more accessible to patients at more convenient times in more convenient ways, including by email. This allows for more personalized care and a quicker response to patients’ needs.”

Having easy access to Dr. Zimmer is an aspect of concierge medicine that Barbara finds especially helpful. When she emailed him about her flu-like symptoms, she was given an appointment immediately.

“Dr. Zimmer provides his email address as part of his concierge service, and it works out beautifully,” reports Barbara, a business owner and native of Belgium. “When I write to him or his staff, they’re very responsive. I get an answer within twenty-four hours.”

Expedient Communication

Like Barbara, many of Dr. Zimmer’s patients use the email feature to consult with the doctor about new symptoms. Others use it to keep him apprised of existing conditions.

“Oftentimes, patients have questions about acute conditions or the management of certain chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma,” elaborates
Dr. Zimmer. “Using email, patients are able to report symptoms or clinical findings, such as measurements of blood pressure, peak flow for asthma and blood sugar for diabetes.

“Acute conditions such as uncomplicated urinary tract infections or simple upper respiratory infections can be handled easily through email. In many cases, we can save our patients from having to make office visits.

“Using email is a very expedient way of communicating with my patients,” continues Dr. Zimmer. “The technology is easy and allows my patients to contact me anytime. I regularly review my messages, so I can respond to patients’ concerns promptly and properly.”

Trusted and True

When Barbara alerted Dr. Zimmer of her symptoms by email, he suspected she might be suffering from a condition other than flu. After he saw her, he properly diagnosed her with viral bronchitis. He treated her appropriately, and she responded positively.

“I feel excellent now,” raves Barbara. “I’m completely recovered.

“Dr. Zimmer took time with me and asked a lot of questions. He determined the right diagnosis and the right treatment. He provided the right resources, so I could feel better. His team was superb from the minute I walked in the door to when I departed. I trust Dr. Zimmer with my life.”

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