Your Last Diet EVER!

Program emphasizes strategies for long-term success.

Over the years, I’ve tried different ways to lose weight and failed,” admits Sandy, wife of Michael E. Burr, DC, a wellness consultant and chiropractor at Spring Hill Chiropractic & Wellness. “If I lost weight with some forced diet, I gained it all right back.

Program emphasizes strategies for long-term success

Dr. Burr’s weight-loss program worked for Sandy.

“But once I began Dr. Burr’s program, the weight seemed to come off automatically. It came off consistently each week. I realized that in order to succeed, I needed to make a lifestyle change and live healthier.

“I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, so for me, the program was an overhaul in my lifestyle for long-term results over short-term, temporary results. I needed to feel better to do what I loved like bicycling, walking and paddle boarding.”

Through his research, Dr. Burr has discovered that overweight people have one of two problems keeping them from losing weight: Either they have a broken metabolism or broken behavior patterns. His program gives patients the tools to fix these problems in order to lose weight by becoming healthier.

“Regarding a broken metabolism, we find that people are frustrated that their bodies are so stubborn in burning fat,” notes Dr. Burr. “We determine what’s broken and fix it, making it easier for people to get results.

“In addressing behavior patterns, we begin by learning why the patient wants to lose weight. Most people say, I want to be healthier, but I look for a specific reason such as wanting to avoid a heart attack because five people in that patient’s family had heart attacks.

“We help patients discover the whys that motivate them to follow the program and do the right things. People aren’t going to succeed with a forced discipline, willpower diet for the rest of their lives, but that’s what most people try to do.

Rewarding Journey

“The goal of our program is to figure out what’s making it so hard for people to lose those unwanted pounds and make it easy for them to be at their target weight. We get their hormones working for them instead of against them, transforming their bodies into fat-burning machines.

“These are some examples of the tools we teach to fix behavior and metabolism issues for a lifetime of success, and we help to make this the last program people will have to do, so there’s no more yo-yo dieting.”

Sandy’s why was dual-focused. She was concerned when she learned of her abnormal cholesterol and blood pressure results, consequences of being overweight, and she vowed to get those levels back to healthy ranges. She also wanted to gain back her lost energy and vitality and be a better role model to her children.

“I lost forty-eight pounds on Dr. Burr’s weight-loss program,” Sandy enthuses. “In addition, my high cholesterol and high blood pressure resolved. I have now kept the weight off for almost two years.

“I thank Dr. Burr’s program for giving me the tools to be healthier for the rest of my life.”

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