Years in the Making

Long-term dental support nets full mouth restoration.

When 76-year-old Eric Ball was a kid, he loved to play hockey. At age 12, he got hit in the mouth with a hockey puck, which broke his top two front teeth. His dentist repaired what remained of the teeth and placed crowns on them. That wasn’t the first of Eric’s dental treatments, and it certainly wasn’t the last.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Eric Ball

“I was one of those people who were born with lousy teeth,” states the Florida transplant from Canada. “When I was a kid, I was always at the dentist. Some people go their entire lives and never have a cavity. For other people, every tooth in their head has something wrong with it. I was one of those people.
“Even with bad teeth, I decided to keep them. Over a period of fifty years, I’ve had massive amounts of dental work done. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my teeth; every tooth in my head has a cap or crown. I’ve also got fourteen dental implants and had numerous root canals.”
During that time, Eric had been to many dentists to have work completed. About 13 years ago, partway through his dental overhaul, he decided he wanted a dentist who could do more for him. A friend recommended Stephen P. Lester, DDS, of Park Avenue Dentistry in Edgewater. Eric was quick to make an appointment with the soft-spoken dentist.

Emergency Call

“Dr. Lester looked at me and said, Holy teeth! He’s been my dentist ever since. Dr. Lester has done a lot of dental work for me, including quite a few of the implants. Over time, he’s given me a full mouth restoration.”
Eric further tested Dr. Lester’s patience and expertise four years ago when he had an accident on a Segway®. He was at a party on the weekend when his two-wheeled, self-balancing vehicle hit a curb, throwing him off.
“I was hanging on and fell forward to the ground,” describes Eric. “My chin was all mashed up, my nose was split and there were four teeth lying on the ground. I called Dr. Lester on his cell phone.”
Dr. Lester was happy to take the call.
“I’m willing to see my patients quickly, even on weekends, for emergency services,” assures Dr. Lester. “To me, that’s one of the benefits of being a patient of Park Avenue Dentistry.”

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

After a life of mishaps, Eric finally has a smile to be proud of.

Eric badly needed that benefit. When he fell, a fair amount of the bone from the back of his front teeth broke off and became lodged in his gums. That created an issue that required Dr. Lester to perform two root canals.
“I had one implant in the front already. We wanted to do three more, but we couldn’t because I knocked out too much bone. At my age, your jaws are becoming smaller and not bigger.
“We tried other things – root canals and stuff like that – but the doctor said to me, Eric, we can try this if you like, but I don’t think it’s going to really be successful. And it was all right for three or four years and then things started to go south. So after much ado with my wife and Dr. Lester and I, we decided on a removable bridge.”
Eric describes the bridge, or partial denture, as a very complex unit. It spans the four missing teeth and is anchored to teeth on both sides with implants.
Dr. Lester wanted to attach the bridge to something solid, says Eric. That isn’t the only special feature of Eric’s partial.
“The clasps that hold the denture in place, that hook around the anchor teeth to secure it, are gum colored,” reveals Dr. Lester. “They blend in and are for all intents and purposes invisible. Most of my patients like that these clasps cannot be easily seen. It makes the partial look more natural.”

Assistance of Technology

Thanks in part to Dr. Lester’s sophisticated technology, he has not only restored Eric’s smile but kept it beautiful. He has done so, in part, by using the state-of-the-art chairside dental system called E4D.
“E4D puts many of the functions of a dental lab right at my fingertips,” he observes. “I can use it to fabricate crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, and make major changes while patients wait.
The technology is so advanced that it offers extensive color-matching capabilities, long-term stability and beautiful, refined milling.”
Dr. Lester says his patients appreciate how easy it is to have dental restorations created, most often in a single day. Not only is the E4D system more convenient than traditional approaches, it also makes the restoration process more comfortable for the patients.
“It’s absolutely incredible that Dr. Lester is able to do so much of the work himself,” describes Eric. “Sometimes, people make three or four trips to different dentists to get stuff done that he does right there in his office. In many cases, you start out in the morning, and in the afternoon, you go home with a new crown in your mouth.”

“I’m one hundred percent happy with my treatment results, and my experience at Park Avenue Dentistry was very good. Dr. Lester’s work is dental perfection!” – Eric

Eric watched intently as Dr. Lester used the system’s camera and computer to design new crowns for him and his bridge. He was amazed by what the system could do.
“Instead of the process we formerly used to take physical impressions of the treatment area, which was a gooey mess, we now use an intraoral camera to gather an optical impression,” Dr. Lester explains. “The typical optical impression is processed while the patient takes a relaxing break in a massage chair.
“With the E4D technology, patients do not have to return to the dentist for a second visit. They also don’t have to wear clunky temporary restorations that always seem to want to come off at the most inconvenient times.”

“Absolutely Fabulous” Smile

“While I know the final results are based on Dr. Lester’s input, he let me see the E4D process itself, and it was incredible to watch,” Eric relates. “The machine begins with a square block of porcelain, and an hour later, you have a tooth.”
In addition, Dr. Lester’s E4D restorations are all porcelain, extremely strong and very aesthetically pleasing. There’s never a black line showing when the gums recede, as there is with porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations. All-porcelain crowns also reflect light like real teeth, so they look more natural.
Thanks to Dr. Lester’s dental treatment, Eric finally has a smile he can be proud of. He doesn’t hesitate to share his grin with others.
“My smile now is absolutely fabulous,” he marvels. “I don’t look any different now than I did twenty-five years ago. I have a lot to smile about.
“I’m one hundred percent happy with my treatment results, and my experience at Park Avenue Dentistry was very good,” he enthuses. “Dr. Lester’s work is dental perfection!”

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