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A registered nurse, Deborah Dean spends the majority of her days on her feet. When she started developing chronic neck pain several years ago, Deborah thought it may be connected to spending years walking the hospital hallways, as well as bending and lifting patients as part of her job duties.

Rebecca Smith and Deborah Dean were both treated for neck weakness with the MCU machine at Active Health Center in North Palm Beach.

Deborah can work and relax now without pain thanks to the MCU machine.

“There wasn’t any one event that caused the pain,” Deborah asserts. “I figured with my job, being on my feet all the time and all the bending and lifting I do with patients, it may have contributed. But, it could have been any number of things.

“Over the last two years, the pain got progressively worse. On a scale of one to ten, I was at an eight most of the time. Most of the pain occurred when I was sedentary, like driving, sitting or trying to sleep. I was in some pain at work, but I was busy and distracted from thinking about it. It always seemed worse when I was sedentary because I was concentrating on it more.”

Deborah says she consulted more than one chiropractor over the years, but nothing seemed to help.

“Chiropractic care never really helped, and I am not one for shots,” Deborah shares, “so that idea was always out.”

One afternoon, Deborah woke from a nap with a tingling feeling down her arm and into her wrist.

“I was worried it was a heart attack,” she says. “It lasted for days. I went to a doctor, and they told me that it was coming from the nerves or discs in my neck.

“I had a friend who was in an accident and ended up with surgery on her neck. Following her surgery, she went to Active Health Center for rehab to increase the strength in her neck. She was impressed with the treatment she received. She told me about the MCU machine and how it helped her heal after the surgery. She swore by it. She told me that she wished she had known about it before her surgery.

“I was really skeptical because I had tried so many other things and nothing worked. I thought about it for a while and decided to give it a try. I figured I had nothing to lose. I didn’t want my own situation to end up with me needing surgery. This was my last hope.”

Deborah made an appointment to see Marc A. Weinberg, DC, with Active Health Center.

Regain Neck Strength

“After examining Deborah, I determined that her issue was extreme neck weakness,” Dr. Weinberg explains. “She was in pain almost constantly, to the point where it was affecting many aspects of her life. She tried other therapies and treatments, and nothing else was working. So, I suggested she try treatment with the MCU machine.”

Rebecca Smith and Deborah Dean were both treated for neck weakness with the MCU machine at Active Health Center in North Palm Beach.

Multi-Cervical Unit

The MCU works to isolate and strengthen weak muscles in the neck.

“We see patients present with a variety of symptoms – pain, headaches, numbness, tingling – but oftentimes these other factors can be stabilized by strengthening the neck,” Dr. Weinberg adds.

Deborah admits she was doubtful of the idea at first.

“I had very little belief that it was going to work based on everything that I had been through up to that point,” she describes. “I understood the concept of it, maybe more so than others because I am a nurse, so I decided to move forward with the initial testing to see if I was a candidate.”

Dr. Weinberg explains that the MCU is both diagnostic and therapeutic, so once an individual has been through the diagnostic testing, the treatment that follows is relatively easy.

“When we perform the testing, patients go through a series of isometric strength exercises,” Dr. Weinberg explains. “They don’t need to move, but the machine records sixteen different ranges of muscle movement for strength. Once we use the testing functions of the MCU to find the source of weakness, the machine goes to work to fix the problem. There is no guesswork involved. It is called evidence-based medicine.

“After the testing was complete, it was evident in our findings that Deborah would benefit significantly from MCU treatment,” Dr. Weinberg explains. “We got her started right away.”

Dr. Weinberg states that there is specific research that indicates the MCU to be the absolute best way to strengthen the neck. “It’s the part that gets left out of traditional neck pain care, yet all of the research shows that it’s a required piece for fixing someone with neck pain. When it comes to neck pain and weakness, the MCU is the missing link.”

The MCU works to isolate and strengthen weak muscles in the neck.

According to Dr. Weinberg, the treatment regimen is typically nine weeks; however, some people can begin to feel the results in just three to five weeks.

“If I came to you and told you I had a treatment plan that would make you better after nine weeks when you have been in pain for years, you would think I was crazy,” Dr. Weinberg says. “But, I assure you that there is specific research that indicates the MCU to be the absolute best way to strengthen the neck over time.”

Deborah says her pain level has decreased to a level two or three since her treatment ended.

“It’s a huge commitment that you have to be dedicated to or else it won’t be effective,” Deborah says. “Most people want a quick fix today. A pill may take away the pain, but it doesn’t fix the problem.

“I never realized how much pain I was in. You have to be willing to take the time to see it through so that you have better everyday living. The procedure allowed me to see how weak my neck was and how much stronger it is now.”

Trickle-Down Trouble

Born with cervical spinal stenosis, Rebecca Smith attributed her nagging neck pain to her condition. As the years passed, Rebecca developed arthritis in her neck as well, so when the neck pain refused to subside, she put the pieces of the puzzle together.

“You are vulnerable to arthritis in your neck when you have spinal stenosis,” Rebecca educates. “So, one condition kind of exists alongside the other. As a result of the arthritis, I damaged three discs in my neck. It was like a trickle-down effect.”

Rebecca Smith and Deborah Dean were both treated for neck weakness with the MCU machine at Active Health Center in North Palm Beach.

Rebecca is slowly returning to Yoga.

Over the years, the registered nurse had consulted with neurosurgeons, physical therapists and chiropractors to try to alleviate her constant pain. She even tried injection therapy.

“My pain level was pretty significant,” Rebecca recalls. “I tried various other treatment options for about four years.

“The constant, unbearable pain started about a year ago. I had a hard time sleeping most nights. I had to put my workout routines at the gym on hold. It hurt to brush my teeth or even try to blow dry my hair. Certain movements would aggravate it and make it worse. Then, the numbness set in. I developed a numb, tingling feeling all the way down my arm. It scared me. I suppose that is what made me think about other options. That tingling feeling kind of put me over the edge because it made me wonder if something else was going on.

“When yet another doctor told me I was looking at a triple neck fusion, I was beside myself with fear. There was no way I wanted neck surgery.”

Back to Living

Through online research, Rebecca found information on the MCU machine, which led her to Active Health Center where she met with Colin O. Behrue, DC.

Rebecca Smith and Deborah Dean were both treated for neck weakness with the MCU machine at Active Health Center in North Palm Beach.

Eccentron leg strengthening machine

“I went in for my appointment, and he started the testing right away to see if I was a candidate,” Rebecca explains. “When he told me how many weeks the treatment was, I was unsure if I wanted to dedicate that much time to it. I have a job and I work out regularly, which makes it difficult, to say the least.

“After talking with Dr. Behrue extensively about the pros and cons of the treatment, I decided I owe it to myself to try it, especially after four years of trying other therapies and treatments and getting no relief. I was at a breaking point.”

Dr. Behrue says even before he started with the testing on Rebecca, he had a strong feeling the MCU treatment would help her.

“Because of Rebecca’s history with spinal stenosis and the symptoms she was describing to me, I had a feeling she was going to have positive results in her initial testing, and I was right,” he explains. “Like my other patients, the pain she was in was negatively impacting her quality of life, from her job to her gym workouts and everything in between.”

Rebecca says after nine weeks of treatment, she was able to return to the gym and regained her life.

“Going there three times a week for nine weeks is pretty grueling, and the relief takes time to achieve,” she explains. “But now, in the end, it was worth it. I am back in the gym. I do the home exercises that I was taught, which include a lot of stretching, before I work out. That helps me a lot now.”

Dr. Weinberg stresses that patients must continue the home exercises.

“It’s like having a car and not changing the oil,” Dr. Weinberg explains. “You have to maintain things at home with those stretches that we teach in order to maintain long-term results.”

Both Deborah and Rebecca say both the doctors and the staff at Active Health Center made their experiences worthwhile.

“Dr. Weinberg is great, and he is straightforward, which I appreciate,” Deborah says. “Being a nurse, I admire that. I want the truth, and he gives it to you.”

Rebecca agrees and says the MCU machine changed her life for the better.

“Having spinal stenosis, I never thought I would find anything that would alleviate my pain,” Rebecca shares. “This was  a miracle for me! The doctors are wonderful, and the staff is very accommodating and helpful. I owe a lot to Active Health Center!”

FHCN article by Judy Wade. Deborah’s photo by Jordan Pysz. Rebecca’s photo courtesy of Rebecca. Equipment photos courtesy of Active Health Center. mkb
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