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Radiofrequency therapy effectively treats urinary incontinence.

Anyone who has searched for a new home in the past few years has probably seen some of Susan’s* work. The 58-year-old former real-estate agent now helps other realtors sell homes by dressing up their interiors and making them look a little more, well, homey.

Susan* went to see Dr. Dean for urinary incontinence, and Dr. Dean took care of the problem by using the new ThermiVa® treatment.

I just can’t say enough great things about Dr. Dean and her staff and especially the ThermiVa treatment.

“There’s a lot more to home staging than just cleaning a place up,” explains the Baltimore native who now makes her home just outside Vero Beach. “You have to find the right furniture and the right accessories that will really make everything pop.”

A mother of four, Susan has, of course, found all the right accents to make her own home pop. They’re part of the backdrop for a space that is often a bevy of activity. After all, when she’s not working, she’s usually entertaining one or more of her six grandchildren.

One day a couple years ago, during a typical family gathering, something one of the grandchildren did made Susan and everyone around her laugh out loud. What happened when Susan laughed out loud, however, wasn’t funny.

“I gave vaginal birth to all four of my children, and I feel like it suddenly caught up with me because when I laughed, a little bit of urine leaked out,” Susan explains. “I didn’t really think much of it at the time, but then it happened again a few days later.”

What Susan experienced was urinary incontinence. It’s an issue few women want to talk about, much less experience, but it’s quite common. Studies show that as much as 45 percent of all women suffer from some form of urinary incontinence.

The potentially embarrassing and uncomfortable problem is most common among women who are or have been pregnant and women who have been through menopause, a time when the vaginal tissues become weaker and thinner.

Susan fits both categories. Fortunately for her, she has long been a patient of Melissa Dean, MD, at Dean Wellness Institute, where Dr. Dean and her staff have been offering a holistic approach to wellness and improved health for more than 15 years.

Talk It Out

“The whole issue of urinary incontinence is something that Susan and I have been talking about for a while, ever since her episodes became a little more frequent,” Dr. Dean explains. “And that’s an important discussion to have with anyone.

“The reason is, if you can catch it early, when you’re just dribbling intermittently when you cough or sneeze or laugh, it’s easier to manage. And I’m not talking about wearing adult briefs. I have treatments I can do in my office that alleviate those symptoms.”

The most advanced of those in-office treatments is ThermiVa®, an FDA-approved, noninvasive therapy that rejuvenates both external and internal vulvovaginal tissue by delivering controlled heat to that area of the body through radiofrequency waves.

Unlike treatments such as the O-Shot®, ThermiVa does not require anesthesia and is not delivered through a needle. It uses a wand to deliver the radiofrequency waves that stimulate collagen and blood flow, which improve bladder support.

A single ThermiVa treatment lasts about half an hour, and for best results, doctors recommend patients begin the therapy by receiving three treatments a month apart, then return each year thereafter for a maintenance treatment.

“The science behind this has been out there for a while, and now we have the device that allows us to harness it,” Dr. Dean informs. “The device, or wand, is the newest part, and what it’s done is give us a much simpler way of treating patients with this problem.”

Susan is well aware of some of the difficult ways in which urinary incontinence has been treated in the past. Her mother and grandmother both suffered from the same problem and were forced to contemplate surgery as a way of ridding themselves of it.

As Susan’s episodes increased, she too became fearful she might have to undergo surgery to combat the problem. Either that or spend the rest of her life wearing adult briefs or taking medications that can lead to dangerous side effects.

That’s why she was so relieved when Dr. Dean suggested ThermiVa.

“She brought it to my attention that this new therapy was coming, and she explained all that it could do, and I was like a kid in school raising her hand, saying, Me, me, me; can I try it? I want to try it,” Susan relates.

And one of the reasons was, I had also begun to suffer a lot of dryness in that area, so sex had become difficult and increasingly distant. I was trying lubricants and things like that, but they weren’t really helping very much. I knew I needed something else.”

“Warm Massage”

Susan was further encouraged by Dr. Dean’s explanation that unlike some of the medications that are used to cure urinary incontinence, ThermiVa does not cause any side effects. Nor do the treatments require any downtime for recovery.

Susan* went to see Dr. Dean for urinary incontinence, and Dr. Dean took care of the problem by using the new ThermiVa® treatment.

“The science behind this has been out there for a while, and now we have the device that allows us to
harness it.” -Dr. Dean

“I really liked the idea that this was not something that was going to put me down for days on end,” Susan explains. “I could just go about my business afterward, and I have to say, it really is an easy, painless procedure.

“Once your mind kind of relaxes a bit, it’s actually quite pleasant, like you’re getting a warm massage. And it worked almost immediately for me. I felt like I could have had sex that night after my first treatment.

“I did have sex two nights later, and it wasn’t painful at all. And by then, I wasn’t leaking nearly as much as I had before. Since then, I have completed my three treatments, and I’m delighted with the results.

“I’m no longer leaking when I laugh or cough or anything like that, and sex is no longer painful. This is one treatment that I am definitely sold on. I mean it when I say this was probably the best money I ever spent.”

It’s not just the treatment and the results that Susan is happy with. She’s equally pleased with Dr. Dean and the array of health and wellness services she’s provided to her over the years.

“I like going to Dr. Dean because I like the package she presents,” Susan reports. “It’s kind of like a whole wellness package. It’s not like your typical doctor’s office. You go in and you say this is what’s bothering you, and they take care of it.

“It’s a great place to go, and I just can’t say enough great things about Dr. Dean and her staff and especially the ThermiVa treatment. I’ve already recommended it to a couple other women I know. There’s a great deal of benefit to it.”

*Patient name withheld at their request.
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