Wave Goodbye to Pain

Acoustic therapy proves effective as pain reliever.

The wave of enthusiasm for offroad dirt track bicycle racing was just beginning to grow some strength when Daniel* caught it back in the early 90s. Soon thereafter, Daniel’s love for BMX racing evolved into a love for its forerunner, motocross racing.

“Just about everybody I grew up with was into riding motocross bikes and BMX racing,” Daniel says of his two favorite sports, both of which feature riders competing on rugged dirt tracks filled with lots of obstacles, tight turns and jumps.

“I was into a lot of the more extreme sports back then,” Daniel adds. “I also did a lot of inline skating at skate parks with ramps and stuff like that. It was a lot of fun. But that kind of stuff eventually takes a pretty good toll on your body.”

Daniel, who is now 36 and does freelance print design, website development and digital marketing as well as landscape and cityscape photography, began paying the price associated with his youthful hobby several years ago.

It first began to manifest itself in the form of moderate middle and lower back pain. As time progressed, the pain increased to a point where it often inhibited Daniel’s ability to enjoy one of his favorite leisure activities as well as one of his jobs.

“I like to do a lot of what’s known as urban hiking, where you just go out and spend a few hours walking around the city,” Daniel explains. “I really like going to places like Orlando and St. Augustine for that.

“That’s how I do a lot of my cityscape photography. You just go and check things out, and I used to walk for seven or eight miles doing that, but when my back pain got really bad, it was very hard to do.

“I was having to stop every thirty minutes and rest. I would either have to sit down for a while or at the very least take a break and bend over or stretch things out because my back was just shot. It was a very annoying, nagging kind of pain.”

Daniel says that when the pain first began to intensify a few years ago, he occasionally visited a chiropractor whose standard adjustments provided only temporary relief. When the pain returned again shortly after the first of the year, Daniel took a different approach.

“I started doing some research online, and one of the things that came up was this treatment called acoustic wave therapy,” Daniel explains. “I saw that one of the places offering it was near me, so I called them and made an appointment.”

Variety of Uses

The practice Daniel found is Alpha Wave Health Centers. With offices in Leesburg and St. Augustine, it specializes in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and pain management through the use of acoustic wave therapy, which has multiple uses.

“By making modifications to the machine we use, acoustic wave therapy can also be used to treat muscle pain,” says Scott Hollington, MD, at Alpha Wave Health Centers. “And as it turns out, it works really well as a treatment for muscle pain.”

Known clinically as extracorporeal pulse activation technology, or EPAT®, acoustic wave therapy is the most advanced and highly effective non-invasive treatment method cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

The treatment is performed during a noninvasive in-office procedure that stimulates the metabolism, enhances blood circulation and accelerates the healing process, which allows damaged tissue to gradually regenerate and eventually heal.

“It’s been several months since my treatments, and it’s incredible how I feel.”-Daniel

In addition to its use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the procedure has proven effective in the treatment of a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions in the neck, shoulder, back, chest, feet and ankles.

Using a small, handheld device, the acoustical waves are delivered through a series of short, virtually painless pulsations that have an impact similar to that of a masseuse delivering a deep tissue massage or a chiropractor doing a deep manipulation.

“Acoustic wave therapy also works well as a treatment for nerve damage and scar tissue,” Dr. Hollington explains. “In fact, we can actually remodel scar tissue with this device, which is really quite phenomenal and very important.

“If you have scar tissue deep in your back, it can impinge on the nerves in your back. But this machine allows us to remodel that scar tissue, which can then cause your nervous tissue to stop being impinged on. That’s big.”

Dr. Hollington notes that acoustic wave therapy can provide immediate relief in some patients. Others take longer to feel the effects, but overall the procedure eliminates pain and restores full mobility in more than 80 percent of patients treated.

“The numbers for people who use this treatment for pain relief and get that are very good,” Dr. Hollington expounds. “Everyone gets some pain relief from it, and some get a lot of pain relief from it.”

Walking Around Again

Daniel is one of those who got a lot of pain relief from the acoustic wave treatments. He received three treatments, each taking about half an hour, a week apart and began feeling the effects shortly after beginning the treatments a few months ago.

“It was a couple days after the second treatment that I really started to feel a difference,” Daniel reports. “I was at an art festival in St. Augustine, and after about three or four hours of walking, I realized I hadn’t had to stop to rest or stretch.

“Now, at the time, I was still feeling a little something. But it wasn’t that sharp pain that I was used to getting. It wasn’t anything like it was before. It was more of a dull ache, and it got better and better after the third treatment.

“Now, it’s been several months since my treatments, and it’s incredible how I feel. I was just in St. Augustine again recently, and I walked for about seven miles and eighteen thousand steps that day without having to stop at all. I just kept going and felt great.”

Daniel has not had to return to Alpha Wave Health Centers for any additional treatments, but he has stopped by to thank them for relieving him of his back pain. He says that’s the least he can do for the comfort the acoustic wave therapy provided.

“Dr. Hollington is a real cool guy, a funny guy,” Daniel says. “He’s not like a lot of doctors you meet, and I definitely recommend him, Alpha Wave Health Centers and acoustic wave therapy to anyone suffering with pain because it worked for me.”

*Patient’s name changed at his request.


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