Twenty Years Strong

A vision for the best in dental care flourishes in The Villages.

Twenty years ago, Edward J. Farrell, DMD, and his wife, Trish, decided to move from Orlando to where they could raise a family. Their search led them to Lake County, where Dr. Farrell opened a new practice, Village Dental.

Village Dental is celebrating its 20th year, with perspective from its four dentists and one of its first patients, Pauline Sawdey, age 83.

Pauline, who loves to play cards in The Villages, is thankful for the excellent dental care that keeps her smile healthy.

Dr. Farrell’s vision was to create a dental practice where patients felt welcomed. He wanted to provide comprehensive care in a friendly atmosphere that didn’t feel like a typical dentist’s office. He would also utilize the most technologically advanced equipment and keep up with best practices through continuing education.

Village Dental started with a single office, where Dr. Farrell was the solo dentist with a staff of five. Over the next two decades, as The Villages expanded, so did Village Dental. The esteemed dental practice now includes three locations in The Villages, four dentists, six dental hygienists and a dedicated staff of more than 35.

“We opened as the second dental practice in The Villages,” notes Dr. Farrell. “We’ve been blessed to grow with our partners and a great staff. And we’ve been so very fortunate to have the Villagers as our patients. They’re a remarkable team.”

The year after Village Dental opened, Richard P. Hall II, DMD, joined
Dr. Farrell, followed by Michael H. Hards, DDS, three years later and Pablo J. Sierra, DMD, in 2014.

The four dentists offer everything from periodontal work to dental implants to creation of natural-looking crowns and more that are completed on site.

All four have attained mastership status from the Academy of General Dentistry, putting Village Dental in a rare league. Only one percent of academy members achieve mastership, an accomplishment that requires hundreds of hours of continuing professional education and hands-on training in all phases of dentistry.

“Education and high-quality care have been of utmost importance to all of us,” emphasizes Dr. Hall. “I think our patients also appreciate that our practice is so friendly. By design, all three of our locations are really pleasant places to come to.”

Family-Like Atmosphere

Pauline Sawdey, now age 83, was one of Village Dental’s first patients in 1997. Her decision to seek a new dentist was impromptu, but turned out to be lasting.

“I had moved to The Villages and needed a dentist. I saw the Village Dental sign and went,” she recalls.

Immediately impressed by the warmth of the staff, she remained a loyal patient. She credits Dr. Farrell for the fact she has kept all of her natural teeth. Over the years, Pauline’s dental care has included several crowns and a routine of regular preventive visits.

“Dr. Farrell is just the greatest – he’s the best dentist I’ve ever gone to,” she states.

The Village Dental signature is Five Star Service that adds personalized pampering to dental care. Patients are provided with blankets and massage mats on their chairs and offered hot towels, among other perks. As they leave the office, they are presented with a red rose.

The camaraderie among staff members is evident, observes Pauline.

“The people at Village Dental all seem to get along so well in how they work together,” she stresses. “My dental hygienist, Beth, is very good. She makes it comfortable for me by talking to me. And even more importantly, she listens to me.”

Remarkable Patients

A remarkable aspect of Village Dental is its patients, notes Dr. Hards.

“One of the nice things about The Villages is that the residents have lived a lot of life and therefore tend to know what’s important,” he offers. “Many are very health conscious, and that’s one of the reasons the practice has done so well. We’ve focused on helping people keep their mouths healthy as part of keeping their whole bodies healthier.”

The newest member of the dental staff, Dr. Sierra, agrees that Village Dental is a special place and its patients are even more so. Three years ago, he joined the practice after moving from Citrus County.

“It’s been a very good fit,” he reflects. “We’re like a family providing the best care possible for our patients, which is our main priority.”

After 20 years, Village Dental is looking forward to many more years of serving residents of The Villages.

“There are a lot of new, happy smiles around The Villages, and I think our signature is on many of them,” says
Dr. Farrell. “Being in The Villages and serving our patients has been a wonderful blessing.”

FHCN article by Susan Hemmingway. Photo by Jordan Pysz. Graphic from mkb
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