The New Ideal

Customized weight-loss program improves health, vitality.

Health insurance companies can charge higher premiums to anyone with a body mass index higher than 30. That’s a fact Wendy Casanova, a medical assistant and mother of two, learned the hard way late last year.

Photo by Marc Edwards. Before image courtesy of Wendy Casanova.

Wendy after with son, Mako.

“I first started packing on the weight after I gave birth to my son four years ago,” Wendy says. “At the time, I was okay with it, but after a while, my BMI got into the obese range. It was then that I realized my weight gain was costing me in more ways than one.”

Certain that she had allowed her weight gain to get out of control, Wendy began searching for a solution. Early on in that search, she asked a pediatrician she worked with about a program she had heard her talking about.

That program is called Ideal Protein®, and it’s endorsed by the pediatrician’s mother, Himagiri Ravi, MD, who specializes in medical weight loss at her Boynton Beach-based practice, L.I.V. Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetics.

Improving Health and Vitality

Dr. Ravi’s practice focuses on improving individual wellness through an array of services that includes Ideal Protein, a four-phase ketogenic lifestyle program designed to help patients lose weight safely and effectively while improving their health and vitality.

In addition to fostering better appetite control, improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as reducing blood pressure counts, Ideal Protein also helps patients develop and maintain eating habits that become second nature to them.

Those goals are achieved through customized meal plans that help to burn stored fat and preserve lean muscle by emphasizing high-quality proteins that are easily absorbed and by limiting the amount of sugars and dietary fats that are taken in.

Participants in the Ideal Protein protocol are also encouraged to exercise regularly. To aid them in that endeavor, participants are given a booklet that shows them a variety of exercises that can be done to help them burn more calories.

“It’s an active management of diet, exercise and healthy behavioral changes,” Dr. Ravi explains. “With the exception of the home exercises, everything is done in the office, including the initial blood work.

“We’ve set it up so the patient can just walk in and take the bag that he or she needs to go along with their weight-loss program and go about their day. It’s a great program, and my patients have had lots of success with it.”

Wendy is one of those success stories. She says that over the course of a few months, the Ideal Protein program allowed her to naturally alter her eating habits to a point where she now eats healthier and without the cravings that aided her weight gain.

“I’m down thirty-five pounds,” Wendy says. “One of the things I really liked about the program is that you have these weekly appointments with the doctor where you go over your results and make changes based on those results.

“If I had a week where I only lost two or three pounds, Dr. Ravi would ask me, What did you eat here and here? and we would change it up. It’s a program that really works well. It’s very doable, and I highly recommend it and Dr. Ravi.”

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