The Different Faces of Hearing Loss

Just as causes and degrees of hearing loss differ, so do treatments.

A lot of the personal care products that people all over the world use today might not be around were it not for Eve Aron, a retired chemist who played a significant role in the development of a long line of popular health and beauty aids.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Joel and Eve Aron

“There were a few of us who were involved in those projects,” says Eve, 81. “We did the science behind products like Valium®, Pantene Shampoo and Just For Men®, the men’s hair coloring treatment. It was an interesting job.”

A New York City native, Eve worked that job until she retired and moved with her husband, Joel, to Florida, which she calls “paradise.” It wasn’t long after they found paradise that Eve and Joel began suffering from the effects of hearing loss.

Joel, a 91-year-old former psychiatrist, was the first to be impacted. Almost immediately after arriving in Florida, his ability to hear conversations clearly in almost any setting became greatly compromised.

On the advice of some new friends, Joel visited Drianis Duran, AuD, at Gulf Coast Audiology, where he was soon fit with hearing aids after Dr. Duran diagnosed the problem as “typical presbycusis,” or common, age-related hearing loss.

That was in 2011. Two years later, Eve was diagnosed with a chronic middle ear condition, an infection that gave her the feeling she had water in her ear and temporarily robbed her of most of her hearing in one ear.

After the first ear, nose and throat specialist she visited failed to find a remedy for the problem, Eve sought out Dr. Duran for advice on another physician. Dr. Duran pointed her in the direction of a specialist who eventually found a solution to Eve’s problem.

That solution included being fit with hearing aids by Dr. Duran, who now works in concert with Eve’s ENT physician, monitors Eve’s hearing regularly and adjusts her hearing devices as needed anytime the symptoms of her ear condition arise.

Customized Correction

“From a medical perspective, Eve and Joel are an interesting couple because you have two people with hearing loss living in the same household and doing the same activities, yet we have two completely different ways of treating their hearing loss,” Dr. Duran says.

“Each wears a different brand of hearing aids, and they’re a very good example of the many different reasons for hearing loss and of how two people can handle sound in completely different ways.

“Joel, for example, used to have to look directly at someone and rely on speech-reading techniques to understand them. Now, he’s in a pair of hearing aids called Phonak Audéo™ Marvel, and just the other day, I was talking to Eve, and he was interacting with us without even seeing our faces.

“Eve is in another brand of hearing devices, and she is someone who would have tremendous complications if we were not following through, discussing her case with her ENT physician and making adjustments based on our findings.

“They’re also an example of how we have the ability to help people with all kinds of different needs because we work with a variety of brands and treat everyone individually as their own personal needs require.”

Eve and Joel describe the care they’ve received from Dr. Duran as superb.

“If we ever have a problem of any kind, she sees us,” Eve says. “She’s even cleaned the wax out of our ears if we’ve needed it. She takes great care of our ears, and we couldn’t be more pleased with her. Dr. Duran is exceptional.”

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