Teach by Example

Mothers must take care of themselves first.

With the welfare of others in mind, Frances Porter founded Deltona United Methodist Preschool in 1979 as a nurturing place for young children to learn and grow. She remained there as a teacher and school director for 31 years before her retirement in 2010.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Frances Porter

“I taught children of children whom I also taught,” she notes. “It was wonderful.”
As an educator, Frances understands the impact a teacher can have on his or her students. They see the teacher’s behavior, and it affects the way they behave in turn. As a mother, Frances knows this applies in families as well. Parents’ actions make an impression on the children’s choices later in life.
That’s one reason Frances takes care of her health. She wants to be there for her family, but she also wants to set a good example for her two daughters. Getting routine health screenings is a way to do both, and she found an excellent provider in LAD imaging, a fully accredited, outpatient imaging center in Deltona.
“I live in Deltona, and LAD imaging is near my home,” states Frances. “I started going there when they were at a different location. I’ve been with them longer than they’ve been at their Saxon Boulevard site.
“I’m a pretty healthy person, so I haven’t needed a lot done over the years, and I’m thankful for that. I got a CT scan once on one of my feet, and I have my mammograms and bone density tests done there.
“I have the screenings at the intervals my doctor suggests. He recommends annual mammograms, and bone density tests every two years. I just got the results back from a screening I had done the other day, and I talked to my doctor about it. We discussed whether I needed to have this test done, and he and I agreed that it was important.”
As Frances’ daughters were growing up, they watched their mother take care of her own health as well as theirs. They could see it was essential to Frances to have the routine screenings.
“When they both had their first mammograms, they called me to let me know,” comments Frances. “It was an indication to me they got that value in their lives because of my example for them.”

Mission and Vision

LAD imaging serves its community with a wide range of diagnostic imaging tests, notes Barbara Borden, Interim Center Director. These tests include traditional x-rays, computed tomography (CT), mammography, dexa scan (bone density), high-field MRI and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), ultrasound (including four-dimensional OB images), vascular studies and echocardiograms.
“LAD imaging’s singular mission is to produce high-quality diagnostic images so doctors have the best information available in designing treatment plans for their patients,” describes Barbara. “Our vision is to create a pleasant, convenient experience for both patient and prescriber.”
Part of LAD imaging’s role is to provide the community with health screening exams such as bone density testing and mammography. Barbara notes that mothers often put their families ahead of themselves when it comes to caring for their health.
“Mothers tend to put their health problems on the back burner and power through them,” she says. “They often let things go, such as mammograms, physicals and Pap tests, because they’re busy taking care of their families, and they come first. They miss their annual testing because they keep putting it off and lose track of time.

“I’m really happy with LAD imaging. I’ve received good service, and I like the people there.” – Frances

“However, mothers have to provide their bodies with proper maintenance. Just like getting oil changes keeps your car running, women need regular checkups to keep their bodies running so they can continue to care for their families.”
Barbara suggests women mark their calendars to remind them to make appointments and set aside time to go to them. For example, if a woman is due for a mammogram in August, she can mark her calendar in July to set the appointment and then again in August to remind her of the upcoming appointment date.
When it comes to setting a good example, Barbara agrees with Frances. It’s important that children see their parents practicing good health habits.
“Children watch everything,” observes Barbara. “They absorb everything their parents do and say. When those kids become adults, they’re going to act how they saw their parents act. If their parents went for their physicals and screenings, they’re going to do the same thing.
“It’s crucial for mothers to pay attention to their health, not only for themselves, but also as a teaching tool for their children. If they want to be able to take care of others, meet their responsibilities, whether going to work or school, and meet all of their other obligations, they’ve got to take care of themselves first.”

Proactive Encouragement

Frances hasn’t needed to use many of the services offered at LAD imaging such as x-rays, ultrasounds and MRIs. She has relied on them to perform her routine screenings over the years, and she’s more than satisfied with her experiences with those.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Frances enjoys quilting in her sparse free time.

“I’m really happy with LAD imaging,” she confirms. “I’ve received good service, and I like the people there. I like that I can schedule what I need pretty quickly and that they make the results of my tests available to me so I don’t have to wait for my doctor.”
It was, and remains, important to Frances to get her health screenings done as her doctor recommends. By doing so, she was able to teach her daughters the value of being proactive in their health care while staying on top of her own health needs at the same time.
“I go to the dentist, too,” she says. “These things are all part of what I do to take care of my body and take care of my health.
“I encourage all people, women and men, to set a good example, take care of their health and get their routine screenings. I would and have recommended LAD imaging.”

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