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Innovative therapy relieves urinary incontinence.

When Kristin Gonzalez got together with a few of her girlfriends for a typical girls’ night a couple years ago, she had no reason to believe that an embarrassing bout with urinary incontinence would interrupt her good time.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

The BTL Emsella chair treatments have given Kristin back confidence and security.

Though urinary incontinence does occur most often in women, it usually occurs in women who are pregnant, have had children or are going through menopause. At the time of the get-together, Kristin didn’t fit into any of those categories.

An aesthetician by trade, she was only 38 and had never been pregnant. But when someone said something that made her laugh hysterically, her personal battle with one of life’s most bothersome conditions began.

“When it first happened, I was like, What is going on here?” Kristin, now 40, recounts. “When I mentioned it, all the other girls just kind of laughed because a lot of them have had children and thought it was funny that I was the one who brought it up.

“After that, it became a topic of discussion, and it turned out there were maybe one or two women there who had not experienced it before. But I wasn’t even forty yet, had never had children and hadn’t been through menopause, so I was still a bit confused.”

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine, and, as it did with Kristin, it can be sparked by something as simple as a laugh, a cough or a sneeze. It typically results in the loss of a few drops of urine, but it can also present itself as a strong urge to urinate.

Considered common by physicians, millions of women and men suffer from the condition that is typically caused by a weakening of the bladder or sphincter muscles, an overactive bladder or nerve damage.

Kristin would soon find out, however, that her case was different.

Thinking at first that her urinary incontinence was likely a result of her drinking a lot of water during the day, she first sought help from a doctor, who prescribed a medication designed to help her manage
urinary frequency.

Kristin didn’t like the idea of being on such a medication, so she abandoned the medication after about a month and decided to simply “deal with” the problem as best she could. As time passed, however, that became increasingly difficult.

“After a while, the problem became worse,” Kristin says. “It started happening when I sneezed or when I was playing with my niece and nephew on their trampoline. I was thinking, Wow, this is really terrible.

A New Arrival

Kristin’s struggles reached a peak earlier this year, not long before she changed jobs and became part of the team at ZMD Center for Face and Body Rejuvenation – A MediSpa. The change marked the beginning of the end of her battle with urinary incontinence.

“I was in my first or second day of work there when this odd-looking chair arrived,” Kristin explains. “When I asked what it was for, I was told that it’s a leading-edge technology for treating urinary incontinence. That’s when I said, Hey, I’ve got that.

It was immediately thereafter that Kristin became not just an employee at the ZMD Center for Face and Body Rejuvenation – A MediSpa, but a patient of its founding physician, Brian K. Zebrowski, MD, FACS.

During one of her first conversations with Dr. Zebrowski, Kristin revealed that she had been dealing with hormonal fluctuations for a couple of years and was going through pre-menopause at an age earlier than most women do.

“I’ve actually had a great sense of relief. I cannot remember the last time I had a leakage episode. . .”
– Kristin

Dr. Zebrowski responded by saying those factors were likely the cause of her urinary incontinence and suggested she undergo the nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment offered through his practice’s new arrival, the BTL Emsella™ chair.

Designed to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor and reduce incontinence without drugs or surgery, the BTL Emsella chair stimulates the muscles in the pelvic floor and restores neuromuscular control by delivering electromagnetic energy to the muscles of the pelvic floor.

“You sit in the chair fully clothed, and the only restriction is that you cannot have any metal in your pelvis, such as an IUD,” Dr. Zebrowski explains. “You sit there for twenty-eight minutes, and the effect is the same as doing more than eleven thousand Kegel or pelvic floor exercises.”

A complete BTL Emsella chair program requires patients receive two 28-minute treatments per week for three consecutive weeks. Those treatments, Dr. Zebrowski emphasizes, will not only help with urinary incontinence but also fecal incontinence.

In addition to strengthening the pelvic floor and decreasing incontinence, the BTL Emsella chair treatments can also help patients more easily achieve orgasm and experience stronger orgasms, which can positively impact their sexual wellness and relationships.

A Relaxing De-Stressor

“It’s a completely painless treatment that I actually found quite relaxing,” Kristin says. “I’ll sit there and relax and look at a magazine, and the sensation you get is similar to the feeling you get from the jets in a hot tub.

“It’s really very comfortable, and the time goes by very quickly. For me, the treatments were like a de-stressor for my mind because I knew I was actually going to sit in one spot for about thirty minutes, so it was a good time to zone out.”

Dr. Zebrowski says the treatment has so far attained a 95 percent satisfaction rate among patients. Kristin is among those pleased with the relief the treatment provides, which is why she’s become such an advocate for the product.

“I’ve actually had a great sense of relief,” Kristin enthuses. “I cannot remember the last time I had a leakage episode, and I recently went through a period where my allergies were really bothering me, and I was sneezing and coughing a lot.

“Normally, I would have experienced some leakage during that period, but this time – nothing. So, it worked really well, and like anything else, it needs to be maintained, so I’ll probably get a treatment once a month to make sure it keeps working.

“And I would recommend other women with this problem try the BTL Emsella chair. I’ve talked with a lot of women who say they’ve tried everything, and I tell them to try this because it really works. If you want to prevent this problem from happening again, there’s no reason not to try it.”

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