Tailored Physical Therapy

Individualized rehab regimen results in full recovery from joint replacement surgery.

Doug Wigley, 64, remains active professionally in the real-estate and property management field. He’s active physically as well. He likes outdoor activities, such as golfing, snow-skiing and boating. Doug’s age and demanding activities assisted in the development of arthritis in many of his joints. Some required surgical intervention.
“At one point, my right knee became very painful,” he shares. “It was very arthritic, and I dealt with a lot of pain for a long time. I was constantly taking Aleve® and Tylenol® just to get through the day. My knee pain began limiting my activities. I knew I had to have my knee done. I put off surgery for as long as I could, but in May 2017, I had my knee replaced.”

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Outside of dunking a basketball, there is nothing Doug can’t do since undergoing therapy.

After total knee replacement surgery, Doug began his rehabilitation with physical therapy at home. When it was time to find a physical therapy center for outpatient rehab, he had no doubt about where he would go. He chose Barr & Associates Physical Therapy because of a loved one’s prior excellent experience with them.
“I have a loved one who pitched for the Seabreeze High School baseball team, and he had a shoulder injury prior to the start of the 2014 season,” explains Doug. “The folks at Barr and Associates Physical Therapy were able to rehab him to the point where he was selected MVP for the baseball team that year. And he didn’t have to have surgery.
“My loved one had great success at Barr and Associates Physical Therapy, so it was a no-brainer for me to go there after my knee surgery. And it couldn’t have gone better.”
The physical therapists at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy developed an individualized treatment plan designed to not only improve the mobility of Doug’s new knee, but return him to the activities he loves. With that goal in mind, Doug was motivated to fully participate in his therapy. It paid off for him.
“Six months after my knee was replaced, and with Barr and Associates Physical Therapy’s help, I went snow-skiing in Colorado,” he reports. “I was also back on the golf course and back to swimming and boating. I knew getting the knee done would take away the arthritis pain, but there was no guarantee on mobility. I really had to follow the physical therapist’s instructions to get that.”
Just as Doug was enjoying his pain-free and mobile new knee, his right hip began giving him trouble. He blamed his hip problem on the fact that he’d become active again following his knee surgery. Doug’s hip pain was so severe, he couldn’t put off surgery like he did with his knee. His doctor told him he needed a hip replacement immediately.
“I had stabbing, agonizing hip pain,” Doug describes. “Just getting out of a seat was agony. They did an MRI at the hospital that showed my hip was full of arthritis and told me it had to be replaced right away.
“The hip surgery was at the end of April of this year. I didn’t do any in-home physical therapy this time. I went straight to Barr and Associates Physical Therapy after my surgery. It was the same situation as with my knee. I started rehab around the first of May, and on May eleventh, I danced at my niece’s wedding.”

Individualized Therapy

The therapists at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy recognize that each person who walks through their door is different. They each have their own impairments, needs and goals for rehab. During a lengthy evaluation, the therapists take time to learn those facts so they can tailor individualized treatment plans.
“The evaluations are critical for determining what the patients want from their therapy,” notes Jacob Barr, DPT, at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy. “Some may want to go back to playing golf or other activities. We must take everybody’s situation into account.
“With knee and hip replacements, we generally begin treatment by getting back as much range of motion as we can. We use many hands-on techniques, or manual therapy, such as massage and passive range of motion to get the joints moving again.”

I constantly recommend Barr and Associates Physical Therapy to people. My advice to them is: Just go.” – Doug

Patients often arrive at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy using walkers or canes. The therapists want the patients to progress to walking without those devices as quickly and safely as possible. They use exercises and techniques that focus on the patient’s gait and balance.
“Based on the patient’s impairments and limitations, we use basic strengthening exercises,” relates Dr. Barr. “We also teach them a home exercise program to improve their strength and range of motion. As they progress, we may assist their rehab with some of the equipment we have.
“We have parallel bars, and if their balance is off, we have a special machine for working on balance. With many patients, they’re learning to walk all over again. We might use our antigravity treadmill, which uses air pressure to unweight the patients so we can do gait training with them.”
If the patients are experiencing a lot of pain, the therapists have various treatments to decrease it. These include laser therapy, electrical stimulation and kinesio taping.
“It starts with determining the patient’s goals,” states Dr. Barr. “If they have activities they want to return to doing, they generally get more involved. They want to work on their rehab and achieve those goals. The therapists get them actively involved and keep them motivated. That’s what happened with Doug, and he got excellent results.”

Twice Is Nice

Arthritis twice forced Doug to have joints replaced, and twice he chose Barr & Associates Physical Therapy for his rehab. Due to the dedication of the physical therapists and their ability to keep Doug motivated, he’s able to do more than he ever thought possible after two total joint replacement surgeries.
“I’m beyond my goal after my hip surgery, and I’m so happy,” he marvels. “I would have been happy just to be pain free, but I’m way beyond that. I’m doing cardio. I’m biking. I just couldn’t be happier.
“I can do my activities, thanks to the physical therapy I got at Barr and Associates Physical Therapy and the exercises they gave me to do. I continue with the exercises, and now, I’m completely pain free in my right hip, and my right knee as well.”
It’s not just the physical therapists at Barr & Associates Physical Therapy that Doug admires. He has high praise for everyone at the practice.
“The people there are pleasant, professional and organized,” Doug offers. “They’re on time. You start right away, and you get your full session. They answer any questions you have, and they’re very attentive.”
Being pain free has Doug feeling great. He’s also pretty pleased to participate in his favorite activities again. He really put his new joints to the test when shortly after his hip rehab, he and his family took a trip to Ireland. Doug successfully walked across the country sightseeing with no trouble from his hip or knee. He takes his good fortune in stride.
“There’s nothing I can’t do now,” he boasts. “To be honest, I still can’t dunk a basketball, but I never could. I constantly recommend Barr and Associates Physical Therapy to people. My advice to them is: Just go.

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