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Erectile dysfunction is not among the topics most often discussed whenever a group of men gets together to watch a big game at their buddy’s man cave or gather ’round the grill to chat it up during a family cookout.

Dr. Mejia is now among the many doctors offering GAINSWave® as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The likelihood of erectile impairment increases dramatically as men age and plaque builds up in the blood vessels.

It easily could be, though.

Studies suggest that more than half of all men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction during their lifetime and that the chances of dysfunction are even greater among men suffering from hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Smoking, heavy consumption of alcohol and drugs (either illicit or prescription) are some of the other causes of erectile dysfunction, which has been treated for years by doctors prescribing oral medications such as VIAGRA®, CIALIS® and LEVITRA®.

And those medications can indeed deliver the desired results, but at Rejuvenate Your Life/Advanced Health and Wellness Center in Tampa, Gil Mejia, MD, is working with what he and many other doctors believe is a far more promising treatment for ED.

“Medications such as VIAGRA and CIALIS do work, but they only work like a BAND-AID®,” Dr. Mejia explains. “The issue is that for many men, what is left unaddressed is the root cause of the problem, which is often a lack of proper blood flow to the penis.”

Of the millions of men who struggle at one time or another to achieve the natural erectile response they want, approximately 80 percent do so because of poor circulatory issues in which the tiny blood capillaries in the penis and urogenital area are impaired.

The likelihood of that kind of impairment increases dramatically as men age and plaque builds up in the blood vessels. Oral medications cannot remove the plaque or open those compromised blood vessels to allow for a more regular flow of blood to the penis.

One treatment that can do ALL that and much more is GAINSWave therapy.

Ride the Wave

Based on the same technology that’s used to break up kidney stones, GAINSWave is a nonsurgical, drug-free treatment that uses pulses of high-frequency acoustic sound waves to repair damaged blood vessels while also stimulating the growth of new blood vessels.

Referred to clinically as extracorporeal shock wave therapy, or ESWT, the GAINSWave procedure uses those high-frequency acoustical sound waves to break up the plaque and calcium that have built up inside old or damaged blood vessels.

The result is an increase in blood flow through the existing, rejuvenated blood vessels, the creation of new blood vessels and the creation of new nerve tissues that improves sensitivity in the penis, which improves the quality of the erection.

“It is the newest and most promising treatment yet for ED,” Dr. Mejia says of the FDA-approved GAINSWave procedure, which has been used as a treatment option in Europe for about 15 years. It was approved for use in the United States in 2015.

“GAINSWave can also be used to treat Peyronie’s disease, which is a term we use for a fractured penis, which is the result of trauma and the resulting build-up of scar tissue.

“Just as it does in breaking up the plaque that has built up inside the blood vessels in the penis, the GAINSWave procedure breaks down any scar tissue that may be causing the irregularity in shape and that allows for a straighter, pain-free erection.”

Each noninvasive procedure is performed in the doctor’s office and begins with a comprehensive private consultation with Dr. Mejia. The procedure itself then lasts about 30 minutes.

Depending on the amount of plaque or calcium that has built up inside the blood vessels, a typical GAINSWave course consists of between six and 12 treatments. Most patients opt for one treatment per week, although patients can receive as many as two treatments per week, notes Dr. Mejia.

“The response is almost immediate,” Dr. Mejia enthuses. “Most patients begin to experience a noticeable difference in the quality of their erections as well as an improvement in sexual performance after just one treatment.

“Another advantage we’ve found is that there are no side effects associated with this treatment,” the doctor explains. “And there is no downtime for the patient. Once the procedure is over, the patient can walk out of the office and return to normal activities.”

The success rate associated with the GAINSWave technology is exceptional as well. One study performed in Europe discovered that the benefits of a single, 12-treatment course of GAINSWave therapy can last for as long as two years.

High Rate of Success

Dr. Mejia says that more than a year of continuous benefits is the norm for most patients. He also notes that while it’s not necessary, some patients choose to return for once-a-month “maintenance treatments” to ensure sustained benefits.

“This really is the wave of the future for ED treatment because for someone who is young without any medical problems, the success rate is nearly one hundred percent,” Dr. Mejia adds. “And overall, the success rate is about
seventy-five percent.

“It’s important to note, though, that of the other twenty-five percent, most of those patients have been found to be dealing with other medical matters that are complicating their health. The good news for them is that I can also address many of those issues.

“For example, a lot of our patients have either low hormonal levels or hormonal imbalances. Some have low testosterone levels. Some have both.

“It’s important to keep in mind that ED is completely different from low libido. Now, it’s possible that you could have both, but libido is a very important part of ED because if you have a low libido, it is going to be difficult to have an erection. But your libido is tied to your testosterone, so we have ways to manage that.

“In fact, most of the patients who come to us are already at the point in life where their testosterone levels are starting to decrease.

“We also have men who are simply looking for that boost in sexual performance, and I can say with confidence that the majority of those patients leave here after receiving the GAINSWave treatment, and they are very pleased.

“They report back to me after only a few sessions that they are experiencing much fuller, better, longer-lasting erections and far more intense orgasms, and that it’s not just the patient himself who is pleased with that. Their partners are pleased as well.”

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