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Connective tissue graft lays groundwork for bright, new smile.

The flip side of the devastating 2008 housing crisis is that it created a buying opportunity for real-estate investors everywhere. New Jersey-born Jann Rudd was among those who had the wherewithal to take advantage of that opportunity.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Jann Rudd

“I had already done a couple of projects back in New Jersey, where I would find a commercial building or residence, renovate it and then rent it out or flip it,” Jann says. “In 2010, I started buying down here in Florida, and I eventually moved here.”

When Jann made that move, she brought with her a dental problem that she believes has its roots in her early teenage years, when her first set of braces didn’t provide the permanent fix they were designed to.

“I’ve had braces three times – the last two when I was in my forties – because my teeth kept moving back,” Jann explains. “I think it may have been a result of all that moving around, but my gums started to recede, particularly on one of my front teeth.

“I wasn’t very happy with my teeth in general and was looking to get some cosmetic work done, but the dentist told me, You can’t do anything cosmetically until you get your gums taken care of. That’s when he recommended that I go see Dr. DeTure.”

Dr. DeTure is C. Nicholas DeTure, DMD, of Stuart Periodontics. He specializes in repairing damaged gums. After meeting and examining Jann, he recommended repairing her receding gumline through a connective tissue graft.

Before and after images courtesy of Stuart Periodontics, P.A.

Jann Rudd – Before & After

Doctor Preferred

Considered the most common treatment for repair of receding gums and exposed roots, the connective tissue graft typically begins with the dentist removing tissue from beneath a flap cut in the roof of the patient’s mouth.

Synthetic or donor tissue can also be used during this procedure, but tissue taken from the patient provides a more stable, long-term solution, according to Dr. DeTure, who says the incision made in the palate heals quickly and comfortably.
After the connective tissue is obtained, another incision called a pinhole incision is made near where the gums are damaged or receding and creates space for the connective tissue.

“This is called the pinhole dissection technique, and once that pinhole incision is made, the graft material is threaded through that pinhole and into the space that we created,” Dr. DeTure explains. “The gums hold that material in place while it heals.”

Another reason Dr. DeTure prefers using the patient’s own tissue for this procedure is that it tends to heal, fill in and mature more quickly than synthetic or donor tissue. In most cases, the gums heal in about two weeks and fill in completely after a few months.

Jann agreed to the procedure, which was early last spring. By the fall, her gums had filled in to the point where she was ready to get the desired cosmetic work done. She says she could not be happier with the outcome.

“The outcome is an A-plus,” she raves. “Dr. DeTure did his magic and absolutely put my gums back the way they were supposed to be. I couldn’t be happier with how I look now, and it would not have been possible without him.

“A lot of people wouldn’t say this about a dental procedure, but it was a really good experience. The procedure itself was all very painless, and Dr. DeTure could not have been nicer or more caring or considerate.

“He called me the night before the procedure to ask if I had any concerns and called me again after it was over to make sure I was comfortable and everything was all right. I’ve never met another dentist or doctor like him.”

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