New hearing instruments can finally stop the ringing in your ears.

Dominick Luca retired and moved to Florida in 2012 after working more than 30 years in the engineering division of the City of New York. Most of his career, Dominick was an operating engineer, but he worked his way up and eventually began managing boiler plant and air conditioning systems in office buildings, college campuses, hospitals and other public spaces.

Patient photo by Jordan Pysz.

With his hearing instruments, Dominick says he hears like he’s 20 years old again.

His was a long, loud career that began when Dominick was young and a new recruit in the US Navy. There, he got his initial work experience with heating systems, sweating over the boilers on the ships to which he was assigned. Between his Navy service and his service to New York City, Dominick spent decades in high-decibel sound. It wasn’t without consequences.

“With all the years of working on machinery, not wearing hearing protection as much as I should have while doing things like welding, hammering and bending metal, and from the constant pounding and banging of metals, my ears took abuse,” he shares.
“I noticed I had a hearing loss, and I found myself constantly asking people to repeat themselves. I also noticed since I retired that my right ear was ringing. It was a nuisance and making me a little nuts, because it was twenty-four hours a day. It was maddening to live with it.”

Frustrated, Dominick sought the advice of his trusted family physician, who immediately referred Dominick to Dean M. Knoblach, board-certified Hearing Instrument Specialist at Knoblach Hearing Care in Largo. When Dominick met Dean, he understood why his doctor was so quick to recommend him.

“Dean was very interested in making sure he knew exactly what was happening with me,” describes Dominick. “He started by doing several tests. He’s up-to-date on all the technology. He has all types of equipment to help him determine what’s needed. He found that I had particular differences between my left and right ears.”

Dominick added, “It knocked out the tinnitus and by the time he was done tuning these devices, my hearing was crisp and clear. It’s been years since I was able to hear this well.”

Tinnitus Troubles

For many, common tinnitus comes in the form of a buzzing, ringing or even cricket-like sound. In reality, it is a phantom sound without any real acoustic stimulation, which also means the person who suffers from it can’t just walk away from it.
For some, it comes and goes by the time of day, and for others it stays all day and night for years. Chronic tinnitus sufferers can experience severe problems such as anxiety, insomnia and eventually severe depression.

“More than fifty million Americans experience tinnitus, and studies show most of those people also have diminished hearing,” informs Dean.

Until just recently, there’s been little help for tinnitus. Now, with the advent of digital tinnitus maskers, total relief can be just a hearing exam away.

“Several manufacturers now carry this feature in their high-end models, but there is a definite difference in these models’ abilities to get the job done,” Dean states. “Since more than ninety percent of all tinnitus involves some sort of acoustic trauma, each and every case is different.

“It’s our job at Knoblach Hearing Care to determine what combination of particular technology and settings is necessary to properly address each individual’s needs. There is never one model that works for all, but with the right technology and proper settings, nearly all cases are correctable.”

Maximum Benefit

The combination of hearing instrument and masking device Dean recommended for Dominick was a perfect fit. Dominick is amazed by the difference it makes when he uses his instruments compared to when he leaves them out.

“The devices are just wonderful,” Dominick offers. “I don’t wear them at night, but during the day I wear them and I’m tinnitus free. They’ve been one hundred percent effective for me.”

Dominick’s hearing has benefited as well. He relays that he’s back to hearing like he did as a younger man.

“My ears suffered from abuse all those years, but with these devices, it’s like I’m twenty years old again,” says Dominick. “I can hear, and I don’t ask people to repeat themselves. Because these devices muffle the tinnitus, it helps to hear more crisply what people are saying, even in a crowd.”

While he’s extremely thrilled with the result of his trips to Knoblach Hearing Care, Dominick stresses that he was also pleased by his visits there. He says Dean and his staff are worthy of praise as well.

“It’s a fantastic facility that is focused on total customer satisfaction, from Dean’s diagnosis right down to the work of the receptionist,” reports Dominick. “They smile. They make you laugh. They’re all perfectionists. I would give them five stars. I would recommend them without a doubt.”

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