Standing Her Ground

Stem cell therapy puts hairdresser back on her feet.

Lyndon Johnson was in the White House; the Beatles were at the top of pop music charts and Muhammad Ali was on his way to becoming the greatest prize fighter of all time when Corrine Mahon opened up her hair salon in Sanford in 1964.

Corrine Mahon chose to have stem cell therapy to relieve her of her knee pain and found it to be a miracle cure.

Corrine Mahon

Fifty-four years later, Corrine’s Beauty Salon is still standing. So is Corrine. Though she has suffered nine warning strokes, sometimes referred to as transient ischemic attacks, or TIAs, she still works half days five days a week.

“I’ve cut back from working the long hours,” Corrine, 78, explains. “But then I come home and I start working around the house anyway. There’s always something to do, you know, so I don’t ever really stop. I’ve always been that way.”

Indeed she has. A few years back, for example, Corrine took up running, largely in an effort to get herself into the best shape possible for a family reunion at which she intended to arrive as the fittest member of her large family.

“I was going to be the oldest one at that reunion, but I also wanted to be the prettiest one, so I started running with one of my other hair dressers,” Corrine explains. “One day, while we were running, I hit a raised part of the sidewalk, stumbled and fell.

“That fall just shattered my right knee and then, while I was still recovering from that fall, I lost my balance one day while I was getting the mail and fell and tore the meniscus in my left knee. I’ve been in bad shape ever since.”

Corrine Mahon chose to have stem cell therapy to relieve her of her knee pain and found it to be a miracle cure.

A vein problem that limited the blood flow in her left leg only made the situation worse, further contributing to the pain and discomfort Corrine fought before finally deciding earlier this year to have something done about it.

Her initial plan was to have knee replacement surgery, first on her right knee and then on her left. Those plans were shot down, however, when her knee doctor cited those nine TIAs and told her he feared she would not make it through the surgery.

Disappointed with the doctor’s decision but determined to find a solution for her ever-increasing knee pain, Corrine called up one of her cousins – a doctor who keeps close tabs on her health – and asked for advice on where to turn to next.

“He said, Corrine, you have one option and one option only, and that’s to have stem cell therapy,” Corrine relates. “After that I went to see my doctor and he said, I absolutely believe in stem cell therapy and think you should do it.

“He told me that some of his other patients have had it and that it was very successful. After that, I called my cousin back and asked him where I should have it done and he said I could have it done anywhere, but to be sure to sit in on a seminar about it first.”

The seminar Corrine sat in on was sponsored by conducted Timothy Steflik, DC, of Coastal Integrative Healthcare. Corrine was so impressed with the presentation that she immediately set up a consultation with Dr. Steflik for later that week.

The Body’s Building Blocks

Stem cells are the basic foundation cells that grow all of the tissue and organs in our body. When injected into a damaged tissue or organ, they support the natural healing process by regenerating that tissue.

Corrine Mahon chose to have stem cell therapy to relieve her of her knee pain and found it to be a miracle cure.

Corrine Mahon chose to have stem cell therapy to relieve her of her knee pain and found it to be a miracle cure.

Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, uses stem cells to stimulate the body’s natural repair mechanisms. Many in the medical community, including those at the National Institutes of Health and the Institute of Medicine, consider it the future of medicine.

“It’s definitely on the leading edge of medical technology, because it’s a great alternative to surgery,” Dr. Steflik states. “It regenerates the body instead of trying to fix it or cover up a problem with surgery.

“The real beauty of it is that it’s a one-and-done, in-office procedure that takes about 15 minutes and needs no anesthesia. It’s a simple injection of the cells that are cryo-preserved in our office. And after we’re done, the patient can return to normal activities right away.”

Stem cell therapy can be used anywhere in the body where there is arthritis, or a muscle or tendon tear, Dr. Steflik relates. In addition to knees and shoulders, medical providers at Coast Integrative Healthcare have performed the procedure on hamstrings, ankles and wrists.

Not all patients are good candidates for the procedure, however. Patients who have suffered a tear of more than 50 percent of the rotator cuff in their shoulder, for example, would be encouraged to try other options first.

Despite all the damage she had suffered, Corrine still had cartilage left in her knees and therefore proved to be a good candidate for the procedure. She was an eager candidate as well, requesting the procedure be done immediately upon learning she was fit for it.

“She asked, Well, can we do it right now?” Dr. Steflik remembers. “And with people like Corrine, who drove thirty to forty-five minutes to come see us, we definitely try to do the procedure that very same day for them if they’re a good candidate.

“We do everything we can to help our patients save time, and when we’re dealing with someone such as Corrine, who was having two joints treated, we have a way of saving them some money as well.

“When we use a larger quantity of the product, we get a discount from the company, and we pass those savings directly on to the patient. That way, if someone has a bad knee and maybe their shoulder is bothering them, too, it’s very affordable to have both treated at the same time.”

Corrine is amazed at how efficient and effective stem cell treatment is. In less than half an hour, both her knees were treated through a relatively painless injection of the stem cells, which have provided her with an ever-increasing relief from her knee pain.

“I started to feel better almost immediately and then, after about three weeks, I really began to notice a difference,” Corrine reports. “Now, I’m doing everything again just like I used to before I hurt my knees and had to spend so much time off my feet.

“I’m walking straighter and I’m standing all the time just like before. The only time I really sit down or lie down now is when I go to bed, but I’m actually staying up later because I feel so much better. I really feel great.”

Corrine’s improved health has become a regular topic of conversation around her beauty salon, where Corrine has become an ambassador for Coastal Integrative Healthcare and the advantages of stem cell therapy.

“I tell everybody all day long about my experience with Dr. Steflik and Coastal Integrative Healthcare,” Corrine enthuses. “I think they’re all just great there, and one customer of mine has already been to see them on my recommendation.

“I have another friend who checks in on me all the time and when I told him how I was feeling he said, I’m going over there to get my knees done, too. Hairdressers can spread the word like that and I’m doing it, because I think everyone should hear my stem cell story.”

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