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SoftWave® therapy heals painful elbows.

Stay-at-home mom Melinda* retired once her children became adults, but the New York native continues to maintain a busy household. Recently, out of nowhere, Melinda developed severe pain in her right elbow, which was eventually diagnosed as golfer’s elbow.Dr. Mel Richardson used TRT OrthoGold™ SoftWave® therapy to treat Melinda’s and Natalie’s (aliases) painful elbow conditions.

“I can’t say I’m a golfer. I play maybe once every couple of months, so I don’t know how I got golfer’s elbow,” Melinda muses. “I was in so much pain, it almost brought me to tears at times. It was a constant, aching pain, and when I raised my elbow to bend it, the pain intensified.

“I couldn’t do anything with my elbow, and sleeping at night was terrible. There was always pain. If I moved my elbow a certain way, like to bring a cup to my mouth to take a drink, I could barely do it, it hurt so bad. Then, it got to where I could hardly hold a cup without pain.

“I couldn’t clean my floors because using a mop really hurt. Anything that bent my elbow back and forth was painful. It was difficult to eat, drink or do anything with my right hand, and I’m right-handed. The pain was a nine on a scale of one to ten.”

Having lived in Vero Beach for almost 40 years, Melinda was well acquainted with the local medical community. That included lifestyle optimization specialist Mel Richardson, MD. Dr. Richardson told Melinda about a new treatment he offers called SoftWave therapy that showed tremendous success at relieving patients’ pain.

“I use a leading-edge SoftWave therapy device called TRT OrthoGold that is changing treatment for pain and has proved to be useful and, in fact, highly effective in treating many pain syndromes and health conditions,” Dr. Richardson announces.

Highly Successful

TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy is a noninvasive procedure that utilizes specific frequencies of acoustic waves to initiate improved blood flow to an injured area of the body. The additional blood flow results in profound changes at the cellular level.

“The acoustic waves are similar to those used to break up kidney stones and work in two ways,” explains Dr. Richardson. “First, they enter the injured tissue and trick the cells into releasing the anti-inflammatory chemicals and proteins the body naturally produces.

“These chemicals decrease inflammation in the injured area, which relieves pain. This benefit occurs quickly, when the treatment is performed. The second thing the sound waves do is attract stem cells from around the body to the injured area.

“The stem cells heal and regenerate damaged tissue, but they take time to fully regenerate, so the maximum benefit of the treatment occurs anywhere from six to twelve weeks following therapy.”

In addition to relieving pain, TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy treats a variety of health conditions.

“TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy has been shown to heal fractures and stomach ulcers, even infected tissue such as that with osteomyelitis,” Dr. Richardson notes. “It can help with vascular disease and is even being used during open heart surgery and following heart attacks to prevent scar tissue development.

“This therapy can be used to treat plantar fasciitis and peripheral neuropathy as well. It has a ninety- to ninety-five-percent cure rate for all types of pain syndromes as well as these other conditions. That sounds too good to be true, but research backs it up.”

TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy is a different type of treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), which is a significant problem with this country’s aging population, reports Dr. Richardson. SoftWave therapy works when medications fail and is less painful than other ED treatments.

“With many common ED devices, a numbing cream or local anesthetic must be used to numb the area before utilizing the device,” Dr. Richardson informs. “The TRT OrthoGold is pain free. No anesthetic is necessary.

“TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy requires about six treatments over a six-week period and is very effective. It has an eighty- to ninety-percent success rate for ED treatment. It can also be used to treat pelvic pain and urinary incontinence in women without surgery.”

“The machine was like an ultrasound,” Melinda describes. “Dr. Richardson rubbed it on my elbow, and when he hit certain points, the pain went crazy. As he kept rubbing, the pain subsided and subsided until it was almost gone. There were probably three really hot spots in a tiny area of my elbow.”

Tennis Elbow, Too

Like Melinda, Natalie* is a stay-at-home mom, although Natalie is not yet retired. She’s still actively caring for her son, husband, two dogs, a cat and two fish. Like Melinda, Natalie began experiencing pain in her right elbow. But Natalie was diagnosed with tennis elbow, a condition differentiated from golfer’s elbow by the exact location of the pain on her arm.

“I play tennis every day, Monday through Friday, and I started having pain in my elbow after getting a new racquet and new strings,” Natalie recalls. “It was mostly an aching pain, but there were times it was sharp, especially when I tried to grip a cup or hold something. The pain was a six or seven on a scale of one to ten.

“Because of the pain, I couldn’t vacuum or do my daily chores. I had to eat with my left hand because I couldn’t grip or hold things in my right hand. I had to give up playing tennis for three months. Instead, I stayed home, iced and rested my elbow, and did exercises.

“I tried doing physical therapy here in Vero Beach and ended up seeing an orthopedist in New Orleans. Then, I went to my brother, who’s a physical therapist in New Orleans. The exercises and physical therapy helped, but that’s all before Dr. Richardson’s machine came along.”

Natalie met Dr. Richardson when a family member went to him for neck pain treatment. Natalie and her family became good friends with Dr. Richardson, so when he suggested the new TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy for her elbow, Natalie was eager to try it.

“Dr. Richardson used an ultrasound head with gel on my elbow,” Natalie relates. “The treatment is like small sonic booms, and it regenerates blood flow in the painful area. I just had my third treatment, and it really helped.”   

Total Turnaround

Melinda and Natalie experienced severe pain in their elbows that conservative treatments such as ice and physical therapy failed to alleviate. They struggled with their activities because of the pain, but TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy brought their lives full circle.

“I feel so much better,” Melinda raves. “I’m able to do everything now. This weekend, I’m going to clean out a storage unit. I couldn’t even think about doing that a month ago. Whatever Dr. Richardson did worked. Where my pain was a nine before, it’s down to maybe one. I’d have this treatment again in a heartbeat if I ever needed it. I’ve already recommended it to a couple people. I recommend Dr. Richardson, too.”

Natalie experienced a similar turnaround after her TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy.

“My elbow feels good now,” she enthuses. “The pain level is down to zero. I have no pain, and I’m back to playing tennis. I tape my arm when I play, just for a little added security and peace of mind, but there’s no pain. TRT OrthoGold SoftWave therapy was certainly successful for me. I definitely recommend it and Dr. Richardson to anybody in pain.”

*Patients’ names withheld at their request.
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