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Restoring self-esteem with Teeth in a Day.

As a child, Catherine Golda didn’t go to the dentist regularly because her family’s finances didn’t allow for it. As she got older, her own finances restricted her from keeping up with routine dental visits. In the end, it all added up to a serious situation with her teeth.

Dr. Michael Hashemian of The Dentofacial & Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Lecanto, Spring Hill and Land O’ Lakes made Teeth in a Day for Catherine Golda.

Teeth in a Day has restored Catherine’s bright smile.

“I’ve been on my own since the age of fourteen, and I never had the money or insurance to take care of my teeth properly,” she admits. “So, over the years, they just went bad. By the time I became an adult, they were basically rotting, breaking and falling out.

“I was embarrassed of my smile, so I didn’t show my teeth. I smiled with a closed mouth like people do when they don’t want to share their bad teeth.”

Catherine was not just suffering embarrassment because of her failing teeth, she was suffering physically as well. Her diet was negatively affected because her teeth were sensitive to temperatures, and she couldn’t chew properly.

“Every day, I was in major pain, like bad toothache pain,” she describes. “I was eating ibuprofen like it was candy. I was also having stomach issues. When you have bad teeth, they let off a sort of poison that you swallow because it’s in your mouth, so your stomach gets upset.

“I had a very strict diet, not because I didn’t like the food, but because I couldn’t eat the food. Anything hard I couldn’t eat. I was essentially limited to soft food. Anything cold or very hot I couldn’t eat. Potato chips I couldn’t eat. People don’t think about foods like that.”

Earlier this year, Catherine finally found herself in a financial position that would allow her to improve the condition of her teeth. It was shortly after that, during a routine appointment with her family dentist, that she broached the subject of restoration.

After hearing of her wishes, Catherine’s family dentist recommended she visit skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon Michael Hashemian, MD, DMD, of The Dentofacial & Cosmetic Surgery Institute. The institute has offices in Lecanto, Land O’ Lakes and Spring Hill.

“Catherine came in with missing teeth on her lower arch, and her remaining teeth had periodontal disease with inflammation or had cavities,” recalls Dr. Hashemian. “Some of her teeth had both gum disease and cavities. She wanted a comprehensive treatment instead of addressing one tooth at a time.”

Dr. Hashemian gave Catherine various treatment choices. Together, they narrowed those options down to three approaches, with the oral surgeon explaining the pros and cons of each. In the end, Dr. Hashemian recommended a full-arch, implant-supported bridge for  Catherine’s lower jaw using his Teeth in a Day option.

Cross-Arch Stabilization

The Teeth in a Day concept has recently become quite popular in dentistry as many providers have begun offering similar processes. Dr. Hashemian, however, has been providing the Teeth in a Day option to his patients for nearly 18 years. Despite the extent of the damage done to Catherine’s teeth, Dr. Hashemian knew it was the best option for her.

“Catherine had only nine teeth remaining on her lower arch, and they were not in good condition,” he discloses. “The best solution for her was to remove those teeth and restore her lower arch with an implant-supported denture all at the same time.”

With Teeth in a Day at The Dentofacial & Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Dr. Hashemian works in conjunction with each patient’s general dentist to complete the process in one day. Dr. Hashemian performs the implant surgery stage of the process, while the general dentist converts the dentures to fit securely over the implants.

When placing a single implant or two implants for crown restorations, the implants are submerged under the patient’s gums and left in the jawbone. The gum tissue is closed over, and the patient waits approximately six months for the implants to heal. The implants must integrate with the bone and become a solid unit. After all this healing is done, the crowns can be placed over the implants.

“With Teeth in a Day, it’s a different issue,” explains Dr. Hashemian. “Because we typically use multiple implants, we can splint them together using the denture, and the implants won’t move. They will integrate without any interruption in the healing process. The term for this is cross-arch stabilization. It’s the reason we can load the implants on the same day we place them.”

Teeth in a Day can be done on both the upper and lower arches at the same time on the same day. The same coordinated approach between Dr. Hashemian and the general dentist is used, and at the end of the day, patients go home with brand-new teeth.

“Teeth in a Day is great,” reports Catherine. “It was awesome not to have to leave toothless. That’s a huge plus. People don’t want to go to the dentist and get their teeth pulled, then come out without any teeth. That’s especially true for people like me who work.”

Total Happiness

“Many people are interested in Teeth in a Day because they don’t have to wait a long time to get results,” concludes Dr. Hashemian. “In the past, they had to wait six months for the bone to heal and six more months for the implants to heal. Now, they can get in one day what used to take a year to accomplish.”

Dr. Michael Hashemian of The Dentofacial & Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Lecanto, Spring Hill and Land O’ Lakes made Teeth in a Day for Catherine Golda.

“I’m no longer afraid to show my teeth when I smile.” – Catherine

Catherine’s Teeth in a Day results have made her very happy, and for many reasons. The treatment resolved her toothache-like pain and stomach issues. It also opened her up to a whole new array of diet options. Now, she’s delighted with how she looks and feels.

“I’m way better. I have no pain now,” she says. “And I don’t think there’s anything I can’t eat. I’ve had ice cream and peanuts. I’m back to eating potato chips and other hard stuff I was afraid to eat before. I’m good now and hoping to gain weight.

“And my smile is very nice. It looks one hundred times better than it did before. I’m no longer embarrassed of my smile, because I’m no longer afraid to show my teeth when I smile. I smile a lot more now.”

As a person who readily admits she was never fond of dentists, Catherine is grateful for the care and service she received from Dr. Hashemian and his staff at The Dentofacial & Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

“I like everyone there,” she relates. “They know what they’re doing, and they cater to cowards, because, you could say, I was scared toothless! But right from the start, Dr. Hashemian made me feel comfortable and at ease.

“The best part is that they didn’t make me feel embarrassed of my situation. Some dentists look at your situation and speak negatively and make you feel ashamed. They didn’t do that, so I’m very happy with my whole experience.

The outcome is great, and I totally recommend Dr. Hashemian and The Dentofacial and Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

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