Slimming Success

ChiroThin weight-loss program trims fat drop by drop.

Wendy Cawthorne may always look back at the motorcycle accident she had some 20 years ago as one of the pivotal moments in her life.

Wendy Cawthorne finally found a weight loss program that worked for her when she tried ChiroThin.

Wendy Cawthorne After

In addition to leaving her wheelchair bound for a month with multiple breaks in her right leg, it was what happened after Wendy recovered and became active again that impacted her life the most.

“My recovery took months,” Wendy explains, “and it’s my own opinion, but I have always thought that my metabolism must have changed around that time, because I was still eating like I always ate but all of a sudden my weight
started to creep up.

“My weight shot up about 20 pounds within a year of having the accident, and from there it seemed like it just kept going up like 10 pounds every year. I remember at one point I had gained 62 pounds, and I was stuck there for about five or eight years.”

Now 52, Wendy has been trying to rein in her weight gain for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until after she was encouraged by Thomas A. Aguero, DC, to try the ChiroThin program that she found a weight-loss system that worked for her.

A Change of Habit

ChiroThin is a customized doctor-supervised, six-week weight-loss program in which a few drops of a natural dietary supplement each day helps participants lose stubborn weight and break the bad habits that resulted in them becoming
overweight in the first place.

When taken in conjunction with specific amounts of healthy foods such as lean meat, fish and vegetables, ChiroThin helps the body do a more efficient job of turning stored fat into energy. That leads to an increase in metabolism, which helps participants lose weight.

“If your body usually needs 4000 calories a day to function properly, it’s going to want to consume 4000 calories a day,” explains Dr. Aguero, who runs the South Tampa Chiropractic Clinic. “What ChiroThin does is lower that baseline number so that you function properly on fewer calories, which in turn helps you lose weight.”

After trying virtually every diet and exercise program she could find and failing to realize the results she desired, Wendy says she was skeptical the
ChiroThin program would work. She was ecstatic to learn that this time around her skepticism was unfounded.

Wendy Cawthorne finally found a weight loss program that worked for her when she tried ChiroThin.

Wendy Cawthorne Before

“I figured, Why not give it a try, and thought if I lost eight or ten pounds, I’d be happy,” Wendy says. “I wound up losing a lot more and really enjoyed the program. It’s different than anything I’ve tried before.

“You don’t have to buy special pre-packaged meals or drink shakes or anything like that. The food you eat on this program can all be bought at a regular grocery store, which is what helps you keep the weight off. That’s one of the best things about it.

“This is a program that really changes the way you eat and gets you to a point where you want to eat the right foods and not the foods that you know are bad for you and are going to cause you to gain the weight back.

“The best part is that I’m down 43 pounds, I’ve lost 40 inches across my body and I’m feeling great. I couldn’t be happier that Dr. Aguero introduced me to ChiroThin and encouraged me to give it a shot. I recommend it because it’s a program that really works.”

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