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Nonsurgical therapy relieves back pain using vacuum effect.

Still a snowbird at 84, Jean Potter lives in Bradenton from October to June, then returns to her native Oceanport, New Jersey to spend the summer months on the Jersey Shore. Nothing holds her back, but a nagging problem with her knees recently turned into a battle with her back that stopped her cold.

Dr. Craig S. Aderholdt of Back Pain Institute of West Florida in Bradenton and Sarasota treated Jean Potter for low back pain with VAX-D® therapy.

“For many patients with painful back conditions such as Jean’s, I recommend VAX-D therapy,” acknowledges
Dr. Aderholdt.

“I had bad knees and was favoring one side when I walked,” Jean describes. “I had lubricant injections in my knees, which worked well. The only thing was, as soon as I started walking correctly again, I began to experience a great deal of pain in my back.

“My doctor determined that I had probably started walking to one side because I had deteriorating discs in my spine and that now that I was walking normally again, the discs were hitting each other.

“Deteriorating discs are something that can happen with pressure and over time, the doctor told me. By walking to one side the way I was, I was actually taking some of the pressure off those discs, which alleviated me of any potential pain.”

Now that Jean was walking straighter, there was nothing easing the pressure of the damaged discs rubbing against one another. This situation also irritated the spinal nerves in the area. These conditions led to not only intense pain but disability.

“The pain was excruciating and was there night and day, and it kept me from doing just about everything, because anything I did caused severe pain,” relates Jean. “On a scale of one to ten, my pain level was consistently at a nine.

“The pain affected my life a lot. I like to golf but with my back the way it was, I couldn’t play. I’d been doing yoga with people in our community, but I had to give that up as well. My partner and I stopped going to social events because I just wasn’t up for it. I felt terrible.”

Jean continued suffering with the pain, but above all else, she wanted to avoid surgery. Then she heard about a unique, nonsurgical treatment offered by Dr. Craig S. Aderholdt at Back Pain Institute of West Florida. The treatment is VAX-D® therapy, and Jean was intrigued by what she heard. She called and made an appointment.

“For many patients with painful back conditions such as Jean’s, I recommend VAX-D therapy,” acknowledges Dr. Aderholdt, who is one of the few doctors in the country who offers this patented, FDA-approved medical decompression technique for alleviating the pressure on the discs of the spine.

“When Dr. Aderholdt was talking to me and my partner, my partner said, He knows what he’s talking about,” remembers Jean. “Then Dr. Aderholdt looked at me and said, I can help you. That’s when I decided to get the treatment.”

Different and Better

While VAX-D is a medical decompression technique, Dr. Aderholdt stresses it is not a traction device. It works differently and achieves significantly better results.

“Chiropractic adjustments alone can actually relieve the pain for many patients,” he observes. “For select people with sciatica or herniated, bulging or degenerated discs, however, VAX-D treatment has proven extremely effective.”

During treatment, the patient relaxes on a comfortable, computer-controlled table, secured with a pelvic belt or patented cervical collar, depending on the area to be treated. Carefully specified tension and pressure changes guide the use of VAX-D, allowing the therapist to focus decompression at the exact level of spinal dysfunction.Dr. Craig S. Aderholdt of Back Pain Institute of West Florida in Bradenton and Sarasota treated Jean Potter for low back pain with VAX-D® therapy.

Because it’s computerized, the VAX-D system enables the table to make subtle but targeted movements, which create a powerful vacuum within the disc space. This vacuum gently draws the disc back to its proper orientation, which pulls nutrient-rich spinal fluid into the disc and stimulates repair cells that effectively mend the disc.

“Nothing else can create such a powerful vacuum,” explains Dr. Aderholdt. “That is what makes VAX-D such a valuable tool for pain relief. There are imitators, but the vacuum effect is the most powerful one known. It doesn’t allow the muscles to contract like other machines might. In fact, VAX-D is the only nonsurgical treatment that has been clinically proven to reduce disc pressure to negative levels.”

“The treatment itself is interesting,” states Jean. “You get on the table, and it stretches you out. Fifteen times it pulls you up, then down. I think I grew a little. The treatment doesn’t hurt, but I felt it. Then they put me on a warm hydrotherapy treatment for fifteen minutes to relax me, and that was marvelous.”

Over the years, VAX-D treatment has developed a long track record of many satisfied patients, asserts Dr. Aderholdt. Long-term studies have shown that VAX-D is effective in more than 88 percent of patients who go through the treatment.

“I consider VAX-D one of the most effective nonsurgical medical treatments for low back pain and sciatica today,” he adds. “This revolutionary technology is one more tool I can offer my patients as we work toward relieving pain and maintaining the health of the lumbar and cervical spine.”

From Nine to Zero

Jean reports that she started to feel better after about eight VAX-D treatments. She was amazed by the decreases in her pain level, which before therapy was consistently hovering near the top of the scale.

Dr. Craig S. Aderholdt of Back Pain Institute of West Florida in Bradenton and Sarasota treated Jean Potter for low back pain with VAX-D® therapy.

Jean is on course for a return to the links.

“As I was doing the treatments, my pain level went down to a six, then a five,” she notes. “When it got down to a two, I thought, This is really working. Eventually, the pain was gone. My pain level now is zero.”

Even though Jean’s pain has been relieved, Dr. Aderholdt is returning her to activity slowly. Jean and her partner have gone to several social events, which they hadn’t been doing because of Jean’s back condition. However, she’s still restricted from other, more physical activities.

“Dr. Aderholdt says my spine is still not totally stable, but it’s almost there,” reports Jean. “I’m not playing golf yet, and I’m waiting for the day I can. But golfing can be bad for your back, so it’ll probably be the last thing I go back to doing.

“I haven’t tried yoga yet, either. Dr. Aderholdt wants me to wait and just do the exercises he gave me for now. I’m going to stick with what he suggests because the treatment he recommended worked for me, and I trust him.”

Jean trusts the staff at Back Pain Institute of West Florida as well. She finds them friendly and accommodating. She says they’re willing to do anything to make her visits to the institute pleasant and comfortable.

“The staff is great,” she confirms. “They always do everything for me with no problem, and they’re very nice about it. I’ve recommended Dr. Aderholdt and Back Pain Institute of West Florida many times. They’re very, very good.

“As for me, I just know I didn’t want surgery. I didn’t want to go through that at eighty-four. Then I found Dr. Aderholdt and his VAX-D treatment, and it worked. I have no pain. What more do you want?”

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