Single-Session Smiles

Unique protocol restores appearance and self-confidence in one visit

Before retiring in October 2017, Jo Ann Forcino was supervisor of student services for the Hernando County School District. In that role, she interacted with many individuals, and she possessed the poise and confidence to do her job successfully.

Jo Ann Forcino received dental implants with Same Day Teeth® from Michael Pikos, DDS, at Coastal Jaw Surgery in Spring Hill.

Jo Ann’s new smile gives her more self-confidence.

Back in 2014, however, Jo Ann didn’t have that same level of confidence. At the time, the Bronx, New York native was experiencing serious dental issues that robbed her of her oral health and her smile, which affected her self-esteem.

“My gums hurt and bled,” she confides. “My teeth started to become loose and moved while chewing. Eating wasn’t always pleasant because I never knew what would happen with my teeth. I avoided hard-to-chew foods like hard rolls and Italian bread.

“I lost a couple of teeth, so there were obvious spaces in my mouth. My teeth also became discolored from a rinse I was using to treat the gum disease. I totally lacked confidence because of the way my teeth looked. I didn’t want to smile. I covered my mouth because I didn’t want people to see my teeth.”

Jo Ann went to several dentists, who all told her she had periodontal disease. Because her gum disease was advanced, she was warned she would continue losing teeth. They also said she was not a candidate for dental implants because she lacked sufficient bone in her jaw.

Living in Spring Hill, Jo Ann had heard about board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon Michael A. Pikos, DDS, of Coastal Jaw Surgery, who is a global leader in dental implants and surgical reconstruction. She hadn’t visited him previously because she already received identical diagnoses from other dentists. Then, she saw a newspaper article about a unique process Dr. Pikos offers called Same Day Teeth®,
and she reconsidered.

“A copy of Florida Health Care News came in the mail,” she remembers. “I read the article about Dr. Pikos and Same Day Teeth and thought, Maybe Dr. Pikos
can help me.

“When I went for my initial appointment, Dr. Pikos was very up-front, and he presented many options. Treatment wasn’t this or nothing, and it was my decision to make. I liked that. I made the decision for Same Day Teeth for both my upper and lower jaw.”

Planned Protocol

Same Day Teeth is an excellent option for people with gum disease, decay, bone loss and teeth that are better served being removed, observes Dr. Pikos. Using this protocol, the oral surgeon can remove the teeth, position the dental implants and place permanent teeth in a single visit.

“To begin the Same Day Teeth process, we work with a laboratory out of Reno, Nevada, and together we use proprietary software to do a virtual workup for the patients,” he describes. “We operate using that as the plan, and it allows us to complete every step in one surgical session.”

Same Day Teeth has advantages over traditional dentures, even those secured by dental implants.

“If we use the traditional approach for patients like Jo Ann, and we always give them that option, we extract the teeth and replace them with implants,” he elaborates. “Many times, patients may also need bone grafting in advance of placing the implants and possibly root canal or periodontal treatments as well.

“For those patients, the traditional approach requires many dental disciplines to complete the work, so there are increases in cost and time. Many are in treatment for a year or more before the process is completed. Then, they still have those remaining natural teeth, which can be problematic later.”

“I love the way my teeth look. Same Day Teeth gave me back my smile and increased my self-esteem.” – Jo Ann

With Same Day Teeth, all of the failing teeth are removed, so there are none to cause issues later. Also, additional procedures such as bone grafting and gum disease treatment aren’t necessary to a successful outcome.

Returned Confidence

Jo Ann left Dr. Pikos’ office ecstatic after her Same Day Teeth were done. The look of her teeth made her feel like a new person. Even simple things, like eating Italian bread again, make her happy. She credits her comeback to the single-session process.

“It’s the best thing I ever did for myself,” she reports. “I love the way my teeth look. Same Day Teeth gave me back my smile and increased my self-esteem. When I had the procedure done, I immediately felt my confidence return.”

Since reading the article about Dr. Pikos and Same Day Teeth, Jo Ann has become a dedicated patient of Coastal Jaw Surgery. Even though she and her husband are relocating and will be a distance away from Dr. Pikos, she still plans to make the drive to visit him.

“We are moving to Winter Garden, which is in Orange County, but I will be continuing with Dr. Pikos for my check-ups and follow-up appointments,” verifies Jo Ann. “I will and have recommended him. When people ask me where I went to have my teeth done, I tell them, To Dr. Pikos at Coastal Jaw Surgery!”

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