Single-Session Restorations

Crowns, bridges and veneers created in one visit.

Gene Salisbury owns a thriving wallcovering installation business. He’s experienced. It’s work he’s been doing for 35 years. He’s talented. The Winter Park native has hung wallpaper at the Hampton Inn on Beachside and as part of the Frozen exhibit at Walt Disney World® in Orlando. So, when Gene and his wife, Kim, were looking for a dentist, they sought one with the same qualities.

Photos courtesy of Kim and Gene Salisbury.

Kim and Gene Salisbury

“Dr. Lester has an excellent reputation in our area, and many people told me to go to him,” remembers Kim, who hails from New York. “When I needed someone to take care of my mother, I took her to him.”
Kim trusted her mother’s care to Stephen P. Lester, DDS, of Park Avenue Dentistry in Edgewater. She quickly discovered her trust was not misplaced.
“My mother was a cranky, older woman, and very difficult to work with,” describes Kim. “They were so excellent with her; she loved to go to the dentist. They made her feel like a queen.
“I had a dentist, but when Gene decided to have his teeth looked at, we agreed we wanted a dentist with exceptional education, experience and training. We went to Dr. Lester.”
“Dr. Lester has done a root canal, a bridge and one implant for me,” discloses Gene. “I needed them. I’d been working nonstop and didn’t have time for several years to get to the dentist, so I was due for extensive dental work.”
Before Gene was fitted for his bridge, Dr. Lester performed a root canal in one of his failing teeth. Unlike many general dentists, Dr. Lester performs molar root canals. These are done in the teeth at the back of the mouth. The location of Gene’s root canal was on his upper right side.
Gene had another bad tooth on the opposite side of his mouth. This one could not be saved with a root canal and required replacement with a dental implant. The implant serves as the root of a tooth and the foundation for a restoration, which in Gene’s case was a bridge.
“At first, I thought the implant process was kind of scary,” he shares, “but it turned out to be relatively easy.”

The E4D Advantage

At Park Avenue Dentistry, patients can get most dental restorations in a single visit, thanks to Dr. Lester’s state-of-the-art E4D machine. With E4D technology, Dr. Lester can accurately size, fabricate and fit restorations such as crowns, bridges and veneers on site in a matter of hours.

“Getting my bridge was very convenient. It only took about four hours, and most of the time was waiting.” – Gene

“By using the computer-based E4D equipment, I can create digital models of patients’ teeth, sparing them the gooey impressions of the old process,” states Dr. Lester. “Also, there is no need for patients to wear clunky and unpredictable temporaries, and they don’t need to return to the dentist for a second visit.”
“Getting my bridge was very convenient,” reports Gene. “It only took about four hours, and most of the time was waiting. They’ve got a little private waiting room that is pretty comfortable. It’s got a massage chair, TV and internet. After the bridge was finished, Dr. Lester made sure it fit and that was it. Back to work!”
“I think the most important aspect of Park Avenue Dentistry is that Dr. Lester is a one-stop shop,” offers Kim. “Gene went in for a root canal and when he came home, he had his bridge. They built it right there, wham, bam, the same day. Dr. Lester has a whole system set up inside his office.”

Improved Aesthetics

The single-visit bridges created by Park Avenue Dentistry’s E4D system work just like traditional bridges; they span the gap where a tooth or teeth are missing. A bridge differs from a crown because it supports a false tooth and is anchored to the tooth in front and the tooth behind it. Dr. Lester’s E4D crowns and bridges are all-porcelain and very aesthetically pleasing.

Photo courtesy of Kim and Gene Salisbury.

Kim Salisbury

“The old-style crowns and bridges had a metal foundation with porcelain over it. That’s called porcelain-fused-to-metal,” explains Dr. Lester. “The metal foundation, however, keeps light from transmitting through, as it does with a natural tooth, so the teeth have a different appearance.
“Then, after about five years, when the gums start receding, the edge of the metal starts showing. It looks like a black line, and it’s not attractive. With all-porcelain restorations, those problems don’t occur. The teeth look natural, and there’s never a black line.”
The E4D also creates all-porcelain veneers, which are like the front half of crowns because they sit on the face of the teeth. Because they’re all-porcelain, they, too, are very
natural-looking. There is a big advantage of veneers over crowns and bridges.
“With a crown or bridge, the dentist has to grind off a fair amount of tooth structure to make room for the restoration,” informs Dr. Lester. “With a veneer, the dentist takes off just the tiniest little bit, so that tooth remains essentially as strong as it was before. People now have longer lives and want to keep their teeth. By using veneers, more tooth remains.”
Kim is about to begin a teeth whitening process. Dr. Lester prefers patients do the whitening themselves at home, under the direction and guidance of the Park Avenue Dentistry staff. Dr. Lester provides everything they need, including custom-fit trays.
“My dental work has been pretty simple,” notes Kim. “I’m mostly tagging along with my husband, who has had the major work done. I just had my teeth cleaned and one of my metal fillings replaced with a white one. Next week, I’m picking up my teeth whitening trays. I’m excited about that.”
“The key to successful whitening is the application tray. We custom-make rubber trays that fit the patients just right so they don’t leak,” elaborates the dentist. “First, we make a mold of their teeth, then pour that in plaster to get a model. We have a special machine that uses vacuum and heat to shape a vinyl sheet over the model so the trays fit the patients’ teeth exactly.
“Fit matters because you don’t want saliva getting into the trays. Saliva will neutralize the whitening gel and keep it from working. Patients put the gel in the trays and the trays into their mouths, which squeezes the gel all over the teeth. With our custom-fit trays, saliva doesn’t leak in and turn that gel into something useless.”

Dental Artistry

Kim and Gene are happy they chose Dr. Lester, with his broad education and expertise. Since his major work is done, Gene now just sees Dr. Lester for cleanings and basic dental care. Kim’s future plans include the whitening and possibly veneers. She totally trusts the dentist after her husband’s excellent outcome.
“Dr. Lester constructed Gene’s bridge and fit it beautifully,” marvels Kim. “The work he did is artistry. The tooth he made looks absolutely real.”
“I really like that Dr. Lester is always conscious of how I’m feeling,” states Gene. “Most other dentists just want to do their thing. He’s always concerned about my comfort.”
The staff of Park Avenue Dentistry takes their cue from their leader. Gene and Kim are pleased with the responsiveness of the staff as well as the caring treatment its members provide.

“Dr. Lester constructed Gene’s bridge and fit it beautifully. The work he did is artistry.” -Kim

“The staff is very personable, kind, professional and well-trained. They think of your every need,” reports Kim. “They do so many little things. When I got my tooth done, they put a little piece of cotton with a numbing agent on my gums, so when the Novocain® needle came, I didn’t even feel it.
“They also brought pillows to put under my knees, and I never said I needed pillows. I’m over thirty and have been going to the dentist for a long time. I’ve never had such thoughtful little incidentals that actually mean so much.”
“I think the staff is great,” agrees Gene. “They’re very personable, always caring about my comfort. I recommend the practice.”
“I love Dr. Lester. I love his whole team,” says Kim. “They’re superb. They provide the most conscientious care I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve already recommended Dr. Lester and Park Avenue Dentistry. We’ll never go anywhere else!”

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