Single-Day Smiles

Entire arches restored in one visit.

When Ron Tyrie, 63, was a child living in his hometown of Lafayette, Indiana, he had several bad experiences with his family’s dentist. Those experiences left him reluctant to seek dental care as he got older, and the health of his teeth suffered as a result.

Dr. Michael Hashemian of The Dentofacial & Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Lecanto, Spring Hill and Land O’ Lakes gave Ron Tyrie a new upper arch of teeth in one day

Ron is one of many patients to take advantage of the 
All in a Day Teeth process.

So did his smile.

“I never had great teeth, and I really didn’t take good care of them like I should have, so they were in pretty bad shape,” Ron admits. “It got so bad I was uncomfortable with my smile. I didn’t show my teeth when I smiled or talked.

“My parents moved our family to Florida when I was fourteen, and as an adult, I finally found a wonderful dentist in Homosassa. About twelve years ago, my dentist referred me to Dr. Hashemian to replace a single tooth with a dental implant.”

Ron’s dentist sent him to skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon Michael Hashemian, MD, DMD, of The Dentofacial & Cosmetic Surgery Institute, which has offices in Lecanto, Land O’ Lakes and Spring Hill. Ron was immediately impressed by Dr. Hashemian’s expertise and chairside manner.

“Dr. Hashemian cared, and he took good care of me,” Ron says. “I felt he truly had my best interest at heart. After my first visit to Dr. Hashemian, my dentist told me I was going to need some additional work, so I went back to Dr. Hashemian a few more times to have other teeth replaced with implants.

“When my dentist retired, I asked Dr. Hashemian to recommend a new one, which he did. My new dentist looked in my mouth and asked, Where do you want to be ten years from now? You’ve been replacing what was there. It might be better to do something else.”

After discussing the matter further with Ron, Ron’s dentist consulted with Dr. Hashemian. Based on Ron’s wishes, Ron’s dentist and Dr. Hashemian came up with several options that they later presented to Ron.

“Ron didn’t want to go with anything removable in his mouth because he couldn’t tolerate it,” Dr. Hashemian explains. “He always wanted something fixed to replace his missing teeth.

“That’s why every time he lost a tooth, he opted for a dental implant with a crown. After several years of getting this type of treatment, it was suggested that he treat his entire upper arch.”

The option Dr. Hashemian recommended and Ron agreed to called for Dr. Hashemian to remove Ron’s remaining natural upper teeth, which were failing, and replace them with an upper denture secured by dental implants. The oral surgeon offered to perform the conversion using his All in a Day Teeth process.

“With All in a Day Teeth, we work in conjunction with the patient’s general dentist to complete the process in one day,” Dr. Hashemian describes. “I perform the surgical procedure, removing the teeth and placing the dental implants.

“The general dentist converts the denture, which was fabricated ahead of time, to a fixed bridge that fits securely over the implants. Sometimes, a dental lab technician comes to the office to assist the general dentist in the bridge conversion process. At the end of the day, the patient goes home with brand-new teeth.”

“Dr. Hashemian set aside his entire morning for me, and even opened an hour early,” Ron relates. “With my dentist, a person from the dental lab and their assistants all present, Dr. Hashemian began working on me at seven o’clock in the morning. He was done at noon. Then my dentist and the lab technician took over.

“I walked out of Dr. Hashemian’s office that afternoon with an absolutely perfect set of beautiful, straight, full teeth on the top of my mouth.”

Old and New

Ron’s full arch restoration procedure included Dr. Hashemian’s implant surgery followed by the conversion of his pre-fabricated denture into a fixed bridge by his dentist. Dr. Hashemian says there are several advantages of performing this procedure using the All in a Day Teeth process.

“Many people are attracted to this solution because the downtime is minimal,” the oral surgeon informs. “They get the surgical portion of the procedure done and receive the prosthetic all in the same day and basically, they’re done.

“Now, the prosthetic the patient gets on that day is made of acrylic. After six months, that prosthetic is converted to a hybrid bridge, which is a combination of titanium alloy and acrylic. These restorations are very strong and natural looking.”

The fixed bridge is secured by dental implants. For dental implants to become solid in the jaw, the patient must have sufficient bone mass to fuse with the implants. In some cases, general dentists recommend bone grafting before implants can be placed. This wasn’t necessary in Ron’s case.

“The All in a Day Teeth process essentially eliminates the need for bone grafting,” Dr. Hashemian reports. “Generally, there is enough bone that we can use tilted implants and place them where the bone is most dense. These tilted implants have the same strength as straight implants. It’s a new technique in implant dentistry, and it makes the process quicker and easier on the patient.

“Here’s another thing that’s notable about patients like Ron who’ve had multiple implants placed in the past. We are able to use those single implants that are embedded into solid bone to help secure the full arch, or fixed bridge.

“The crowns may need to come off, but the implants themselves don’t have to be wasted. And we may need to place one or two additional implants, but we can still use the old ones to fix the new denture.”

Stage Presence

The results of Dr. Hashemian’s All in a Day Teeth process gave Ron a tremendous confidence boost. With his new denture, he no longer hides his teeth when he smiles.

“I love my smile now,” Ron raves. “As one of my passions, I’m a bluegrass musician. I play banjo and a little bit of guitar, and the folks I play with say I’m smiling a lot more when I’m playing.

“I like to think my playing has gotten better,” he jokes. “It hasn’t, but my self-esteem has increased. Anytime you increase your self-esteem, it’s a positive change. My wife is even happy we decided to go in this direction.”

Ron hasn’t kept Dr. Hashemian’s expertise a secret. He shares his personal knowledge of the oral surgeon’s exceptional abilities and sterling reputation with anyone who might need the services Dr. Hashemian provides.

“I’ve recommended Dr. Hashemian to several people I used to work with who’ve had abscesses and needed to get their teeth pulled,” Ron confirms. “There’ve also been neighbors who’ve been to other oral surgeons and wanted to get second opinions. Dr. Hashemian has taken care of them and met their needs, and I’ve never gotten bad feedback.

“Dr. Hashemian is a very compassionate doctor and a very skilled surgeon. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to him, and I’m proud to refer others to him.”

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