Single-Day Smile

Full restoration in one visit using all-porcelain bridges.

Eighty-two-year-old Ilda Bocskor loves flowers. Even as she stayed busy maintaining a home for her family, she always kept a flourishing flower garden in her yard. It’s a tradition she maintained after relocating to Florida 28 years ago from her native Portugal.Stock photo from
“I was a homemaker all my life. I never worked outside the home, but I enjoy working with my flowers outside,” says Ilda. “I didn’t grow the flowers for a flower shop or anything like that. I grew them for myself.”
Over the years, Ilda found peace working in her garden. Earlier this year, however, a few nagging dental problems interrupted that peace. She had some empty spaces in her mouth that were beginning to bother her, and she developed what she assumed was an infection in a back tooth.
“I was missing a few teeth in my mouth,” she clarifies. “One of my teeth was infected and painful, and I had some trouble chewing. I tried my best to chew steak, but I just couldn’t eat it.”
The discomfort from the infection was a constant reminder that a visit to the dentist was necessary, and soon. She heard about a local dental practice that offers general and specialty services under one roof, and she decided to inquire about it.
“I went to Park Avenue Dentistry to check out the place, and I liked it,” notes Ilda. “They scheduled my appointment, and I had an interview with Dr. Lester before he started any work. I liked him very much. He is a very nice man, and he is very attentive. That means a lot to me.
“I liked the office as well. It was clean and beautifully decorated. All the while I sat in the dental chair, I could look out the window and enjoy the view of the grounds. I love flowers anyway. It’s a beautiful place inside and outside.”
During his evaluation, Dr. Lester confirmed the infection and noticed that many of the teeth Ilda had left in her mouth needed repair. The good news was, they were essentially healthy and savable, so it wasn’t necessary to extract them and make her a denture.
“A lower left molar in Ilda’s mouth was definitely abscessed, so I had to perform a root canal on it,” recounts Dr. Lester. “In addition, the tooth in front of that molar was missing, so I recommended a bridge to replace it. I suggested the same arrangement, minus the root canal, on her lower right side. She also had missing teeth in the front, so I recommended three bridges in all for her.”
“Dr. Lester performed the root canal on my tooth, and he was very compassionate,’’ Ilda reports. “During the procedure, he gave me breaks to go to the bathroom, drink water or take a little walk, whatever I needed.
“The work he did was not painful. He gave me an anesthetic to numb me so I wouldn’t feel him working. I could sense what was going on by the noise, but I felt no pain.”

Ease and Aesthetics

The root canal was a separate procedure, but all three of Ilda’s bridges were created in one day using Park Avenue Dentistry’s state-of-the-art E4D technology. By using the E4D, Dr. Lester can accurately size, fabricate and fit restorations such as bridges, crowns and veneers on site in a matter of hours.
“With the E4D, the process of creating restorations is simplified,” reports Dr. Lester. “By using this computer-based technology, I can create a digital model of the patient’s teeth, sparing them the gooey impressions of the old process. There is also no need for patients to wear clunky and unpredictable temporaries, and they don’t need to return for a second visit.”

E4D machine photo courtesy of Park Avenue Dentistry.

The E4D can fabricate and fit restorations such as bridges, crowns and veneers on site in a matter of hours.

The E4D single-visit bridges perform just like traditional bridges; they span the gap where a tooth or teeth are missing. A bridge supports a false tooth and is anchored to the tooth in front and the tooth behind it. Dr. Lester’s E4D bridges are all-porcelain, extremely strong and very aesthetically pleasing.
“The older technology bridges and crowns are often made using a metal foundation with porcelain baked over it,” informs Dr. Lester. “These restorations are quite strong, but after about five years of natural gum recession, the metal under the porcelain will start to show through. It appears as a black line near the gumline.
“If the restoration is all porcelain, that will never happen. There will still be gum recession; that’s a part of aging. However, the porcelain is tooth-colored, so when the gums recede, there’s no metal to show through. It will simply look like a little more of the tooth is exposed.”
Porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations have another drawback. The metal foundation generally does not allow for the reflection of light like a natural tooth. As a result, the teeth can appear different from the other teeth in the mouth, even if the colors match.
“Because of the metal underneath, light cannot pass through the teeth,” confirms
Dr. Lester. “So, they have a tendency to look a little opaque or a little flat. It can be more noticeable with a bridge or crown between two natural teeth.
“With the all-porcelain bridges, however, the light can go all the way through. This way, the teeth in the restoration have a tendency to look much more like real teeth.”

New and Natural

Ilda can attest to that. Dr. Lester used the E4D technology to create the bridges that have replaced her missing teeth, and she says she is thrilled with the results.
“My teeth are beautiful now,” Ilda marvels. “The teeth in the bridges are like real, permanent teeth. Dr. Lester put three on my right side and one on my left side. The top one looks very nice, too. Now, my mouth is much, much better.
“I also like that I don’t have to worry about them. I don’t have to take them out before I go to bed. And I can eat anything with these bridges, and I’ve tried different foods, not just fish. I can eat steak if I want to.”

“I can eat anything with these bridges. I can eat steak if I want to.”-Ilda

Ilda is very pleased with the work Dr. Lester completed in her mouth. She’s also happy with the dentist and his staff and the positive experience she has every time she goes to the dental practice.
“Dr. Lester is very good, and the women who work for him are amazing people,” she says. “I like it when people are attentive to me, and they really care. That’s why I like them. My English is broken, but they’re patient and work with me. They’re very nice people.
“I recommend Dr. Lester and Park Avenue Dentistry to anybody. I think everybody can trust him. I did!”

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