Second Honeymoon

ED treatment returns spark to couple’s sex life.

Emory Allen, 74, worked construction all his life. For the last few years of his career, he owned his own business but also worked for a large contracting company, from which he retired. The North Carolina native, who spent his young-adult years in Southern France with the Army, always felt proud when clients turned to him for his construction expertise.

Dr. Robert Lupo of Physical Medicine Center in Tampa treated Emory Allen’s ED using GAINSWave® therapy. Sidebar: Dr. Lupo discusses regenerative medicine with stem cells and PRP.

Emory Allen

“I had a lot of fun doing construction, so I started my own company,” he recounts. “The name of it was Professional Industrial Contractors. Clients I did work for included Coors® Brewery, Gerber® Baby Food and Frito-Lay®. I also worked on several ethanol plants, a few bakeries and many other projects.”

As Emory got older, he faced a few common health issues that sometimes affect men as they age, including prostate disorders. In Emory’s case, treatment for those disorders contributed to a frustrating problem – erectile dysfunction (ED).

“I hadn’t been able to do anything in the bedroom since I had prostate surgery fifteen years ago,” Emory confirms. “My wife was very understanding. We have more than sex going on in our relationship. We are best friends.”

“That’s true,” confirms Emory’s wife. “The sex wasn’t as good as it was in the past, but there’s more to our relationship than that. That made it easier for me to be understanding about his problem.”

The couple lived with an incomplete sex life for years, then Emory learned about a treatment that offered significant improvement without pills or surgery. The treatment was provided by Robert C. Lupo, DC, of Physical Medicine Center in Tampa.

“I was already a patient of Dr. Lupo for chiropractic services,” relates Emory. “One day, I was in the waiting room and saw an article in Florida Health Care News about Dr. Lupo and his GAINSWave® therapy, so I asked him about it.”

Unique Treatments

“GAINSWave is based on the same technology as lithotripsy, the process used to break up kidney stones,” explains Dr. Lupo.

“It is a unique treatment that uses sound-wave technology to clear the tiny microvessels in the urogenital region.

“This increases circulation to the penis, which improves sensitivity and the quality of the erection, intensifying the entire sexual experience.

During his initial appointment with Dr. Lupo, Emory was given a sample GAINSWave treatment. Emory later returned for five subsequent treatments, during which he says, “Things started looking up.”

Because sexual health can affect overall well-being, the impact of untreated erectile dysfunction, as well as decreased sensitivity and performance, can extend beyond the bedroom.

“We all want to feel good, be healthy and have great sex,” reports Dr. Lupo. “In fact, studies have shown that good sexual energy does many things for health and well-being. These include decreasing stress, providing a stronger-functioning immune system, improving sleep, increasing self-esteem and happiness, and much more.”

Difficulties in the bedroom are not limited to men in their 70s, such as Emory. Even men in their 30s and 40s can begin to lose sensitivity or have trouble achieving and maintaining the strong erections necessary for great sex. It’s important that men experiencing these symptoms seek the advice of a medical professional.Dr. Robert Lupo of Physical Medicine Center in Tampa treated Emory Allen’s ED using GAINSWave® therapy. Sidebar: Dr. Lupo discusses regenerative medicine with stem cells and PRP.

“Trouble with erections is a sign that blood flow issues, hormonal changes or other serious conditions are beginning to develop,” notes Dr. Lupo. “We offer bio-identical hormone therapy as well as GAINSWave to get men suffering with treatable conditions back on track and working like they’re supposed to.”

Dr. Lupo stresses that while GAINSWave is an excellent treatment for men with ED, it is also very effective for achieving sensitivity and volume improvement in younger men.

“Some younger men come in to tune-up their sexual functioning and improve their experience,” he says. “They simply want to keep their bodies in good working order, which leads to better performance in the bedroom. These men report that GAINSWave provides a very dramatic result.”

GAINSWave also stimulates the growth of nerve tissue vital for increasing sensitivity and achieving and maintaining healthy erections.

Stronger, Longer, Better

Men have experienced a renewed ability for healthier erections after only a few GAINSWave treatments, points out Dr. Lupo. Just two painless treatments per week over a three-week period is all most men need to restore or improve erectile function.

“GAINSWave’s ability to improve blood flow, increase new vascularization and increase nerve sensitivity in the urogenital region has been pretty phenomenal,” asserts the doctor. “The erection ability is stronger, longer, better and more impressive. It’s taking men back to more youthful times in their lives without the necessity for medications.”

The noninvasive therapy is also used to successfully treat a painful syndrome that causes curvature of the penis, called Peyronie’s disease, that is the result of scar tissue.

Dr. Lupo says GAINSWave uses the same technology that has been effective for years in the US and Europe to treat plantar fasciitis; heel, knee and elbow pain; scar tissue, tendonitis and connective tissue injuries.

“GAINSWave emits concentrated blasts of sound waves akin to ultrasound or sonar technology. These sound waves travel faster than the speed of sound, and when applied through the correct number of pulses, frequency and energy, they can have a positive effect on tissue to restore blood flow and nerve sensitivity,” he explains.

“We’re very encouraged by how GAINSWave has been used to treat hundreds of patients without harmful side effects,” he adds. “Any man who wants to restore youthful performance should call us to explore this option.”

Complete Trust

GAINSWave was definitely the right option for Emory. He’s very pleased with the outcome of his treatment, as is his wife.

Dr. Robert Lupo of Physical Medicine Center in Tampa treated Emory Allen’s ED using GAINSWave® therapy. Sidebar: Dr. Lupo discusses regenerative medicine with stem cells and PRP.

Emory has renewed vim and vigor.

“The GAINSWave must have broken up all of those calcium plaque deposits in my penis,” Emory reports, “because everything is up now. My wife is happy.”

“It’s wonderful,” says his wife. “Our sex life is back to the way it was years ago.”

Emory credits his excellent results to Dr. Lupo. He thinks very highly of the doctor and trusts him completely. Thanks to Dr. Lupo, Emory always has a good experience at Physical Medicine Center.

“Dr. Lupo is a good, honest man,” states Emory. “He has high morals. His good character means a lot to me. He’s very good.”

Men gain the most benefit from GAINSWave when they finish the full course of treatment. Many men, however, experience positive effects after just a few treatments. Emory was one of those men who noticed benefits from GAINSWave early on.

“I started seeing a difference after two or three treatments,” he recalls. “I began having some sensation down there, the blood started flowing and things started getting better. I definitely recommend GAINSWave and Dr. Lupo.

“Now, I’m doing very well for an old man. I’m almost seventy-
five years old, and everything works!”

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