Say “No!” to Neuropathy!

Breakthrough protocol relieves pain, numbness and tingling.

Retired English teacher Barbara* was happy to give up drilling students on participles and infinitives and live a more relaxed lifestyle. A native Minnesotan, Jan now practices yoga every day and loves to ride her bicycle. That’s when she’s on land.
“My partner and I bought a boat in 2008,” she relates. “We live aboard and spend six months in the Bahamas and six months in the United States during hurricane season.”
For the most part, Barbara’s life was simple and peaceful, but when adversity struck, it became less than idyllic. Everyday activities became uncomfortable or even impossible to manage.
“A couple of months ago, I began having excruciating pain across my lower back,” describes Barbara. “I really couldn’t move around much without a lot of pain. I had to completely stop the type of yoga I was doing and do something restorative lying down.
“Basic living and bending over was painful. Living on a boat, things aren’t really accessible, so I definitely had to have something done.”
Barbara first went to a massage therapist to try to work out the discomfort. As the therapist kneaded Barbara’s back, she noticed something wasn’t right. She alerted Barbara and suggested she seek help from a specialist.
“She felt a lump in my lower back and recommended I see a chiropractor,” says Barbara. “Several of my yoga teachers go to Simpson Chiropractic, and they recommended Dr. Simpson.”
Barbara was hesitant at first, but she knew she needed a professional’s care, so she made an appointment with Charles A. Simpson, DC, founder of Simpson Advanced Chiropractic & Medical Center in Stuart.
Barbara says she began to feel better about her situation as soon as she met with Dr. Simpson, who evaluated her thoroughly and was very informative with his diagnosis.
“He was very knowledgeable and helpful,” Barbara remembers. “He examined me and took x-rays right there in the office. He showed me the x-rays and the reason why I should be going to a chiropractor.
“I have very bad scoliosis. In my lower back, my spine just goes off to the right. He determined that the little lump was some bone fragments that had come together because the spine was pushing on them.”
Barbara began to feel even more at ease when she learned that Dr. Simpson commonly treats this type of issue and that he has also developed a treatment regimen to address exactly what Barbara was experiencing.
A colleague of Dr. Simpson helped relieve some of her anxiety as well.
“One of the chiropractors there had something very similar, so he was able to explain to me what he had gone through,” comments Barbara.
“Dr. Simpson presented a plan to me that included decompression with the DRX9000™ machine and then adjustments. I started that day.”

A Common Condition

Many people with lower back conditions, including Barbara, also suffer with numbness, tingling and/or pain down one or both legs that can affect standing and walking. The cause most likely is a debilitating disorder called peripheral neuropathy, a common condition with devastating effects that is believed to be incurable.
“Approximately twenty million Americans suffer from some sort of neuropathy,” informs Dr. Simpson. “Symptoms can occur in patients with a wide variety of conditions, including restless legs syndrome and sciatica, and it has even been recently linked to statin drugs used to lower cholesterol.”
Neuropathy develops when there is damage somewhere along the peripheral nervous system, the vast network of nerves that transmit impulses from the central nervous system – the brain and spinal cord – to the rest of the body and back again. The result is that the messages from the brain to the body get distorted, and that leads to symptoms.
“The complications associated with neuropathy vary depending on the cause of the nerve damage,” explains Dr. Simpson. “Some neuropathies can be fatal. In fact, one of the most common causes of death in people over the age of sixty is a complication from a fall due to balance issues caused by numb feet.
“The good news is that Simpson Advanced Chiropractic and Medical Center of Stuart and Port St. Lucie has a breakthrough protocol to treat the pain, numbness and tingling of peripheral neuropathy. It’s called the Neuro Spinal Care Treatment Protocol™.”

Internationally Recognized

Many patients with neuropathy suffer from symptoms of painful cramping, burning and tingling, as well as numbness in the legs, with difficulty walking and even interruption of sleep. At Simpson Advanced Chiropractic & Medical Center, the specialized Neuro Spinal Care Treatment Protocol utilizes multiple treatment elements, including the most advanced treatment protocols available to date. This therapy is recognized internationally, and these recent advancements offer hope for many more patients to live a more pain-free and enjoyable life.
“For more than fifteen years, we have used these protocols to successfully treat severe and chronic neck and back pain conditions, as well as the symptoms of mechanical neuropathy,” notes Dr. Simpson.
“This is a state-of-the-art scientific approach with advanced technology that treats not only the symptoms of the neuropathy, but also the cause of the neuropathy, allowing the numbness to resolve and the arteries and nerves to heal.”
During his distinguished career, Dr. Simpson has treated many patients with peripheral neuropathy.
“Many of these patients have tried everything, including potentially harmful medications and painful testing and treatments,” he states. “This can leave patients still struggling and wandering down the long road of endless disappointment. Now, we are able to address the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy with a successful, noninvasive, drug-free approach that includes the use of light therapy to stimulate tissue repair.”

Back to Normal

The treatment protocol Dr. Simpson designed for Barbara put her back on her feet and returned her to her life and activities. Barbara notes how Dr. Simpson added a new treatment to her regimen at just the right time.
“Along the way, I started with a physical therapist to help me continue to strengthen my back,” she says. “I’m still in physical therapy, and she’s teaching me things like squatting rather than bending because I can exacerbate my back pain again if I pull something. I’m learning to be careful.”
Barbara adds that she continues to see the doctor on a regular basis to manage her scoliosis, but otherwise, she feels like her old self again.
“I’m back to my normal activities now,” she relates, “back to my full-time, ninety-minutes-a-day yoga classes, and I’m able to ride my bike and maneuver around. I will continue to go once a month and have either the decompression or a regular adjustment, just to keep my body feeling good.
“I had a really good experience at the center,” she adds. “The staff is very friendly. Everyone knows your name. You walk down the hall and people say hello to you by name. I would highly recommend Simpson Advanced Chiropractic and Medical Center.”

*Patient’s name withheld at their request.
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