Same-Day Crowns Transform His Smile

For years, Phillip Cole believed that he didn’t need regular dental care. In fact, he went two decades without visiting a dentist.

Phillip Cole had same-day crowns, dental bridge created by Mohammad Shuayb, DMD, with CEREC® system.

Phillip praises Dr. Shuayb for giving him a natural-looking, healthy, new smile.

“I had a good smile and thought that was good enough,” explains Phillip, who is 46. “But I started having some issues.”

He made his first dental appointment in 20 years when he noticed an old crown was starting to fracture. It was on a molar toward the front of his mouth and could be seen whenever he grinned. Phillip was concerned that if he didn’t get it fixed, eventually there would be a visible gap when the crown broke entirely. In addition, Phillip had noticed bleeding and discomfort in his gums and thought he might have cavities, plus another broken molar.

Phillip chose to see Mohammad Shuayb, DMD, in Spring Hill. He had heard about how Dr. Shuayb creates permanent crowns in a single office visit through the use of
computer-assisted technology.

The opportunity to get a same-day crown would save time for Phillip. He is the program director of a nonprofit organization and has a busy schedule that involves meetings and travel.

Phillip liked the idea that he would see results right away. In the past, multiple office visits were required to obtain new dental crowns. People needed to wear temporary crowns while they waited for their permanent restorations to be fabricated in specialty laboratories.

As it turns out, however, his visit to Dr. Shuayb became more than a one-time crown replacement. It started a new journey toward good dental health, a transformation in how he looked and a renewed perspective. He once was apprehensive about dental visits, but no longer.

“Nobody really likes going to the dentist,” says Phillip. “However, that’s changed for me. I look forward to my dental appointments now.”

CEREC® Technology

In his 20s, Phillip had adopted a rapper-inspired look that was gaining in popularity at the time. He had six front teeth – four on the bottom and two on top – that had been filed down and capped in gold veneer crowns.

The crowns had been poorly fabricated. Food particles were easily trapped, affecting the health of his gums, which showed inflammation and bleeding.

At his first visit, Phillip appreciated Dr. Shuayb’s personable approach and how it was easy to talk with him.

“When I went in for an assessment with Dr. Shuayb,” he recalls, “I said, I’ve got a lot of things going on in my mouth. I know I’ve got some cavities back there, and I’m starting to have some discomfort in my gums. One thing that I was clear about was that I didn’t want anything that was removable or temporary.”

In learning about Phillip’s goals and after a thorough examination, Dr. Shuayb created a treatment plan for Phillip. It included a deep cleaning to help his gums heal, new crowns and a permanent dental bridge to replace the fractured molar.

“We prioritized all of my issues during that first visit and set up an appointment for a deep cleaning,” says Phillip.

He remembers feeling nervous about the prospect of dental treatment but soon learned he could relax under Dr. Shuayb’s care.

“Dr. Shuayb is very relatable. He makes you feel comfortable in the chair. His touch is unbelievably mild – even when you’re getting shots of an anesthetic, you don’t even feel it,” describes Phillip.

He chose to have one to two crowns replaced at a time and was happy that each crown didn’t require more than a single visit.

Shuayb Dental utilizes the CEREC system to create same-day crowns. CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

It allows permanent crowns to be made right in the dental office: Digital impressions and fabrication of the permanent crown are completed in the same appointment. The process is so rapid, in fact, that at Shuayb Dental, permanent crowns are produced in an average of one hour and seven minutes, from start to finish.

Shuayb Dental has become widely known for using CEREC technology to produce crowns and other dental restorations that look like natural teeth.

“Sometimes, I send patients to colleagues for other work they may need, such as a root canal, and the dentists always tell me they have never seen crowns that look so lifelike,” comments Dr. Shuayb.

The key to success, however, is not simply having the high-tech equipment. It’s knowing how to use it with a high level of skill.

“For the past four or five years, I’ve taken my staff all over to get them extensive CEREC training. That’s my requirement. They are above and beyond any staff around because they are very knowledgeable,” explains Dr. Shuayb.Phillip Cole had same-day crowns, dental bridge created by Mohammad Shuayb, DMD, with CEREC® system.

Crowns are created in an on-site milling machine after Dr. Shuayb designs a three-dimensional virtual model through CEREC software. The shape and size is fine-tuned for the most natural result.

“The accuracy of the technology is phenomenal, within twenty microns, which is a third of the width of a human hair,” observes Dr. Shuayb.

“And we have potentially forty shades of crown material in our stock. We usually have two or three people help pick out the shade so that it matches the patient’s other teeth as closely as possible. We don’t just match the color under fluorescent lighting, but sometimes take the patient outside to compare what it looks like in natural light for the optimal look.”

The material used at Shuayb Dental also contributes to making dental restorations look indistinguishable from surrounding natural teeth. The practice uses an all-ceramic material called e.max® that is strong with a translucent quality, like natural teeth, and zirconia, a durable, white metal known for its high quality and natural appearance.

Like Natural Teeth

Phillip praises Dr. Shuayb for being a perfectionist. The skilled dentist uses the same type of high-power microscope that ophthalmologists use for eye surgery. The microscope allows for close-up work that is the equivalent of microsurgery to create dental restorations with a precise fit and finish. He also utilizes laser dentistry to integrate how the crown fits into the gumline for a natural look.

“Dr. Shuayb takes a lot of pride in his work,” emphasizes Phillip. “Unlike any crowns I’ve had in the past, you don’t even know they aren’t your original teeth.”

Phillip also appreciates the staff at Shuayb Dental.

“The staff is friendly and they’re courteous. They’re flexible and responsive, too. With my position in my job, I’m very busy and travel frequently, but they’re always very responsive in getting me in,” says Phillip.

“Everything’s perfect now with my teeth and gums,” he continues. “I have no problems whatsoever, and Dr. Shuayb and his staff have educated me about how to take care of my teeth. My gums are amazingly healthy now.”

Finding Shuayb Dental was transformative for Phillip. Not only did he lose his apprehension about dental care, his life changed for the better.

“Dr. Shuayb really helped me capture who I am,” he explains. “The look I have now is better for me at age forty-six in my profession. I’m a different man and have a healthy mouth again.”

FHCN article by Susan Hemmingway. Photos by Jordan Pysz. Before image courtesy of Shuayb Dental.
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