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Where health care professionals go for their dental care.

People often ask their physicians for recommendations when looking for health care providers. After all, professionals in the health care community have inside knowledge about the quality of care provided and the degree of success achieved by their fellow doctors and dentists. They use that knowledge when choosing a provider for themselves as well.

Where health care professionals go for their dental care

“The dental work Dr. Montz has done for me has been superb. It’s based on that work that I’m able to recommend him unequivocally.”
– Dr. Accardi

While looking for a local dentist, Roger Accardi, PharmD, a clinical pharmacist and president of Accardi Clinical Pharmacy, took advantage of his association with the community to make his decision. The qualities he looked for were competency, educational background and character. He also wanted a dentist who was kind.

After reviewing dentists in the area based on his criteria, Dr. Accardi chose Richard C. Montz, DDS, of River City Dentistry in DeBary. Dr. Montz offers comprehensive cosmetic, restorative and family dentistry.

“Being in the Orange City/DeBary area for a very long time, I’ve had an opportunity to make fairly objective assessments of the level of care provided by most of the local health care professionals,” Dr. Accardi remarks. “Dr. Montz had a spotless reputation and a sterling educational background.”

The personality of the practice was especially important to Dr. Accardi. He felt he wasn’t getting the personal attention he wanted from his previous dentist. He got the sense that wouldn’t be the case at River City Dentistry, where Dr. Montz’s patients speak highly of the dentist and his staff.

“Many of Dr. Montz’s patients get their prescriptions filled by us, and the comments we hear about Dr. Montz and his staff as well are always positive,” Dr. Accardi observes. “They’re acutely aware of the importance of kindness in the rendering of health care, and that comes readily across from his patients.”

At around the same time that Dr. Accardi began looking for a new dentist, Dr. Montz began using Dr. Accardi as his personal pharmacist. That gave both doctors an opportunity to get to know one another personally and on a professional level.

“I was very impressed with Dr. Montz’s acumen,” Dr. Accardi states. “His knowledge of pharmacology was quite a bit more sophisticated than what I customarily saw out of the dental profession.”

Dr. Montz values Dr. Accardi’s expertise as well. He often asks the pharmacist about various physicians in the area, as well as what he thinks about medications.

“There are so many new drugs on the market, it’s very difficult to keep a handle on them all,” Dr. Montz elaborates. “It’s especially difficult when the commercials cite more side effects of the medication than benefits. I often call Dr. Accardi for advice about the medications my patients are taking and about the providers who are prescribing them.”

Painless Needles

On a personal level, Dr. Accardi admits to having a longstanding fear of dentists and a particular dislike for the local anesthetic injections that typically precede the actual dental work.

“I’ve always feared dentists,” Dr. Accardi confirms. “They make me very nervous. I get anxious when anybody goes inside my mouth. I especially hate getting the needle.”

Dr. Montz and his staff routinely work with all their patients, fearful or not, to help make them as calm, comfortable and relaxed as possible during their dental appointments.

“Whether they’re fearful or not, I treat all of my patients the same way,” Dr. Montz stresses. “A fear of needles is common, and not getting numb for procedures is another big fear of many patients. They’re afraid of being in pain while having their dental work performed.

“We take a few extra steps to prevent that and make getting the injections easier. We pre-numb our patients and take our time giving the injections. I’ve studied different modalities and the best areas for injection because all people are not the same. It’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

“It also takes some patients longer to become numb, and that’s not what we learned in dental school. Sometimes, we have to use more anesthetic or a different type to get patients numb. Whatever it takes, we make sure they’re completely numb before we begin any work.”

Dr. Accardi can attest to that.

“The first time I needed anesthesia at River City Dentistry, Dr. Montz said, I promise you, you will not feel it at all, he says. “I thought, How can that be? But I’ll be darned if that wasn’t the case. I did not feel the needle. Dr. Montz had me won over right away by the fact there was no pain involved in getting anesthesia in my mouth through the needle.”

As a patient, Dr. Accardi sees Dr. Montz for routine cleanings and checkups. He’s also in the process of getting some extensive dental work performed. A portion of the work has been completed.

“I’ve had crowns and some anterior repair work already done, some of it rather complicated from what I gather,” Dr. Accardi reports. “I also needed some orthodontic work, and Dr. Montz made extensive recommendations as to whom I should use.

“Dr. Montz outlined the other practitioners he thought I should review. I’ve never had anybody do that much extra work outside the context of simply doing their jobs. It was very complete, very impressive.”

“The final choice of provider depends on who Dr. Accardi prefers to work with, especially if two different recommendations are similar,” Dr. Montz describes. “I want him to be comfortable with the provider he chooses. I want everybody involved to be comfortable and on the same page so we don’t have any glitches in the process.”

Eyes on the Process

Dr. Montz notes that Dr. Accardi’s case is complex. The dentist has already completed some of the necessary dental work. He’s now continuing the repair and cosmetic dentistry needed to achieve
Dr. Accardi’s desired goal for his teeth.

“We’re slowly getting Dr. Accardi to where he wants to be because he’s needed some specialty work that I don’t do myself,” Dr. Montz notes. “That’s the way I prefer to work when I have a complex case. If I did all the work myself, I’d be limiting myself and shortchanging my patients. It’s always best to have several pairs of eyes on the process.”

Dr. Accardi is not the only doctor who’s chosen Dr. Montz as their dentist. But, the dentist emphasizes that all patients of River City Dentistry are treated equally – with kindness, compassion, skill and quality care. Those are reasons doctors and non-doctors alike have confidence in Dr. Montz.

Where health care professionals go for their dental care

Dr. Accardi trusts his dental health to River City Dentistry

“We have several patients who are doctors who travel an hour each way to come to us,” Dr. Montz says. “We have other patients who aren’t doctors and know nothing about medicine who travel two hours each way.

“One thing these patients have in common is that they all have developed a level of trust in us that we work to maintain. The main way we maintain trusting relationships with our patients is to treat all of them the way we want to be treated ourselves.”

Unequivocal Recommendation

As a member of the local medical community for years, Dr. Accardi has had the chance to evaluate many aspects of other health care providers’ practices. One of these aspects is the cost of care provided.

“Dental care can be costly, and I’ve witnessed within our community a rather wide range in pricing,” Dr. Accardi shares. “Personally, I’ve found Dr. Montz to be extraordinarily fair in his prices.”

Fairness is a draw for Dr. Accardi, but not nearly as much as the sensitivity to his fearfulness and quality of care he gets from
Dr. Montz and his staff at River City Dentistry. He’s so pleased with the outcome of his treatment so far, he regularly shares the word about Dr. Montz and his practice.

“The dental work Dr. Montz has done for me has been superb,” Dr. Accardi raves. “It’s based on that work that I’m able to recommend him unequivocally. I’m happy to recommend River City Dentistry to my patients, knowing that they’re going to be treated well. I have no compunction about that.”

Dr. Accardi has developed tremendous respect for Dr. Montz as a colleague. He finds the dentist knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. As a person, he sees the dentist as kind, compassionate, honest and sincere.

“I find no arrogance, no pomposity in Dr. Montz,” Dr. Accardi assures, “and the staff at River City Dentistry reflects that easygoing guy. I’m happy to call Dr. Montz my friend.”

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