Rolling Back the Years

Options abound for those seeking change through cosmetic surgery.

Amiee Rothrock is one of those people for whom age is just a number. She’s 66, but she bounces through each day with a youthful exuberance fueled by a quest for adventure that a lot of people half her age lost years ago.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Amiee looks and feels younger after her procedure.

“I feel very energetic on the inside,” says Amiee, an accomplished business development manager who still works for a local title company. “I’m willing to explore new things and new ways of doing things and looking at things.
“I just feel very youthful, and you’ll find that most of my friends are honestly quite a bit younger than me – ten to fifteen years younger, actually. I think that’s because I just seem to be more of that kind of a mindset.
“And I’m very happy and content with where I am in life. I love my family, I love my job and the work that I do, and so every day, I want to show off the best version of me that I can, the best version of Amiee.”
It was only recently that Amiee truly began showing off that best version of herself. What was missing previously, she admits, was an appearance that matched her youthful exuberance. A visit to Noel S. Tenenbaum, MD, took care of that.
“I first went to see him on a friend’s recommendation,” Amiee says of Dr. Tenenbaum, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has established himself as a leader in the cosmetic
surgery and body contouring field.
“It was something that I had wanted to do for a long time, but I was always too busy to take care of it,” Amiee adds. “Just recently, however, I decided it was time to find a way to make this happen. I wanted to look more like I feel on the inside.”

A Variety of Options

Upon hearing of Amiee’s goals, Dr. Tenenbaum began his work by first explaining the various ways in which he could improve the loose skin she had across her face, including in the eyelids, the jawline and the neckline.
One of the options Dr. Tenenbaum mentioned was a mini facelift, in which only the skin on the face is tightened through a process that includes pulling and tightening the fat and cheek pad areas, which are made of fat and muscle.
Dr. Tenenbaum performs mini facelifts in his office after administering a local anesthetic. It is one of a growing number of techniques he now performs under local anesthesia and requires minimal post-operative downtime.
Before and after images courtesy of Dr. Tenenbaum.“I also perform eyelid surgeries and minimal-incision brow lifts under local anesthesia,” Dr. Tenenbaum explains. “I also do something called Smartlipo® Triplex®, which is a laser-assisted liposuction treatment for the abdomen, thighs or neck under local anesthesia.
“The patients are all awake during these procedures, and they walk out of the treatment room about five minutes after they’re done. They don’t have any kind of long-term or even full-day recovery as you do with a general anesthetic.
“Those procedures are obviously a bit simpler and easier to recover from, and the other part of that is they are less expensive and more cost effective because the patient doesn’t have to go to the surgery center and be placed under general anesthesia.”

Magic Hands

Despite the many advantages associated with the mini facelift, Amiee opted to do a full facelift, which includes tightening the neck area. She says a simple touch applied during her initial consultation with Dr. Tenenbaum was what sold her on the procedure.
“I went in for my initial appointment with Dr. Tenenbaum, and from the very start, I really liked his demeanor,” Amiee asserts. “I liked his manner. I liked the way he looked at me and listened to me, because I explained to him that I really did like me.
“I told him that I really do like the way I look and that I didn’t really want to change that part of it. I just wanted to look the way I feel. And he said, Okay, and he put his hands on my face, and it was like he had magic hands.
“He pulled upward in one direction very gently, and it was perfect. At that moment, I thought, This man knows what he’s doing, and so I went ahead and said, Yes, I want to do the surgery.”
Dr. Tenenbaum, who performs approximately 600 cosmetic procedures a year, describes his work on Amiee as “pretty straightforward,” meaning he tightened the muscles and eliminated the excess fat beneath the skin of her face and along the jawline and neckline.
“From there, it’s just a matter of elevating the skin to make sure everything is tight and symmetrical,” he adds. “And Amiee did fine. She did very well in terms of recovery right from the get-go because she was very compliant with our instructions.”

Outstanding Results

In the wake of performing a full facelift, doctors typically ask patients to get plenty of rest and to keep their heads elevated as much as possible to minimize swelling and bruising. In Aimee’s case, those suggestions worked wonders.
“The recovery was very, very fast,” Amiee confirms. “I was very happy with how
Dr. Tenenbaum took care of me afterward, the way he followed up on my recovery and how he addressed all of my questions. He checked and checked and checked on me to make sure everything was going the way it should.
“It’s probably been three or four months now since I had the surgery, and the results are exactly what I was expecting. I’m very, very pleased, and it’s kind of funny because everybody notices the difference, but they think I’ve maybe been going to a different hairdresser or something.

“I definitely recommend Dr. Tenenbaum to anyone who might be looking to have something like this done because he was absolutely great throughout the entire process.” – Amiee

“They tell me, Amiee, you look great. What’s really interesting is that my hairdresser actually said to me that a lot of women have come in and asked her what I had done and where did I go and could I get some cards from Dr. Tenenbaum and leave them here with her so that she can give them his name.
Of course, I said, Yes, I’d be happy to. I definitely recommend Dr. Tenenbaum to anyone who might be looking to have something like this done because he was absolutely great throughout the entire process.
“He was always very calm and reassuring, and not in a placating way. He was open about what was going to happen, and when he came to see me just before the surgery, he left me with a very comfortable feeling that he knew exactly what he was doing.
“I knew all along I was in good hands, and the results prove it.”

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