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Comprehensive oral care available in one office.

Airplane hangars are probably not at the top of anyone’s list of most romantic settings, but romance blossomed inside an airplane hangar nonetheless during a fundraiser for the DeLand Naval Air Station Museum in 1994.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Melissa and Mark have been happy patients of Dr. Patel for years.

“It was around Veteran’s Day, and they were holding a dance there called a hangar dance,” Melissa Borghorst explains. “I decided to go, and that’s where I met my husband, Mark. We were married about six months after meeting at that hangar.”

As Melissa and Mark began building a life together, they learned one of the things they had in common was a dentist, Rajiv Patel, BDS, MDS, the founder of DeLand Implant Dentistry. At the time, though, it had been a while since Mark had seen Dr. Patel.

“I went to see Dr. Patel once or twice, just for general maintenance, after I moved to DeLand in 1982,” Mark explains. “For some reason, I didn’t go back to him after that, but after my wife and I got together twenty-five years ago, I started going to him again.”

Mark’s return visit to Dr. Patel was for a simple check-up and cleaning. Since then, he has visited him for everything from fillings to crowns to implants, which are screw-like posts that serve as the roots for replacement teeth.

“When someone needs to replace a missing tooth, they have a couple of options,” Dr. Patel informs. “One of those options is a bridge. But Mark was not interested in a bridge, partly because he previously had a bad experience with a bridge.

“Bridges can be a good option, but they often are not a long-lasting option because if something goes wrong with the teeth that are supporting the bridge, the bridge is no longer useful. That’s why Mark chose to get implants.”

Implants are made of a titanium alloy and are placed in the jaw, where they fuse with the jaw bone. Once the fusion process is completed, the implant supports an abutment upon which a crown is placed to complete the replacement tooth.

First Things First

Dr. Patel has twice fit Mark for implants, once five years ago for a missing upper left molar and then again about a year ago for a missing right molar. In each case, Dr. Patel had to perform a special grafting procedure ahead of fitting the implants.

“Both of the missing molars were in an area where it is common for people who have been missing teeth for some time to have lost some of the bone that houses the root,” Dr. Patel educates.

“What also typically happens when a person loses a tooth in that area is that there is a pneumatization of the sinuses, where a hollow area develops in the sinus floor. In cases like that, we first have to do a bone graft to reclaim the sinus floor before fitting the implant.”

The procedure for reclaiming the sinus floor is an intricate one that starts with the creation of a small window in the upper arch. During that process, the residual bone from the upper arch is collected and briefly stored.

The residual bone is then mixed with a bone substitute material that is placed into the sinus through the window created in the upper arch. The mixture of residual bone and bone substitute material sparks the growth of new bone in the sinus.

“It is a very delicate surgery. When performed by an experienced hand, it is a very successful surgery,” Dr. Patel informs. “We have a one hundred percent success rate with that surgery in terms of creating the bone necessary to place the implant.”

It takes about six months for the new bone to grow and develop the volume and strength required to support an implant. Once the implant is placed, another three to four months is typically needed for the implant to fuse with the bone.

The final stage of the implant process is the placement of the abutment and crown. Some dentists require patients to visit specialists for all or parts of the implant process, but Dr. Patel performs all phases of that process – and much more – in one office.

Full-Service Practice

“As our name suggests, we specialize in performing comprehensive, state-of-the-art dental implant services,” Dr. Patel confirms. “But what many people don’t realize is that we are a full-service dental office.

“We do everything from routine dental work to restorative dental work, including crowns, bridges, dentures and oral surgeries. We do everything, including endodontic work and root canals. We are one doctor in one office performing all phases of dentistry.”

DeLand Implant Dentistry is also one of the few dental practices in the area certified to offer patients intravenous sedation, a monitored form of anesthesia delivered intravenously that allows the patient to remain in a state of twilight sleep during procedures.

“We do everything from routine dental work to restorative dental work, including crowns, bridges, dentures and oral surgeries . . . endodontic work and root canals.”– Dr. Patel

“In addition, we offer conscious sedation, which is administered orally,” Dr. Patel informs. “That makes the patient sleepy, too, but with conscious sedation, we can’t control how sedated the patient gets because we can’t control how much medicine is absorbed.

“With intravenous, or IV, sedation, we can control the depth of conscious sedation that is desired, and in most cases, the patient has little or no recollection of what procedure was done because they are in such a comfortable, relaxed state.

“IV sedation is a really great tool for anyone who has a fear or expresses a great deal of anxiety about visiting a dentist. And I would say that about fifty percent of all the patients that come to us come in with some anxiety.

“For patients like that, IV sedation allows us to get a lot of work accomplished in a short period of time, and that is a benefit to the patient as well because they don’t have to go through several appointments to complete their dental care.”

Mark’s anxiety level was low enough that he did not require any sedation for the procedures Dr. Patel performed on him. Those procedures, now completed, have left Mark with a more aesthetically pleasing and functional smile.

“I’m very happy with Dr. Patel,” Mark says. “He does everything in one office, and that makes it very convenient. I even had him take care of my daughter’s teeth when she was young. He’s a great dentist.”

Melissa agrees.

“I’ve always been very impressed with the fact that he keeps a small office and does all that work on his own,” Melissa states. “As long as Dr. Patel is around, I can’t envision myself ever going to another dentist. That’s how good he is.”


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