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Lisa Tomarelli is a registered nurse who works as clinical support for the sales team of a biologics company. Even when she’s traveling, the 50ish nurse finds time to work out and keep her body in shape for the many bikini competitions she enters. When she began putting on weight despite working out, she suspected the problem, and the answer.

Lisa Tomarelli was treated with bio-natural hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) at Infinity Medical Institute in Tampa.

Pellet therapy is helping Lisa stay toned for her bikini competitions.

“As a registered nurse, I taught bio-natural hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT, fifteen years ago for a local pharmacist in Sarasota,” relates the Scranton, Pennsylvania native. “When I was teaching and doing research on BHRT, I thought, I’ll probably benefit from this when the time comes.

“About five years ago, I started putting on weight. I was exercising, so that shouldn’t have been happening. I was also beginning to get a little moody and having some night sweats, and I could see other symptoms coming. I said, I know I’m perimenopausal. I should probably seek out treatment before I actually swing to the other side.

Initially, Lisa tried to influence her system by making changes to her diet and taking over-the-counter supplements to try to balance her estrogen levels. None of that worked, however, and she wasn’t convinced that the creams the doctors in Sarasota were offering her were the most effective method of BHRT delivery. So, she did more research, discovered pellet therapy, then looked further to find a
pellet therapy provider nearby.

“I went back and forth to Tampa a lot, so I Googled who did pellet therapy in Tampa,” she states. “I found Infinity Medical Institute. The staff at Infinity Medical Institute is very good at explaining what they do, and so I decided to start going there.”

Natural, Effective Solution

Infinity Medical Institute offers bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy, the most natural and effective solution for hormone-related issues.

“Through Infinity Medical Institute’s bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy, patients such as Lisa achieve consistent absorption of the proper, predictable levels of the hormones their bodies require for optimum health through the simple insertion of a pellet approximately every three to five months,” explains Nuria Lisa Hahn, MSN, ARNP at
Infinity Medical Institute.

The pellets used in bio-natural L3  pellet hormone replacement therapy are derived from wild yam plants, a natural plant material that’s molecularly changed in structure and function for a 98-percent bio-identical match to the body’s own composition. Synthetic hormones, by contrast, can be as little as six- to eight-percent bio-identical.

“Hormones affect everything, including our growth through childhood, our sexual development, our moods, how we break down our food, sleep patterns, stress, how much weight we gain – just about every function in the body, big and small,” informs Nuria. “They also play a role in many health conditions such as diabetes, an over- or underactive thyroid, osteoporosis, obesity, anxiety and depression.

“Our bio-natural L3 pellethormone therapy helps to give us an edge as we provide patients with a product that’s all natural, and we stand behind it. It’s the most effective hormone treatment on the market because it’s naturally replenishing normal hormones with biologically identical hormones that the body is used to seeing rather than synthetic
versions of the hormones.”

Comprehensive evaluations of overall health are performed prior to the pellets being administered. This ensures that the patient is receiving the proper amount of hormones.

We want to be sure that the treatment we administer is going to be the overall best course of action for that patient,” Nuria observes. “We’re very thorough with the labs at every visit in order to see what has changed, and what needs to be altered.

“We want to be sure every patient is feeling the best they possibly can.

We not only look at their labs, but we look at their overall health because other issues, like diabetes or high blood pressure, can affect how the treatment is administered.”

“I was perimenopausal for the first two years I went to Infinity Medical Institute before actually becoming menopausal,” Lisa states. “I decided to start treatment there before I reached the point where I gained twenty pounds, was really moody, had hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms.

“Now, I go back to Infinity Medical Institute every three months and based on where my hormone levels are, we adjust the pellets. They talk with me, and we’re in constant collaboration on whether a hormone needs to go up or come down, if I need more or less of something. They’ve been very good at working with me.”

Customized Treatment

Nuria and the Infinity Medical Institute staff truly care about each patient and take the time to get to know the person they’re treating.

“Every patient is unique, and we understand that,” notes Nuria. “We get to know each one and understand their lifestyle so we can treat them appropriately.”

“At Infinity Medical Institute, we’ve been offering bio-natural pellet hormone therapy for nine years,” comments Mike Montemurro, president of Infinity Medical Institute. “We take an extensive therapeutic approach. We customize the treatment for each patient, and we use a superior-quality product. We cater to our patients, and make sure they get the best possible care, as well as exceptional results.

“We work very closely with everyone to optimize and restore their hormone levels to what they were when they were in their prime – back in their twenties. That’s our goal, and that’s why we get such significant results for our patients.”Lisa Tomarelli was treated with bio-natural hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) at Infinity Medical Institute in Tampa.

Mike notes that people often reach middle age and start experiencing symptoms such as lack of energy, difficulty sleeping and loss of sex drive and strength.

“When these symptoms start occurring, people need to visit us at Infinity Medical Institute and have their hormones checked,” he emphasizes. “Once we get their hormone levels optimized with the bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy, their lives will change significantly for the better.”

“Many people come in saying they’re not feeling vibrant, energetic, and they have other symptoms,” adds Nuria. “Our aim for those seeking hormone replacement is to make them feel good from the inside out.”

The Right Stuff

Bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy at Infinity Medical Institute was a good treatment choice for Lisa. It took away her uncomfortable menopausal symptoms and left her feeling energized.

“With pellet therapy, my energy level is very high,” she marvels. “After a full day’s work, I have enough energy to work out six days a week at a pretty high intensity level. It enables me to maintain my weight so I can compete in bikini competitions and win first place in my age category.

“I tell the Infinity Medical Institute staff that I couldn’t compete if I didn’t have my hormones balanced in order to sustain the energy and the muscle I’ve built. I’m operating like I’m in my thirties.”

With a careful diet, routine exercise and her hormones balanced, Lisa can easily keep her weight off. She feels good now, and she gives a lot of the credit to the bio-natural L3 pellet therapy.

“They always said in nursing school, When one hormone is off, they’re all off, and that can affect a lot of things in your life,” she states. “I don’t have any more night sweats. I haven’t had them since my first pellet therapy. I’m not moody. I don’t have any menopausal symptoms, and I feel bad for women who go through them and don’t seek out this therapy.”

Lisa doesn’t think any woman should have to go through the negative symptoms of menopause. She encourages them to seek out pellet therapy at Infinity Medical Institute.

“More and more people are finding out about BHRT and pellet therapy, and are seeing how much better they can feel,” she says. “Even better, disorders such as cardiac disease and orthopedic issues are preventable by having your hormones in check. I absolutely recommend pellet therapy at Infinity Medical Institute.”

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