Restore Your Glow

Unique, dual-wave laser treatment restores youthful appearance.

An old proverb promises that all good things come to those who wait. Dolores* is a firm believer in that adage. After all, she waited 79 years to find the love of her life, and now that she’s found him, she says life is as good as it’s ever been.

Patient photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Dr. DeMarta performs the Halo treatment on one of her patients.

“I was married twice before, but the feeling I get when I’m with this man is a feeling I’ve never felt before,” Dolores says of the man she met and married this past January. “I can’t tell you how happy I am with him. For the first time, life is truly wonderful.”
A client of her son’s computer company, Dolores’ husband is ten years younger than she is, and one of the things she loves most about him is that he approaches life as if he’s 40 years younger than she is. At first, that was a bit of a concern for her, however.
“After we first got married, I was thinking, Oh, I’m so old; I hope I don’t lose him,” Dolores relates. “It’s not that I’m not energetic and ready to do things. I am. My concern was that maybe I looked too old for him. I wanted to do something about that.”
Dolores’ concern prompted a search for a treatment that would take a few years off her appearance. She found what she was looking for in an article about Deborah A. DeMarta, MD, and Institute of Health & Wellness in Florida Health Care News.
After making an appointment with Dr. DeMarta and discussing the anti-aging treatments available at the Institute, Dolores chose to undergo a new hybrid-laser facial treatment that uses the Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser by Sciton®.

One of a Kind

What sets Halo treatments apart from all others is its ability to deliver two different wavelengths to the skin simultaneously. That allows it to coagulate and vaporize skin tissue all at once to treat an array of mild to severe skin issues.
“We frequently encounter patients who express a desire to improve on their skin texture, pigment issues, skin tightness, acne scars and wrinkles without undergoing the downtime associated with conventional plastic surgery techniques,” Dr. DeMarta explains.
“That’s what the Halo does. It’s literally the first of its kind, and what makes it special is that it allows you to get the same benefits you get from major laser therapy, but instead of needing two weeks of healing time, you only need a couple of days.”
Halo treatments always begin with a consultation in which the patient’s concerns and skin type are evaluated. Patients are later given a prescription for an oral relaxant that they take prior to beginning the treatment itself, which lasts about an hour.
Dolores says she’s never had a lot of wrinkles but notes that those she did have were very deep. As a result of the Halo treatment, those deep wrinkles have virtually disappeared, she says, along with years of age spots and weathering.
“I can’t tell you how awesome the treatment is and how much more confident I am about the way I look now that I’ve had it done,” Dolores exudes. “I look and feel awesome, and the best part is, my husband agrees.
“And I’m so glad that I went to see Dr. DeMarta for this. She’s just great. Going to see her is like going to see your sister. And her office is so beautiful. It’s like visiting a villa in Italy. I recommend her and the Halo treatment to anybody and everybody.”

* Patient’s last name withheld at her request
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