Resident Ambassador

Carefree living in a wonderful community.

Newcomers to The Residence at Timber Pines are quick to meet June U., a resident who calls the Spring Hill senior living community home and is an active leader at the community.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

June’s warm smile is one of the first things newcomers see at The Residence at Timber Pines.

A resident at The Residence at Timber Pines senior living community since 2016, June is also The Residence at Timber Pines’ Resident Ambassador, a unique role that empowers residents to actively participate in welcoming new residents to their home.
“When a new resident moves in, June will introduce herself as another resident and then spend a few days helping them acclimate to their new surroundings,” explains Jordan Turner, Life Enrichment Director at The Residence at Timber Pines.
“She shows them around the campus, explains all the services we provide and fills them in on all the programs we have going on. And if they want to go to a certain program, she’ll escort them and show them where the programs are happening.”
The role is one for which June, 85, says she was born. Referred to as a “social butterfly’’ by friends and family, June says she has always been very outgoing and helpful but can relate to those who may be hesitant to socialize in a new setting.
“When I first came here, I was nervous myself because I didn’t know anybody and didn’t really know my way around,” she says. “That’s why I wanted to do this, because I want people to feel comfortable and enjoy their surroundings.
“I don’t want anyone to spend all day in their room, shut off from everyone else. I want them to get out and meet people and do different things and make friends, because we have a wonderful community here at The Residence at Timber Pines.”

Open-Door Policy

Since opening its doors nearly 20 years ago, The Residence at Timber Pines has been a pillar of the Spring Hill community. It is committed to helping seniors from all walks of life live a purposeful lifestyle while being part of a community.
As part of its commitment, The Residence at Timber Pines provides residents with quality, personalized care in an all-in-one setting that includes independent living apartment homes, assisted living and memory care services.
At her apartment, June has what she refers to as an open-door policy. She literally keeps the door open throughout the day as a way of inviting fellow residents to come in and chat or share a concern.
“They can come in and talk or just wave as they go by, whatever they want to do,” June says. “And if it’s a prayer that they need, I’m there to pray with and for them as well. I’ve been called a prayer warrior, and I honestly believe that’s what God wants me to do.’’
June’s role is not limited to orientation and friendship development. She’s also the director of the Resident Players Group, a small theater club that rehearses twice a week in preparation for the talent and variety shows it puts on throughout the year.
“They’ll re-enact old radio shows and things like that, and they do it all on their own,” Jordan says. “June has really taken that project and made it something special, and it’s just another way that she has helped to further broaden our community.”
June says the theater group is just another way she keeps residents active and involved. Her goal, she says, is to create a friendly, family-like environment that allows residents to remain as independent as possible.
“She’s always looking out for the community,” Jordan says. “If there’s someone who needs a little extra attention, she always goes by and visits and provides a little extra love. She’s a very remarkable member of the community.”
June wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s what I love to do,’’ says June.

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