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PRP therapy treats hair loss.

Helen Eisenbiser loves the skin she’s in. But when she turned 67, she decided to refresh her look and try to slow down the aging process on her face. After all, she walks every day and exercises regularly to keep her body physically healthy. Why not take steps to keep her appearance youthful-looking and healthy as well?

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Helen loves her skin even more since PRP therapy,
and Matty agrees.

“After I retired, I had a chance to indulge in some of the finer things in life,” shares the German native. “I decided to try a treatment for my face, but I didn’t want anything man-made, like a filler. Then, I read an article in Florida Health Care News about Dr. Nabavi and her platelet-rich plasma [PRP] therapy.
“I liked that PRP uses your own stem cells. That caught my interest.”
Helen read about Maryam Nabavi, MD, and her practice, Marbela Medical Wellness in Fort Myers. Dr. Nabavi integrates primary care and medical aesthetics. One of the services Dr. Nabavi provides is facial rejuvenation using PRP therapy. Now, the doctor has expanded her use of PRP to treat hair loss as well.
“PRP therapy is a process that mines stem cells and growth factors from the patient’s own blood, and uses them to initiate tissue development in the treated areas, the face or scalp,” describes
Dr. Nabavi. “These growth factors can stimulate skin cells to create new tissue and hair follicles to regrow hair.”
The facilities and staff at Marbela Medical Wellness impressed Helen from her first visit. She also felt at ease as soon as she met Dr. Nabavi. She trusted the doctor and her recommendations immediately.
“I loved the relaxing atmosphere and everyone working at the center,” discloses Helen. “I even loved the name, Marbela Medical Wellness, because wellness was what I wanted. Dr. Nabavi is so knowledgeable in many different areas, and she’s a very calm person. Talking to her was very comfortable.”
Helen wanted to refresh her appearance with facial rejuvenation. Dr. Nabavi suggested PRP therapy to achieve that goal.
“Helen had PRP therapy on her face for facial rejuvenation,” reports
Dr. Nabavi.
Helen was surprised by the ease of the therapy. “I thought the treatment was going to be painful, but it wasn’t,” she recalls. “By the end of the procedure, there was a little burning sensation, but that was it.
“Afterward, there was very little bruising, which concealer covered. I was able to go out that same day.”

Awesome Option

According to Dr. Nabavi, more than 100 million Americans suffer each year with some type of hair loss. The most common type is androgenetic alopecia, which is caused by a hormone imbalance. Hair loss can also result from other genetic conditions, autoimmune disorders or as a side effect of certain medications.
“PRP is a great option to treat alopecia in order to slow down and almost reverse male and female hair loss,” notes Dr. Nabavi. “There is a significant increase in hair growth with PRP in conjunction with other treatments available today, such as medications, creams and lasers.”
PRP is made up of plasma, which is the liquid component of human blood, and platelets, which are the cells that help form blood clots when there has been an injury to the tissue. Platelets also contain the substances such as growth factors and stem cells that help initiate wound healing and tissue creation. This makes them useful for various treatments.
“To treat hair loss, the patient’s blood is drawn and spun down in a centrifuge, extracting the plasma and platelets into a separate compartment,” explains Dr. Nabavi. “That solution is then placed into syringes and injected and microneedled into the scalp wherever there is a decrease in hair.
“The growth factors are complex proteins, called fibrin, fibronectin and vitronectin, that initiate and organize growing tissue. They work to build a sort of mesh that serves as an extracellular matrix under the skin. These proteins interact and, together with the stem cells, increase creation of the particular type of tissue in the treated area.”
PRP also contains leukocytes, which contribute to tissue growth as well. When treating hair loss, all of these factors in the PRP work together to stimulate hair follicles and initiate hair growth.
Typically, it takes more than one treatment for patients to see significant results, but many people see visible improvement in their hair growth after a single treatment. If there is a tremendous loss of hair in certain areas, Dr. Nabavi suggests at least two PRP treatments to experience a positive outcome.
“Hair growth takes time,” she emphasizes. “After about ninety days, patients start seeing improvement in their hair. They will find tiny hair follicles growing in areas where there previously were none.”

Permanent Fix

Unlike some facial rejuvenation options, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and filler injections, results from PRP therapy aren’t visible immediately. But to Helen, they were worth waiting for.
“I started seeing changes after about three months,” she reports. “I looked more refreshed, my skin had a healthy glow and I noticed my wrinkles were fading. It took a while to see results at first, but they got even better as time went on.”
Before image courtesy of Marbela Medical Wellness. Helen is thrilled by her experience with PRP therapy. Her results have already lasted more than a year and a half. She doesn’t expect it to happen anytime soon, but Helen says she’ll repeat the therapy if it ever becomes necessary.
“PRP is not like a filler that wears off,” she assures. “It’s permanent in the areas where it’s injected. But you’re always going to get new aging in areas that weren’t treated. When I wake up and think, It’s time for a little fix, that’s when I will consider doing it again.
“I love my results,” she marvels. “I feel like I look great. I’ve always loved the skin I’m in, and it’s something I’ve always been proud of. I just want to keep it up, and I’m happy with how I look now.
“My PRP therapy is an absolute success. I recommend it, as well as Dr. Nabavi and Marbela Medical Wellness. I’ve already recommended them to at least five clients. For me, they helped stave off time for at least a little while!”

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