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Hearing aids enhance lifestyle, relationships, productivity.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Cheryl Haught

Longtime Chicago, Illinois resident Cheryl Haught thought her career in customer service ended when she retired and moved to Florida a few years ago. Then her son came calling for a friend who needed a customer service rep at his bank.

“I had been off for about two years when my son called and asked if I wanted to go back to work parttime,” Cheryl explains. “That soon became full-time, but that’s okay because it’s a wonderful community bank, I fit in really well and customer service is so important.”

An ability to communicate clearly is among the core skills every customer service rep must possess, and Cheryl always had it while working in Chicago. Shortly after beginning work here in Florida, she realized she was suddenly lacking in that area.

“I was having to ask customers to repeat themselves, and that was embarrassing,” she says. “And of course, when you’re working at a bank, you really need to be able to hear what the customers are saying. So, I figured it was time to get my ears checked.”

After seeing the practice on a drive into work one day, Cheryl researched Gulf Coast Audiology and chose to have her hearing checked there. She knew she had chosen wisely as soon as Drianis Duran, AuD, began testing her for possible hearing loss.

Proper Treatment Is Critical

“For one of the first tests, she simply walked out of the room and started talking to me,” Cheryl relates. “Then she asked if I could hear her and, of course, I couldn’t. Then she put a hearing aid in my ear and walked out of the room again.

“When she started talking to me again, I could hear her clearly. That told me I definitely needed hearing aids. After that, she started asking me questions about my lifestyle, my job, how socially active I was, what my hobbies were.”

“By asking those questions, I learned that in addition to working with the public every day, Cheryl is still very active socially as well as with her son and grandson. We used that information to determine the right technology for her,” Dr. Duran explains.

“That part is absolutely critical because hearing is the sense that never rests, the sense that more than any other allows us to enjoy family and friends and be productive at work. That’s why untreated hearing loss so negatively affects many areas of our lives.

“But that’s also why properly and successfully treating hearing loss has such a positive impact on someone’s life. It results in increased productivity, better interpersonal relationships and better emotional and physical health, including brain health.”

Cheryl can confirm that. Since being fit with Phonak Marvel hearing aids – a small, inconspicuous device featuring stateoftheart technology – she says she is hearing clearly again in all environments and, in some cases, better than ever.

“One of the first things I noticed was the clicking of the keys on my keyboard at work,” she says. “I’d literally forgotten that the keyboard made that sound because I had not heard it for so many years.

“There are a lot of little things like that that I’m hearing again, but the best part is talking to my grandson and my son-in-law or daughter-in-law, who all talk quietly and fast, but I now catch everything they’re saying.

“At work, I can hear people talking from across the room. I can’t believe what a difference these hearing aids have made in my life, and I can’t thank Dr. Duran enough for what she’s done. I recommend her to everybody I meet who has a hearing problem.”

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