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Luis Guzman was having difficulty chewing, and two failing teeth in his lower right jaw were the culprits.

Photo by Nerissa Johnson.

Luis Guzman

“They were deteriorating,” he reports. “I guess it was lack of care.”
Luis became self-conscious about his chewing difficulties, and he also realized it could adversely impact his health.
“If you don’t chew your food thoroughly,” he informs, “it can lead to digestive issues.”
To compensate, Luis chewed on the other side of his mouth, “and it wasn’t always easy. Every time I ate, I’d have to take my time and make sure that I chewed everything thoroughly before I swallowed it.”
Luis complained to his family dentist, who he says has taken “very good care” of him for many years.
“I needed to have an implant put in,” Luis recalls. “He told me that it was in a difficult spot and wouldn’t anchor well, and that I was always going to have issues with it. He said, If I needed an implant, there’s only one person I would go to, and that would be Dr. Patel.
Board-certified implantologist Rajiv Patel, BDS, founded DeLand Implant Dentistry nearly 30 years ago. His wife, Rita, is the patient treatment coordinator. Their son, Darshan, followed his father into the profession and is on his way to getting the most innovative training in implant dentistry.
The goal of the Patels’ practice is to deliver advanced, personalized and comprehensive care in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
“During the initial consultation, we take the time to perform an extensive evaluation,” Dr. Rajiv Patel assures. “We use the most up-to-date diagnostic tools, including digital x-rays, digital bite analysis, 3-D imaging technology, a 3-D milling machine and joint vibration analysis [JVA] equipment” to check for jaw joint difficulties.
“The results of these tests give us a very clear view of the patient’s oral health care,” he continues. “From there, we discuss, in detail, all the options available with the patient. The patient is able to make an informed decision to determine which course of action has the most probability of being successful and fits the patient’s desires and financial situation.”
By the time Dr. Patel saw Luis, he had been missing his two troublesome teeth for more than a year.
“Fortunately, he had a good quality and quantity of bone so we did not have to do any bone graft procedure,” Dr. Patel recounts. “The key factor in his case is he had good, strong soft tissue covering the jawbone. So we just used a punch biopsy to remove the soft tissue and place two implants in the right position without even exposing any of the bone. There was no incision, no suture.”

One-Stop Implant Service

Dental implants, the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, involve a three-step process: surgical placement of the implant, which serves as an artificial tooth root anchored in the jawbone; attachment of a post, or abutment, once the implant is sufficiently healed, which usually takes from three to six months; and restoration of the tooth with a crown that is attached to the abutment.
Dr. Patel, who has placed thousands of implants over the past 20 years, performs the process from start to finish, which saves patients from having to go from specialist to specialist.
“Patients need to select a dentist who has the extensive training and experience to perform all aspects of the implantology, including diagnostic, surgery, post-operative procedures and the final restorative work,” Dr. Patel asserts. “Board certification is a very important aspect of knowing whether the dentist is experienced and capable in this specialty.”

Painless Procedure

Placing implants is a very painless procedure, Dr. Patel observes.
“We use the latest PRP [platelet-rich plasma] technology to improve healing and reduce pain, swelling and post-operative complications.”
During the PRP process, a gel is created by placing a small sample of the patient’s blood into a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. A second centrifuge is used to concentrate the platelets that contain the growth factors, which stimulate the stem cells to produce new tissue as quickly as possible. The dentist applies the PRP gel directly to the implant site.
Luis reports he felt no discomfort during his procedure.
“Dr. Patel cut through the gum to go into the bone. I didn’t even bleed,” Luis marvels. “It was unbelievable. It’s like this man has a gift from God.”
Luis also hasn’t had any issues with his implants since he walked out of Dr. Patel’s practice with his new teeth. As a former crown and bridge technician who now operates two hearing aid centers, he may be in a better position than most to evaluate the treatment he received at DeLand Implant Dentistry.
“I deal with patients all the time,” the Orange City resident asserts. “They’re always telling me their complaints about other health practitioners.”
Luis raves about his “wonderful experience” with Dr. Patel, from his facility – “immaculate” – to the dentist’s manner – “so professional” – to his extraordinary skill – “a gift from God.”
“I have not encountered a more gifted surgeon or a more professional practice,” Luis enthuses. “Everyone was on board. It’s a patient-centered approach there. They’re excellent. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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