One-and-Done Dentistry

Crowns, implant restorations completed in a single visit.

New England native Ronald Brown is 76 years old, but this spry sort says with pride that he neither feels nor acts his age.

“I still think I’m twenty-five, and let me tell you, that gets me into a lot of trouble sometimes,” Ronald says with a chuckle.

Ronald Brown had dental implant surgery done in about half the time usually required by Dr. Patel.

Ronald Brown

Once the owner of his own insurance adjustment company, Ronald’s healthy zest for life includes playing golf several days a week. It was during one of his recent rounds of golf that Ronald noticed his age catching up with him a bit.

“I’m a guy who has a real high tolerance for pain, but one day a little more than a year ago, I noticed that when my blood got to flowing a little bit, there was a tooth that really started to bother me,” Ronald relates.

When the issue with his tooth worsened, Ronald made an appointment to see his dentist. For almost as long as Ronald has lived in Florida, that dentist has been Jayraj J. Patel, DMD, of Palm Coast Family Dentistry.

“Dr. Patel became my dentist when he bought out the practice from the husband and wife dental team that was working in the building he’s in now,” Ronald relates. “One of the first things he did for me was finish off a job the previous dentists had started.”

That job was the restoration of a failed tooth that had to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant by an outside specialist. Dr. Patel completed the restoration by placing the abutment on top of the implant and topping the abutment off with a crown.

That job took about eight months to complete, so when Ronald learned that this latest problem required an implant procedure as well, he immediately envisioned another long run of dental visits.

Dr. Patel told him that he could do the job in half the time it took to do the first one.

“Let’s Get It On”

“I didn’t even know at the time that Dr. Patel did that kind of specialty work, but when he told me he did and gave me the time frame, I said, Fine, let’s get it on,” Ronald exudes. “I’m telling you right now, it was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.”

The tooth Dr. Patel was charged with replacing was the incisor just to the left of Ronald’s two front teeth. That tooth had become fractured to the point where it was non-restorable, which is why Dr. Patel recommended implant therapy.

Dr. Patel’s treatment plan for Ronald began with the extraction of the damaged tooth. To ensure he met his goal of completing the entire implant procedure in four months, Dr. Patel had to take extra care in the removal of that tooth and perform immediate implant placement therapy.

“The tooth needed to be extracted with the least amount of trauma possible, making sure that most of the important bone structure and gum tissue were preserved so that we could place the implant the same day, which is critical to expediting the process,” Dr. Patel says.

“The next thing was to prepare the area for the implant. Instead of cutting the bone to create space for the implant, I performed a process called osseodensification in which the bone is condensed to create that space.

“When the tooth comes out, the hole that’s left is bigger than the hole needed for the implant. With the osseodensification process, the bone is condensed to prepare the implant placement site, which results in the patient needing less bone grafting material to secure the implant.”

In addition to performing the osseodensification process, Dr. Patel used some of Ronald’s own blood to create a special mixture called platelet-rich fibrin, which was applied to the implant area to further expedite the healing process.

“Not only does the platelet-rich fibrin expedite the healing process, which is again critical to the outcome, but it creates an environment for better acceptance of the implant and reduces the chance of pain or infection in the area,” Dr. Patel educates.

Time Well Spent

Ronald says he spent about four hours at Dr. Patel’s office during the day that the tooth was extracted and the implant with the temporary crown was placed. He said the time was well worth it because it set the stage for the fast recovery Dr. Patel was aiming for.

“First of all, I was amazed that Dr. Patel could do all the work that he did in those four hours,” Ronald says. “And second, I couldn’t believe that the tooth extraction went as easy as it did. The tooth was out before I even knew he’d taken it.

“Believe me, I remember back in the 1950s when dentists almost had to stand on your chest to pull a tooth out, and it was painful as all get out. But Dr. Patel got that thing out of there, and I literally didn’t feel a thing.

“After that first day of dental work in mid December of last year, all I had to do was heal for a few months. By the end of April, I was back in Dr. Patel’s chair getting my permanent tooth placed and everything was done. So just like Dr. Patel said, the whole thing took about four months.”

Ronald wasn’t the only one who benefitted from Dr. Patel’s expedited work process. Dr. Patel used Ronald’s case during his certification process to gain his Associate Fellowship with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

“The importance of the case is that we can greatly reduce the time needed to replace a fully functional tooth, and that time can be significant when working on the upper front teeth, where the bone is softer, and the work is slightly more challenging,” Dr. Patel says.

Ronald’s work with Dr. Patel didn’t end there. Not long after completing the implant procedure, he had to have an emergency root canal and crown placement performed on another tooth.

By using a sophisticated ceramic restoration machine called CEREC®, which allows dentists to create dental restoration pieces such as crowns and bridges right in their own office, Dr. Patel managed to do that work in a single visit.

“The way he was able to create that crown while I waited in the chair was just fascinating to me,” Ronald says. “And I loved that I didn’t have to spend two weeks or whatever wearing a temporary crown and waiting for the permanent one to be made.

“That was great, but that’s the kind of care you get from Dr. Patel. Believe me, I’ve gone through a lot of dentists in my day, but never have I had one who works as fast and well as Dr. Patel does. He’s fast, he’s good and best of all, he’s a really great guy, a family man, and I’m glad that I’ve got him as my dentist.”

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