New Options, Improved Results

Today’s technology makes better hearing easier to achieve.

New York native Lois Conn worked as a registered nurse from 1965 until her retirement in 2014. Having worked primarily in an emergency room setting, Lois had been exposed to many days and nights in a busy, noisy environment. This atmosphere undoubtedly contributed to the hearing issues she began to experience later in life.Stock photo from
Lois displayed some of the traditional symptoms of hearing loss, such as keeping the TV volume high and struggling to hear in restaurants and other loud places. However, she didn’t become aware of her hearing loss until she discovered another, less common symptom.
“Everyone was telling me, You’re so attentive. You always look straight at us when we speak to you, and you don’t get sidetracked. You’re such a good friend,” she relates.
“I started asking myself how I was being so attentive, and I realized I was watching every word, every syllable, every movement of their mouths. I’d become a lip-reader. I thought, I think I have a hearing problem.
After acknowledging her hearing loss, Lois was determined to find qualified hearing professionals to help her. She chose Hearing Partners of South Florida, which has an office in Delray Beach close to her home and is staffed by doctors of audiology.
Nimet A. Adam, AuD, a board-certified doctor of audiology, is president of Hearing Partners of South Florida, a family-owned business. Dr. Adam is also a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association.
Dr. Adam leads a team of professionals that includes Dr. Arthur Zinaman,
Dr. Matthew Seldine and clinical audiologist Meredith Resnick. They see patients in Hearing Partners’ Boynton Beach office and in Delray Beach. Rounding out the team is licensed hearing aid specialist Shayne Taplin.
“Initially, Dr. Seldine, who is delightfully pleasant and eager to please, did a hearing assessment and said my hearing loss wasn’t bad enough to warrant assistance,” describes Lois. “He told me to come back in six months. I did, and when he assessed me again, he said, Now, we can start talking about hearing devices.
“We discussed all the different options, and I chose the easiest one, the one that requires zero maintenance. It’s called LYRIC™. These hearing aids are definitely easy; once every six to eight weeks, I go to Hearing Partners, they assess my ears and change the hearing aids for me.”
LYRIC are extended wear hearing aids that sit totally in the ear canal and are 100 percent invisible. They are worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week for two to three months at a time, and can be worn during daily activities such as showering and sleeping. The LYRIC hearing aids have no batteries to change, and after a few months, the hearing care provider fits the patient with new LYRIC devices.

Photo courtesy of Hearing Partners of South Florida.

Dr. Seldine examines a patient before discussing hearing aid options.

Convenience and Clarity

The hearing aid technology available today makes getting improved hearing easier than ever. Lois chose the LYRIC hearing aids because they were convenient and fit her lifestyle.
“Lois has a sensorineural hearing loss, which occurs when there is damage to the inner ear or to the nerve pathways from the inner ear to the brain. This type of hearing loss can only be treated with a hearing device,” notes Dr. Seldine. “She likes LYRIC because they’re easy to use, and they meet her specific needs and active lifestyle better than any other device.
“In addition to the no-hassle and no-worry benefits of LYRIC, they’re also unique in that patients receive the newest technology at every appointment. This feature is included in their service plan. This ensures that our patients automatically get the latest, updated hearing devices available.”
Dr. Zinaman states, “The convenience factor of no batteries to change and no need to clean the hearing devices, combined with the clear, natural sound quality of LYRIC, are the features that attract many of our patients.”
LYRIC features advanced technology and is an option patients of Hearing Partners of South Florida are choosing. Another popular choice are digital hearing devices with rechargeable batteries, also a newer, advanced technology. These options help patients achieve better hearing that’s easier to manage.
“The newer technology is easier, since the hearing aids automatically adapt to different environments,” explains Dr. Zinaman. “There are no volume or directional buttons the patients need to adjust. The hearing aids adjust automatically according to settings we fine-tune at the office.”
“Rechargeable devices are easy as well,” offers Dr. Seldine. “Patients take them out at night, and just like cell phones, they plug them in to recharge so they will be ready for the next day. Many patients prefer this option to having to change batteries every six or seven days. Choosing the right hearing aids comes down to learning what is available and what fits the patient’s needs.”
“The rechargeable devices and LYRIC are equally good,” adds Dr. Zinaman. “The main benefits people are looking for – speech clarity and background noise reduction – are satisfied with both technologies. Because of this, people now more than ever are able to hear clearly, even in noisy or challenging situations.”

Patient Privilege

Lois is thrilled with the way Hearing Partners of South Florida helped her select her hearing aids. Their approach made the decision simple.

Photo courtesy of Hearing Partners of South Florida.

Dr. Adam volunteers to bring hearing health care to underserved areas of the world, like this clinic
in Guatemala.

“They’re wonderful at Hearing Partners,” she notes. “I was delighted from day one. They made the process very easy because they tell you what to expect. Nothing is a surprise. Everything they do is explained, including the benefits of each device they show you and how it fits into your budget and lifestyle. Whatever the topic is, they cover it.”
She is very pleased with the hearing aids she purchased. She noticed significant improvement in her hearing with the new devices in place.
“I have no problems with my hearing anymore,” reports Lois. “I can hear the TV now.”
For Lois, going to Hearing Partners of South Florida was a great decision, and working with the staff was easy and comfortable. As they do with all of their patients, the staff provided Lois with excellent care and customer service.
“I wholeheartedly recommend them,” she says. “They’re delightful. I’m happy I had the privilege of being served by Hearing Partners of South Florida.”

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