New Face, Same Place

Skilled dentist joins team, upholds standard of excellence.

For several years, Richard C. Montz, DDS, considered scaling back on the long hours he put in at his thriving dental practice, River City Dentistry in DeBary. He finally decided to sell the practice and continue working part-time, which prompted a nationwide search for just the right dentist to add to the practice’s close-knit team.

Parvez Baig, DMD, takes over as new owner of River City Dentistry in DeBary and will practice along with colleague Richard C. Montz, DDS. Patient Frank Cone received restorative treatment from both dentists.

Frank appreciates the care he received from River City Dentistry.

In looking for the new addition, Dr. Montz dedicated himself to finding a provider who would uphold the standard of excellence he worked so hard to establish at the practice. When his exhaustive search came to a close, Dr. Montz felt certain he had discovered that provider in Parvez Baig, DMD, whom Dr. Montz and his staff welcomed to River City Dentistry on February 1, 2019.

“We are very fortunate to have found Dr. Baig because he is experienced, very skilled and has the proper attitude to fit in at River City Dentistry,” Dr. Montz relates. “Dr. Baig is buying the practice, but I am staying on, as is most of the existing staff. One person is retiring, but all the usual smiling faces in the office will still be here plus one, Dr. Baig.”

Dr. Montz designed River City Dentistry to provide the community with a wide scope of dental services, from general family dentistry to restorative and cosmetic services. When interviewing dentists for the practice, Dr. Montz looked for providers whose talents matched River City Dentistry’s mission and goals. He says Dr. Baig’s skills coordinate perfectly.

“In addition to fifteen years of general dental experience, Dr. Baig has expertise in many facets of specialty dentistry, so he is well-suited for the way we have styled this practice,” Dr. Montz states. “Being able to offer multiple levels of treatment has served River City Dentistry, and our community, very well for years. That will not change under Dr. Baig.”

Something else that will not change under Dr. Baig’s leadership is the practice’s attitude toward patient care. Since opening River City Dentistry, Dr. Montz has practiced with an eye on avoiding overtreatment. He also strongly promoted friendly, compassionate customer service.

“It has always been my philosophy of care to be conservative, to perform the least amount of dental work necessary to restore my patients’ teeth to their proper form and function,” Dr. Montz observes. “Further, my staff and I believe in treating our patients the way we want to be treated and how we want our families to be treated.”

While Dr. Baig has fashioned his own philosophy over the years, it fits right into Dr. Montz’s mold.

“My philosophy mirrors Dr. Montz’s in that I believe in being conservative and always trying to save a tooth first, if possible,” Dr. Baig offers. “I also believe it is best to treat every patient the way I want to be treated and the way I would treat a family member in my dental chair.

“The style in which Dr. Montz practices dentistry definitely matches my own approach. That was a major factor in my decision to join the River City Dentistry team.”

Dr. Montz approves of Dr. Baig’s approach to interacting with people as well. He says the new dentist is just what the doctor ordered.

“Dr. Baig is very good with the patients and staff,” Dr. Montz reports. “They all like him. He pretty much has the total package of what we were looking for in a new dentist for the practice. We are all happy he is here.”       

Making Preparations

One of Dr. Baig’s first patients at River City Dentistry was native Floridian Frank Cone, although it took Frank a little while to get there.

Daytona born and raised, Frank fancies himself a jack-of-all-trades. He mostly works hand in hand with his business partner, but sometimes, he assists his sisters in their business endeavors. Whatever he does, he wants to have a pleasant smile while doing it. But recently, he realized he required a dentist’s help to maintain his smile.

“My teeth were never really bad, but I did have a few cavities and had fillings put in them,” Frank shares. “And over the years, those fillings kind of disintegrated, so I had to have them redone. I also needed a few of my teeth bonded to prepare them to get crowns.

“I went to several dentists in the area to have the work performed, but I wasn’t happy with any of them. I wasn’t impressed with the quality of their fillings and crowns or with their service.”

After those disappointing dental experiences, Frank became discouraged. Then a friend who happens to be a patient at River City Dentistry suggested he visit his dentist. Frank trusted his friend, so he opted to give River City Dentistry a try and was glad he did. He was initially seen by Dr. Montz but was treated by Dr. Baig during a subsequent appointment.

“When I first went to River City Dentistry, Dr. Montz performed my dental exam and the review of the hygienist’s cleaning,” Frank describes. “He then did the first bonding on my teeth. Dr. Montz was great and very knowledgeable.

“At my last visit, I saw Dr. Baig. He was very knowledgeable as well, and he explained to me everything I needed to have done. Both dentists were gentle and extremely good at what they did. Dr. Baig filled two teeth for me, and I’m going back to him to have another one done.”

“Dr. Baig and I performed basic restorative dental work for Frank,” Dr. Montz explains. “We started by filling a few teeth, but our goal is to get him ready for the next step in his care, which is some crown and bridge work. We will move forward with that once his teeth are stabilized.”

Dr. Baig corroborates Dr. Montz’s description of Frank’s treatment plan.

“As Dr. Montz noted, we essentially did restorative dentistry for Frank,” Dr. Baig verifies. “Among the things we did for him were core build-ups, which involve prepping the teeth, or stabilizing them, prior to placing crowns on them.

“We will place several crowns on Frank’s teeth at a later appointment,” the dentist confirms.

Back Teeth Challenge

For Dr. Baig, one aspect of Frank’s treatment posed a bit of a challenge. He wasn’t deterred, however. Instead, the dentist met the challenge head on.

“One of the teeth I restored for Frank was a second molar, which is way in the back of the mouth,” Dr. Baig notes. “Because of their location, second molars are very difficult to access and, therefore, challenging to work on. Due to that difficult access, problems with these teeth sometimes get missed on a standard dental examination.

“When we do our examinations, we routinely take x-rays of the second molars. That way, we get a better look at them to detect any problems that may be lurking there. If we find something wrong with a tooth, we do our best to save it and restore it to its normal function and aesthetics, even if the work is challenging.

“The rear tooth, in Frank’s case, required refilling and a core build-up. Frank was extremely compliant during treatment. His cooperation made it a little less difficult to perform the necessary procedures.”

Dr. Baig points out that people can avoid problems with second molars by being watchful during their home care. He adds that it’s also important for them to advocate for their care during dental appointments.

“Patients should keep in mind that second molars are difficult to reach with casual brushing and flossing,” he informs. “They need to make a concerted effort to clean the teeth in the back of the mouth.

“Then, when they visit their dentist, patients should make sure their second molars are properly x-rayed and cleaned by the hygienist. Patients have the right to inquire about how their care is being provided.”

Expansion of Services

Among the procedures Dr. Montz has been offering under River City Dentistry’s multi-level scope of services is dental implant restoration. Dr. Baig plans to expand that area of the practice to include implant placement.

“I am already very comfortable performing the restorative work on dental implants, but I am also taking a unique course on implants at Augusta University,” Dr. Baig states. “It is an implant maxi-course, and it is essentially to help me become more proficient at implant placement surgery.

“A unique thing about this program is it lets its students sit through the exam for their fellowship, so I look forward to getting that fellowship. When I am done with this maxi-course, we will begin offering dental implant surgery at River City Dentistry.”

Dental implant surgery isn’t the only expansion of services planned at River City Dentistry. Dr. Baig also plans to offer Invisalign® invisible aligners for straightening patients’ teeth and restoring their smiles.

“When I was in private practice, before I became a dentist in the US Army, I was Invisalign certified,” Dr. Baig relates. “Invisalign grades and then ranks dentists based on the number of cases they perform, and I was a preferred provider. I am bringing that expertise to River City Dentistry’s patients.”

Throughout his 15-year career, Dr. Baig has expanded his skill set with continuing education and courses on specialty procedures, which is another thing he has in common with Dr. Montz. It’s important to Dr. Baig to provide a variety of dental services, but what drives him as a dentist are two basic goals.   

“My favorite things about practicing dentistry are getting patients out of pain and putting smiles on their faces,” Dr. Baig says. “With good smiles, people can perform in interviews and feel confident in meetings or giving lectures. And they do not have to worry about having bad teeth.

“I like performing many functions in dentistry, not just endodontics or oral surgery, but whatever the patient needs. That is why I like being a general dentist with additional training in specialty areas, because I am able to do that.”

Dr. Baig emphasizes that while there will be some expansion of services at River City Dentistry under his leadership, there will be no change in care philosophy, style of practice or staff.

“With any kind of transition, there is always a little apprehension, but I want to put our patients at ease,” the dentist stresses. “There are many wonderful people on our staff, and I plan to develop long-term relationships with every one of them.

“Every staff member except one is staying here, so nothing much is going to change. While I am new, it will be the same River City Dentistry patients know and love.”

“The Best Experience”

Listening to his friend’s recommendation for River City Dentistry was an excellent move for Frank. Because he did, he discovered a first-rate provider that meets his needs for quality dental work and exceptional service. He can’t help but rave about the treatment he receives at the DeBary practice.

“The care I receive at River City Dentistry is phenomenal,” Frank enthuses. “The way they talk to me, the way they explain things to me and the work they do on my teeth is one hundred times better than with those other dentists. They even numb me better than the other dentists.

“Dr. Baig and Dr. Montz are different because they take the time to talk with me and explain everything they’re doing. Their service and the way they treat me all the way around is so much better.”

Frank plans to continue visiting River City Dentistry for routine cleanings and check-ups as well as his future dental needs. Not only do the dentists and staff do exceptional work, he says, but they also make him feel comfortable at every appointment. Frank appreciates them and their efforts to make his visits to the practice positive experiences.

“The staff is outstanding,” he describes. “They’re a bunch of sweet people. They’re very friendly, welcoming and patient, and I trust Dr. Baig and Dr. Montz with my life. Going to River City Dentistry is the best experience I’ve ever had with a dentist, and I look forward to going back. Not many people can say they look forward to going to the dentist, but I can.

“I most definitely recommend Dr. Baig, Dr. Montz and River City Dentistry to anybody needing a dentist.”

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