New Age Hearing

Technological advances provide new dimension of sound.

For as long as he can remember, Paul Putter has been curious about how things work. In particular, he has long had a passion for understanding how engines run and how they make planes, trains and automobiles go. It’s a passion that has served him well.

Paul Putter is fit for discrete, state-of-the-art hearing aids at Miracle-Ear® and hears what he’s been missing in TV shows and conversations.

Paul Putter

After working for Chevrolet for a few years during his late teens and then for a while as a commercial pilot, Paul followed his passion, moved from Syracuse, New York to Florida and opened up his own diesel engine business.

He has, however, paid a heavy price for that decision.

“I’ve lost a lot of my hearing over the years,” the 73-year-old relates, “and I’m sure some of it has to do with age, but I think most of it is a result of being in the diesel engine business. Being in that shop all day with those engines running, it’s loud. Real loud.

“And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked by someone who had just gotten done overhauling an engine, and they’d start that baby up, and it would just crack my ears. They’d ring for an hour after that, so I think that was the biggest contributor to my hearing loss.”

It was in 2005, not long after he sold his business, that Paul first began to notice his hearing loss. At first, he wasn’t bothered by it very much. In time, though, the issue became an annoyance he could no longer ignore.

“Before I retired, I got my community association management license and was running a couple of high-rise apartment buildings,” Paul says. “After a while, whenever I was interacting with someone, I was always asking them, What, what did you say?

“That can get pretty annoying, so I finally decided I needed to get hearing aids. Then, a few years ago, I moved from south Florida to where I am now in Flagler Beach. After the move, of course, I had to start looking for a new hearing specialist.”

Paul’s search led him to Miracle-Ear, where he is now being treated by Melanee Bryans, LHAS. It was Melanee who first introduced Paul to the Miracle-Ear line of hearing aids and recently suggested a major upgrade that would dramatically improve his lifestyle.

“I was in for a visit one day a few months back, and she started telling me about all these technological upgrades that are now available,” Paul says. “She asked me if I wanted to try them out, and I said, Sure, I’m all in.”

Night and Day Difference

“We first fit Paul for hearing aids about three years ago, and because he stays very busy with his hands, working on his motorcycle and his boat and things like that, I thought it would be worth it for him to give this new technology a try,” Melanee explains.

“I explained to him that just as it is with most everything else in the tech world, the technology available in hearing aids has improved markedly in the last several years, that the differences are literally like night and day.”

Taking Melanee’s advice, Paul opted for a pair of ME-1 5500 series instruments that allow for better hearing in all types of environments, are small enough to be worn relatively discretely behind the ear and include a direct streaming feature.

The latter technology allows sounds generated by an external electronic source such as a TV set, radio or smart telephone to be heard directly through the hearing device, which makes for a much clearer, cleaner sound.

“With direct streaming, you’re not losing any of the sounds you’re trying to focus on because of all the ambient noise around you,” Melanee explains. “That’s a feature that is proving to be very popular, especially with people who watch a lot of TV.

“For example, if you’re sitting at home watching television with your spouse, you can stream the TV directly into the hearing aid. That allows you to hear the TV clearly while your spouse can enjoy it as well but at a level that is comfortable for them.”

Paul describes the direct streaming feature as “incredible” and says he is hearing TV shows better than ever as a result of it. He is also enamored with the simplicity the direct streaming feature has created for him during phone conversations.

“I can have a phone conversation with the phone five or ten feet away,” he marvels. “I have a couple of boats and a motorcycle that I work on, and that feature lets me talk on the phone and keep working because I don’t need to hold the phone up to my ear. It’s amazing.”

Hi-Tech Discretion

Another amazing feature of the new line of hearing aids available through Miracle-Ear is the discretion they offer. The new devices are much smaller than those developed previously, which is an aspect many wearers enjoy.

“Nobody wants to wear a big hearing aid behind their ear anymore,” Melanee informs. “Some people don’t want anyone to know they’re wearing them, because vanity and pride are still important to them, and we can offer those people that complete discretion.

“This new technology is so advanced, it can fit into a smaller device that still fits behind the ear but is so small that it provides that discretion that many people are looking for.”

The new hearing aids Paul received also have a feature called patient-voice recognition that eliminates the problem some people with hearing deficiencies have recognizing and understanding their own voices when they speak.

“It’s a critical part of the communication process that in addition to being able to hear what is being said to you, you can also hear what you are saying and are able to hear yourself say it naturally,” Melanee relates.

“With this new technology that Paul now has in his new hearing aids, he gets that more natural sound of his own voice. That helps him more naturally process what he sounds like, which creates a much more comfortable environment.”

Paul quickly gained a great appreciation for all that his new hearing aids allow him to do. He says he no longer misses key words in conversations or television programs and really appreciates the convenience of the smart phone features.

“I’m very pleased with these new hearing aids,” Paul exudes. “I don’t think there’s anything out there that’s better. I recently talked to a friend of mine down the block who has hearing aids now, and I told him, You really have got to try these.

“And I told him, You really have to go see Melanee at Miracle-Ear because she is top-of-the-line. She really takes a lot of time with you to understand what it is you need and want, and she makes good suggestions without pushing the product on you.

“I can honestly say that because of Miracle-Ear, I’m happier than I’ve ever been with hearing aids.”

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