Never Diet Again

Lose significant weight without surgery.

For years, special education teacher Michele McVicker fought a losing battle with her weight. The Long Island, New York native tried all the popular weight-loss programs and even took medication, but nothing worked for her.

After photo by Fred Bellet. Before image courtesy of Michele McVicker.

Michele McVicker

“My doctor was pushing bariatric surgery, but I’m a single mom, and my youngest son has autism,” Michele shares. “I just couldn’t be down for that long. I didn’t want to be forced into it, either. I absolutely didn’t want surgery.
“Then, while I was out one Friday, I saw the Spring Hill Chiropractic and Wellness booth. I went to their Monday night class on their weight-loss program and decided it was something I needed to try. My goal was to lose between seventy-
five and one hundred pounds.”

Prioritizing Challenges

“When Michele first came to us, she was really stressed out about her weight,” notes Michael E. Burr, DC, a wellness consultant and chiropractor at Spring Hill Chiropractic & Wellness. “She had other challenges affecting her weight-loss efforts as well. Her energy was down, she wasn’t sleeping well and she was busy taking care of everybody else and not taking care of herself.”
As part of his weight-loss program, Dr. Burr developed a strategy to help Michele conquer her challenges and shed her unwanted pounds. The strategy involved prioritizing her challenges and resolving them one at a time.
“First, we helped Michele overcome the impact of stress because stress makes her store fat,” Dr. Burr explains. “Once she mastered that, we taught her how to sleep better because most of the fat-burning hormones kick in at night when we sleep. We then looked at her busy schedule and developed time-saving tactics. We chipped away at Michele’s issues one step at a time, and she started losing weight.”

Life-Saving Loss

Losing weight is a difficult process, and Michele added another degree of difficulty by beginning her weight-loss program on December 23, just as the holidays were getting into full swing. But that didn’t foil Michele’s determination to get healthier for her children, without surgery.
“There’s a mental component to Dr. Burr’s weight-loss program,” Michele states. “They stress that why I want to lose weight is more important than how I lose the weight. My whys are my children and health, so I ask myself, Is eating this cake more important than my kids or my health?
“This technique trained me to eat right and live healthy, and I’ve lost fifty pounds so far. I’d like to lose another forty pounds, so I’m continuing with the program. When I reach a weight Dr. Burr and I are comfortable with, he’ll reassess my situation. If my medical doctor agrees it’s a healthy weight for me, I’ll start a maintenance program.
“The Spring Hill Chiropractic and Wellness weight-loss program taught me how to fix myself inside and out, but it did more than that. It saved my life!”

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