Nature’s Way

Natural healing techniques relieve chronic pain, fatigue.

The days of riding her own motorcycle alongside her husband, playing competitive volleyball and doing water aerobics to stay in shape are little more than faint memories for Lisa Lovelace. Fibromyalgia is the reason.

For more than 20 years, the condition has caused Lisa so much pain, suffering and fatigue that she was forced to give up not only her active lifestyle but her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep.

Lisa has suffered from fibromyalgia for years, but her symptoms have started to fade since she started receiving a mixture of therapies from the Holistic Medical Care Clinic.

Lisa Lovelace

“I reached a point where I couldn’t even get out of my car,” Lisa reveals. “There were days where it was all I could do just to take a shower and wash my hair.”

Lisa, 52, spent years searching for a remedy, but it wasn’t until she visited the Holistic Medical Care Clinic that she found relief.

The objective of the Holistic Medical Care Clinic’s founders, Nataliya Sia, ARNP, and Sunny Sia, PMHNP-BC, is to treat patients with a blend of conventional/Western medicine and complementary natural therapies. This treatment philosophy is also called integrative medicine.

“We avoid prescribing medications as much as possible and look to heal patients a more natural way,” Nataliya says. “We specialize in treatments such as intravenous vitamin (IV) therapy, ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) intravenous therapy, stem cell and PRP therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).”

Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy uses a mixture of vitamins and minerals that are delivered directly into the bloodstream to fight fatigue as well as a variety of potential vitamin deficiencies.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation is a procedure where blood is exposed to ultraviolet light. The light exposure helps regulate the body’s immune system, which helps it fight off infection and manage autoimmune conditions such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Stem cell therapy promotes the repair of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue using stem cells or their derivatives. PRP/Prolozone therapy is similar to stem cell therapy but it utilizes your own blood platelets and/or ozone to repair injured muscles or tissues.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy oxygenates the body, calms the central nervous system and increases energy. It complements well with stem cell and PRP therapy as the oxygenation helps expedite healing and recovery through cell regeneration.

After examining Lisa and discovering that she also suffered from an inability to absorb vitamins, Nataliya prescribed intravenous IV therapy, ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy and hyperbaric
oxygen therapy.

Lisa reports that after the very first round of treatments, a longstanding nagging pain in her hip and foot disappeared. Since then, the therapies have continued to have a positive impact on Lisa’s wellbeing.

“Almost everything has resolved itself,” Lisa exudes. “I have a lot more energy now, and I’m planning to get back into exercising soon. There’s a world of difference between how I felt before and how I feel now, and I can’t thank Nataliya enough. She’s just great.”

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