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Leading-edge nonsurgical treatments regenerate, reinvigorate the body.

Photo courtesy of Jeff Roberti.

Jeff finds healing in the CVAC, a pod that super
oxygenates the body and improves circulation following stem cell therapy.

When the list of the biggest earners in network marketing for 2018 came out last year, Jeff Roberti’s name was right there in the mix at number nine overall. That didn’t come as any great surprise to network marketing insiders.

With more than $85 million in career sales of a whole food supplement product, Jeff is considered a network marketing icon, one who has turned his product into one of the most researched supplements in the world.

“More than thirty years ago, I introduced the doctor who had the technology for this product to the manufacturer, and since then, I’ve become their top rep in the field and built distributorships for it in twenty-five countries,” Jeff says.

“The product is not a drink or a vitamin. It comes in capsule form, and for the cost of a cup of coffee, it floods your body with thirty of the most nutritious fruits and vegetables on the planet. That’s why we’ve got more than a million customers.”

Back in February, serving those customers became a bit of a challenge for this 57-year-old entrepreneur. A car accident left him with a wrenched back that resulted in a trip to a hospital emergency room, where Jeff found little or no relief.

“My back got jarred pretty good in that accident,” Jeff reports. “The pain was running all through my lower back, so I went to the ER, but, of course, all they do there is treat you and street you, so that didn’t really do me any good.

“It was after that trip to the ER when the pain started to spread. It started going into my right hip and right leg. That’s when I decided to visit Dr. John Lieurance at Advanced Rejuvenation to see if there was anything he could do for me.”

Dr. John Lieurance, is a board-eligible chiropractic neurologist who has been practicing alternative and regenerative medicine for 25 years, most of which have been spent at a Sarasota-based clinic called Advanced Rejuvenation.

State-of-the-Art Clinic

A state-of-the-art wellness clinic, Advanced Rejuvenation employs a highly trained team of physicians who specialize in regenerative injection treatments that are considered to be at the forefront of nonsurgical regenerative therapy.

“What we have here is an incredibly powerful group of healers,” Dr. Lieurance says. “That group includes Dr. Jeff Sack, (MD), Dr. Ron Bramson, (DPM), acupuncturist Dr. Alex Smithers, (DOM), Sue Gonzalez, (RN) and Beth Moran, (ARNP), and they all do fabulous work.”

The injection of stem cells and growth factors, which are the most basic of the human body’s building blocks, is the most common of regenerative treatments performed at Advanced Rejuvenation.

Stem cell injections can be used to regenerate virtually every joint in the body as well as soft tissues such as rotator cuffs and ligaments, but the staff at Advanced Rejuvenation went beyond the use of stem cells when treating Jeff.

“Jeff is a guy who has been visiting us for years for various treatments, but when he came in this time, he was in so much pain, he was on crutches,”
Dr. Lieurance states. “We evaluated him and discovered the problem wasn’t with his lower back at all. It was his hip.”

To confirm their belief, the staff at Advanced Rejuvenation began Jeff’s treatment by conducting what is known as a lidocaine challenge. It’s a simple test where liquid lidocaine, an anesthetic, is injected into the area where the pain is believed to be stemming from. If the injection relieves the pain, the doctor knows he’s found the source of the pain.

“The lidocaine challenge is something I think all orthopedic surgeons should do because it greatly minimizes the number of patients who wind up getting surgery for something that really isn’t causing their pain, which I say is probably about half,” Dr. Lieurance says.

“The reason this lidocaine challenge test can do that is because it not only determines exactly where the pain is coming from, but it also allows us to be more precise as far as where we want to put our regenerative injections.”

As expected, the lidocaine challenge confirmed Dr. Lieurance’s belief that Jeff’s pain was emanating from his hip. His next move was to treat the hip. In doing so, he chose a combination of exosomes and a derivative of platelet-rich plasma known as honey matrix.

Exosomes are the active interior bits that give stem cells their healing effect, Dr. Lieurance educates. Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a concentrated source of blood plasma that contains several growth factors and a protein called cytokines.

“The honey matrix is a more effective form of PRP,” Dr. Lieurance notes. “It has more anti-inflammatory cytokines and more scaffolding material, which is what is needed to hold the position and the space of the tissue we’re repairing.

“Once we have the mixture of exosomes and the honey matrix, we photoactivate it with a special German technology called LumoStem. LumoStem allows us to send a laser through a catheter that energizes the mixture. It’s real next-level stuff that works really well.”

It worked really well for Jeff. He says the combination of exosomes and PRP helped him “turn the corner” away from his back, hip and leg pain almost immediately, noting that “within a week of beginning the treatments, I was back to one hundred percent.”

Feeling Younger

Jeff’s treatment didn’t end there. In an effort to help him keep pace with his busy schedule and active lifestyle, Jeff has since delved into a few other treatments at Advanced Rejuvenation, including two that are designed to reinvigorate the body.

“Jeff is a guy who travels a lot, speaks a lot and trains a lot,” Dr. Lieurance says. “To keep his body in peak condition, he likes to do anti-aging treatments. We’ve been doing something with him called 10-pass hyperbaric ozone treatments.”

Ozone is a fast-acting super oxygen. When mixed with blood that is drawn and reinfused into a patient, it can cleanse the blood by killing bacteria, viruses and parasites, improve oxygen utilization throughout the body and enhance energy production.

“I’m fifty-seven years old, and I feel like I’m twenty-seven. And it’s all because of Dr. Lieurance and his medical staff working their magic in this world-class facility.” – Jeff

As its name suggests, the blood draw and infusion process is done ten times. That allows for a greater amount of ozone to be delivered to the body in a shorter period of time, which allows the ozone to better saturate the red blood cells and penetrate deeper areas of the body.

“10-pass hyperbaric ozone really ramps up something called mitochondrial function, which is the ability to make energy from oxygen and glucose, and that is something we all need to do,” Dr. Lieurance states.

“When the immune system starts to fail, you can get a lot of different diseases, fatigue and brain fog at a basic level, and down the road, you get autoimmune conditions, cancer and chronic inflammatory conditions that are all rooted in mitochondrial dysfunction.

“But this 10-pass treatment is one of the most powerful mitochondrial stimulators. It makes patients feel younger, more robust and it helps them get more restful sleep. It also makes their joints feel better because there’s less inflammation in the body.

“The other thing we’ve been doing with Jeff is we’ve had him spending time in a CVAC, which stands for cyclic variation in adaptive conditioning. It’s a pod you get into, and it closes up like an egg, but there’s a big window that you can look out from.

“What the CVAC does is force a pressure change similar to what you experience when you’re in an airplane that goes up and down. That drastic pressure change deeply detoxifies and cleanses the body, but it also triggers gene expression in all the cells that simulate exercise.

 Photo courtesy of Jeff Roberti.

Jeff undergoes a LumoStem treatment, a post-stem injection therapy available only at
Advanced Rejuvenation.

“What you get is all the improvement you would expect to see from exercise at the cellular level with the CVAC, and we’ve been using the combination of that and the 10-pass with Jeff, who says he feels like he’s in his twenties again.”

“I’m fifty-seven years old, and I feel like I’m twenty-seven,” Jeff confirms. “And it’s all because of Dr. Lieurance and his medical staff working their magic in this world-class facility where the treatments they offer are so unique and diverse.

“It’s truly state-of-the-art, leading-edge stuff that they offer here. Like the pod. I’d never heard about that before, but once I tried it, I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt afterward. It’s really incredible what you get out of it.

“Again, this place is extremely diverse. I’m fortunate that I live in Sarasota and am right there, but I can see why people come from all over the world to get some of the treatments they offer at Advanced Rejuvenation.

“On a scale of one to ten, I’d give the place a rating of one thousand. It’s really spectacular, and I couldn’t happier with what it’s done for me. I’m a raving fan-customer, and I highly, highly recommend it.”

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