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Lymphedema, venous disease can cause limb swelling; compression pumps can help.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Sally Youngstrom

Ten years ago, Binghamton, New York native Sally Youngstrom survived a battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Along the way, however, she developed lymphedema, a condition that causes excess fluid in the lymph vessels.

Caused by her cancer, the lymphedema affected Sally’s arms and legs, but especially her legs, causing them to be constantly swollen and uncomfortable.

“The swelling in my right leg was really bad, and my left leg wasn’t that good either,” Sally relates. “My right leg was larger than my left leg. You could see it in my pant legs. The one on the right side was really tight.

“I started to wear compression stockings, which helped, and I also had procedures on my leg veins. But last August, I underwent knee surgery. After the surgery, the swelling was even worse and eventually became out of control.

“I knew I had to do something about it, so I asked my vein specialist what could be done. He recommended a compression pump from Acute Wound Care.”

Acute Wound Care is a fully accredited home medical equipment provider specializing in hospital-grade compression devices and specialty wound-care dressings. The compression pumps, which reduce swelling caused by conditions such as lymphedema and venous disease, are prescription devices. They are approved by most insurers.

Rhythmic Patterns

Acute Wound Care’s easy-to-use compression pumps remove fluid that has accumulated in the patient’s legs or arms, observes Alyssa Parker, certified compression therapist with Acute Wound Care.

“The pump’s limb-sized sleeves gently massage the limb, draining any excess fluid back into the body’s circulatory system so it can be naturally eliminated,” Alyssa explains. “This alleviates swelling and many painful symptoms.

“The pumps are highly effective and noninvasive, and for the legs, they are much easier to use than compression stockings. Patients generally use the pump twice a day for forty-five minutes, usually in the morning and in the evening. While using the pump, patients simply sit back with their limbs raised to further assist with decreasing swelling.”

The sleeves of the compression pump contain multiple chambers. During treatment, each chamber fills up with air. Then, each chamber releases, and the pattern repeats in a rhythmic fashion, forcing any excess fluid out of the limbs.

“The pump also boosts circulation by contracting the leg muscles, assisting blood flow back toward the heart,” Alyssa notes. “Results are often apparent immediately. Many patients see a noticeable difference in the swelling and in the size of their limbs after their first forty-five-minute pumping session.”

Acute Wound Care is proud of its hands-on approach to patient care. Not only does a compression therapist go to patients’ homes to set up the equipment and instruct them on how to use it, they also adjust the pump’s pressure level to the patients’ comfort.

“When we are in the patient’s home, we set the pressure based on the severity of the condition and the physician’s prescription,” states Alyssa. “We then adjust the pump so the patients are comfortable and will actually meet the requirements of the treatment, so they get great results.”

Physician Endorsed

Physicians throughout Florida have been recommending Acute Wound Care’s compression pumps to their patients for years and have been getting great results.

“Many doctors have told me they’ve encouraged their patients to use the pump to reduce limb swelling and improve circulation,” Alyssa confirms. “They say the compression pumps are safe, noninvasive devices that greatly supplement the medical treatment they provide to those patients.

“One physician even told me he received feedback from his patients, and they agree the devices and the outcomes are positive. He said the patients also appreciate how good a job Acute Wound Care does of following up and mentioned that all are very pleased with Acute Wound Care and its product.

“That same doctor said he’s so satisfied with Acute Wound Care that he strongly endorses them and their compression devices to other physicians. He said he’s personally thrilled with Acute Wound Care because they help doctors improve their quality of care and the quality of their patients’ lives.”

“I Have Ankles Again”

Sally has been using her compression pump from Acute Wound Care for four months and is thrilled with the results. Because she works full-time, she generally uses her device once a day instead of twice, but she uses it for longer than 45 minutes.   

“Since I’ve been using the pump, I can’t believe the difference in the size of my legs. I have ankles again.” – Sally

“The compression pump is wonderful,” Sally raves. “I use it for an hour or an hour and a half, and when the session is over, I can really see a change. Since I’ve been using the pump, I can’t believe the difference in the size of my legs. I have ankles again.”

Because Sally’s leg swelling is effectively managed with her compression pump, she can enjoy her favorite activities without discomfort. She has plans to return to even more activities soon.    

“I’m dancing, playing a little golf and walking, things I like to do when I’m not working,” she reports. “My husband and I have a motorhome and do some traveling with it. That got curtailed due to my leg and knee problems, but we’ll probably get back into that now as well.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the care I received from everyone at Acute Wound Care. And I couldn’t be happier with my results. The compression pump works, and it was very successful for me. I just wish I got it sooner.

“I absolutely recommend Acute Wound Care and their compression pumps to anybody in a situation like mine.”

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