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Safe nonsurgical alternative to drugs erases erectile dysfunction.

When Esteban* married his wife 48 years ago, the native of Barcelona, Spain knew he was entering into a lifelong romantic partnership. What he didn’t know was that he was also entering into what would eventually become a business partnership.Stock photo from iStockphoto.

“My wife is from Portugal, and after we moved to Florida some thirty-five years ago, we realized there was a business opportunity here for us translating legal and medical documents from Spanish and Portuguese into English,’’ Esteban explains.

“We’ve been doing that for more than thirty years now, and it’s been a good business for us. It’s something we can do out of our home, which is convenient, and there’s enough demand to make a good living from it.”

Esteban, who turned 80 earlier this year, says he keeps his translation business going in part because it keeps him mentally active. As for physical activity, Esteban stays in tune by walking daily and working out at a gym three days a week.

Esteban says those workouts have him feeling like he’s at least 20 years younger than he really is. There is, however, one area where, for a little more than a year, Esteban hasn’t been feeling so young and vibrant. That area is in the bedroom.

“It wasn’t quite two years ago that I suddenly began to have problems with erectile dysfunction,’’ Esteban reveals. “After struggling with that for a couple of months, I finally decided to get some treatment for it.

“The first doctor I went to told me my testosterone was low, so he gave me testosterone treatments. But that really didn’t help much. In fact, it made things worse because it gave me bad acne on my chest.

“Then one day, I was in a doctor’s office with my wife, and she was reading this newspaper, Florida Health Care News. She saw an article about a doctor who had a new treatment for erectile dysfunction and suggested I go see him.”

The doctor Esteban’s wife read about is Rene M. Reed, DC, NMD. Dr. Reed is a chiropractic orthopedic specialist and naturopathic medical doctor who specializes in integrative medicine and a revolutionary, noninvasive treatment for erectile dysfunction.

That treatment is called extracorporeal acoustic wave therapy, and it does what medications such as VIAGRA® and CIALIS® cannot do, which is correct the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, or ED.

That underlying cause is often the result of a lack of circulation to the penis caused by a build-up of plaque in the chambers of the penis that normally expand when filled with blood. The plaque build-up interferes with blood flow to this vital area responsible for good erections.

“Wholistic” Approach

“I started providing acoustic wave treatments because I’ve seen erectile dysfunction, or ED, destroy relationships and devastate men,” Dr. Reed explains. “I’ve literally had grown men cry in front of me over it.

“I also do genetic testing to determine if genetic defects are contributing to a patient’s ED, because acoustic wave therapy may work more effectively if the underlying genetic issues are treated.

“We look at all the players responsible for good erections and sexual function because when a man is not functioning like he is used to, he feels like less of a man. When Esteban came to me, that’s how he was feeling.”

Like Esteban’s previous physician, Dr. Reed discovered through his testing that one of the causes of Esteban’s erectile dysfunction was a lack of testosterone, which is not abnormal for a man over the age of 40.

Every year after that age, testosterone levels in men drop by ten to 20 percent, Dr. Reed educates. His first objective in treating Esteban, then, was to regulate his hormones, which Dr. Reed had done with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, or BHRT.

BHRT is designed to boost hormone levels through the application of a natural testosterone cream to the inner thighs or scrotum. It is one of several treatments that Dr. Reed combines with acoustic wave therapy to obtain optimum results.

“We look at everything, including any side effects from medications the patient may be taking, to learn the true cause of his erectile dysfunction,” Dr. Reed says. “And, in treating that, we take what I call an integrative wholistic approach, meaning we treat everything.’’

That treatment begins with acoustic wave therapy, which is delivered through a small, handheld device that creates a series of short, painless pulsations that break up the plaque and calcium that have built up inside the blood vessels in the penis.

Those pulsations not only stimulate the growth of new nerve tissue, which is vital for achieving and maintaining healthy erections, but they also correct Peyronie’s disease, a condition where tissue build-up causes an abnormal left or right bend to the penis.

“In addition to the acoustic wave therapy, we also put patients on a penis pump,’’ Dr. Reed notes. “We have them use the pump for about fifteen minutes each night in an effort to engorge the penis with blood on a nightly basis.

“We do that because it pulls blood into the sacs on either side of the shaft of the penis that are accountable for an erection. That daily blood flow is important because it helps to wash out the plaque that is being broken up by the acoustic wave therapy.

“Another thing we do is ask our patients to take two nitric oxide pills each day. That helps to dilate the blood vessels all throughout the body, including in the penis, which allows for even further blood flow.

“So again, we’re hitting this problem from all angles. It’s a concentrated effort to break up the plaque, improve blood flow to the penis, generate new blood vessels and provide nutrients that help all that happen.”

Remarkable Results

Acoustic wave therapy treatments last about 30 minutes, with patients typically receiving two such treatments per week for a span of six weeks. Esteban underwent his first treatment in June and began BHRT shortly thereafter. The results have astounded him.

“I’m eighty years old, and I honestly thought I’d reached the end of the line in terms of sexual performance, but that’s not the case,’’ he says. “My ability to obtain an erection and keep it has been improving steadily for the past few months.

“It doesn’t come back all at once. It takes some time. But the combination of treatments Dr. Reed prescribed for me has definitely worked. Now, I not only feel like I’m a lot younger, but in the bedroom, I can perform like I’m a lot younger.

“I’m really glad I found Dr. Reed and so is my wife. He’s very down to earth and very smart. When I first went to see him, he told me he doesn’t believe in just throwing a pill at this problem because that won’t work, and now, I know what he means.”

Dr. Reed says Esteban is one of his best success stories.

“Most men who are eighty years old have long since hung up their holster, but that’s not Esteban,’’ he says. “He’s still very active sexually. He hasn’t thrown in the towel, and I can see what a difference it’s made for him.

“He feels, acts and talks like a man much younger than he is, and when you feel younger, you think younger and move like a younger man. That’s what I’ve seen with him, so yes, he is definitely one of our great success stories.”

*Patient’s name changed at his request
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