Making Gains with GAINSWave™

Men with ED regain function with noninvasive therapy.

Recent studies reveal that more than 30 million men in the United States experience erectile dysfunction (ED). Men with ED are unable to achieve or sustain an erection suitable for sex. While ED is more common in older men, it can occur at any age, and it does not discriminate. It happens to men of all races and ethnicities.
ED is sometimes a difficult topic for men to bring up to their health care providers, but it shouldn’t be. ED is a medical condition, and in most cases, it can be treated. Stock photo from
“Erectile dysfunction is essentially a circulatory problem,” notes Nicholas H. Kalvin, MD, medical director at Gulf Coast Men’s Health in Fort Myers. “Normally, when it is stimulated, the penis inflates with blood into two large chambers, resulting in an erection.
“However, the inflow of blood can decrease with age or with some health conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Blood flow can also decrease because of certain lifestyle factors such as smoking and obesity. Due to decreased blood flow into the penis, men can have incomplete erections.
“An incomplete erection means the blood vessels at the base of the penis are not opening completely. When the man attempts to have intercourse, his penis collapses or folds, and the blood goes back into his body. That’s ED.”
Historically, there were three general methods available to treat men with ED. One was with medications such as VIAGRA® and CIALIS®. Dr. Kalvin explains that the medications for ED currently on the market vary in terms of longevity, peak blood level and duration of dose, but do the same thing. Medications, however, can lose their effectiveness over time.
“The next treatment is injections,” states Dr. Kalvin. “Instead of treating the whole patient by mouth with medication, the penis itself is treated by injecting it with very powerful vasodilators. These open up the closed blood vessels and enable erections. Injections do not work in all men, and as men age, they may stop working.
“The last method used to be penis implants. This is done when pills and shots fail. The doctor clears out the two chambers and implants plastic tubes in the penis. The tubes are inflated with liquid by pressing on a valve in the scrotum or under the skin of the belly. Implants are generally considered a last resort treatment.”
Today, however, Gulf Coast Men’s Health offers another, better option for treating men with ED. It’s called GAINSWave therapy, and it’s drug-free, noninvasive and virtually painless.
“The ED medications can have uncomfortable side effects,” says Paul DeJohn, Jr., owner and director of patient care at Gulf Coast Men’s Health. “Some men hear about the injections into the penis, and it scares them. GAINSWave is a new solution to their ED that is completely noninvasive, with no pain or side effects.”

Sound Repairs

GAINSWave therapy works to improve blood flow by directing low-intensity sound waves to the penis and surrounding areas. The treatment also stimulates the growth of new tissue, which is vital for achieving and maintaining healthy erections.
“GAINSWave uses ultrasound, or sound waves,” confirms Dr. Kalvin. “It does not work with radiation. Instead, it works through the physical vibration from sound. Think of the feeling you get if you hold one end of a board and start hammering a nail into the other end, or the shockwave from an airplane going through the sky.”
The ultrasound waves travel at the speed of sound, and are applied through the correct number of pulses, frequency and energy. They have a positive effect on the tissue and blood vessels, and help restore blood flow and improve sensitivity to the penis.
“GAINSWave therapy works by promoting the vascular health of the penis,” observes Dr. Kalvin. “The ultrasound stimulates stem cells in the penis to multiply and replace damaged cells. In addition, the stem cells also stimulate the blood vessels to grow extensions. This increases blood flow.”
“The sound waves also help stimulate the tissue in the penis by breaking up scar tissue and plaque,” adds Paul. “When this is done repeatedly over a brief period of time, it restores the tissue of the penis and improves blood flow.
“Sometimes, men who have not had good erections or intercourse for a long time start to lose sensitivity during sex. Another benefit of GAINSWave therapy is by increasing blood flow, the nerve endings in the penis are also stimulated, improving sensitivity of the penis.”
According to Dr. Kalvin, studies show markedly increased blood flow into the penis in men who had ultrasound treatments such as GAINSWave therapy.
“Results do not happen right away,” he acknowledges. “It takes several treatments, but most men notice a significant change in their status between treatments six and eight.”
Every man is different, and treatment at Gulf Coast Men’s Health is tailored to each man’s symptoms and needs. In general, however, younger men typically require six GAINSWave treatments. Men of middle age and beyond may require up to 12 treatments.
“The effect of the GAINSWave therapy will last one to two years,” reports Dr. Kalvin. “Some clinics recommend a refresher ultrasound treatment every three to six months.
“In Europe, GAINSWave therapy is typically the first option for treating men with ED. I believe in the future, it will be the first-line therapy in the United States as well.”

Problem Solving

Gulf Coast Men’s Health believes treating ED is essential because sexual health can affect a man’s overall well-being. Paul notes that the center’s staff approach ED treatment much differently than most other clinics.
“Our goal is to get men to where they do not need any medication,” he stresses. “We do not want our patients to have to use substances for the rest of their lives. We try to avoid that at all costs. With GAINSWave therapy, we work to solve men’s ED issues so they can get back to really living again.”

“With GAINSWave therapy, we work to solve men’s ED issues so they can get back to really living again.” – Paul

Paul relates that GAINSWave therapy is also a good option for those men who have lost their wives after 30 or 40 years and are getting back into the dating scene. The therapy can make the transition as easy as possible by helping the men regain the function they had years before.
“The old saying, If you don’t use it, you lose it, rings true for a lot of these men, and we help them in any way we can,” he discloses. “With GAINSWave treatments, we can completely restore function in many men.”
The ED treatment process at Gulf Coast Men’s Health is not a one-size-fits-all therapy such as it is with VIAGRA and CIALIS. The staff is dedicated to finding the correct treatment for each man’s specific concerns.
“We determine which is the best course of action for each patient,” expounds Paul. “We give them options of what’s available to restore their function. We really put the patient first.
“At Gulf Coast Men’s Health, we’re very encouraged by how GAINSWave has been used to successfully treat hundreds of patients with ED without drugs, pain or harmful side effects. Men who want to restore youthful performance should explore whether this is the right option for them.”

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