Magnetic Stimulation Relieves Pain

Brian Morgan’s back pain began five years ago when the simplest of tasks caused him months of debilitating pain.

Photo by Fred Bellet.

Brian is
pain free
after treatment.

“I was sitting on the couch one day and reached over to get the remote control. I sneezed at the same time and something bizarre happened that I can barely explain,” he recalls. “I felt a sharp, stinging pain in my lower back and both of my feet went numb.”
The pain kept Brian from his job as a police officer in the days immediately after the incident.
“I missed a few days of work. I couldn’t bend down. I couldn’t walk,” he shares. “Pain would start in the lower left side of my back and shoot down through my hip and into my leg and foot.
“I wear a gun belt with my uniform, and it weighs about twenty pounds with everything attached to it. When I finally went back to work, I was in pain off and on most days, but I struggled through it. I would apply heat and then ice throughout the day when I was able. It was a rough ride, for sure.”
Brian always led an active lifestyle, having played baseball and basketball in his youth. He was also an avid runner who suddenly found himself sidelined from all physical activity.
“I really missed my long runs and being active,” he remarks. “Even during all the years I played sports, I never had an injury that caused this kind of pain.”
Getting out of bed also became a daunting task.
“It would take me twenty-five minutes just to get out of bed most mornings,” Brian says. “I have a two-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter. Most of the time, I couldn’t pick them up without painful consequences. This went on for over a year.”
On a scale of one to ten, Brian’s pain level escalated to an eight or nine. At his wife’s urging, he consulted with a chiropractor who sent him for an MRI. The results, Brian says, indicated he had a slipped disc in his lower back.
“I underwent several chiropractic treatments, but nothing worked long-term to alleviate the pain.”
On Easter Sunday, Brian overheard a family member talking about an experimental treatment the doctor at her clinic was using to help alleviate pain through electromagnetic induction.
“I heard the talk about how electromagnetic waves can eliminate pain in certain areas of the body, and I said, “I’m willing to try it, no questions asked.” I made an appointment the next morning and by that afternoon, I was undergoing my first treatment.”

Wave of the Future

Brian had a consultation with Boris Kawliche, MD, a board-certified psychiatrist at Brandon TMS & Psychiatry.
“When I first met with Brian, he had absolutely no hesitation in trying the CTB [Corporal Theta Burst] for his back pain,” Dr. Kawliche recalls.
The Food and Drug Administration approved TMS therapy in 2008 for people with treatment-resistant depression. In most cases, those who failed treatments with antidepressants respond very well to TMS, and there are essentially no side effects.
While approved to treat depression, TMS has not yet been FDA approved to relieve chronic pain. Dr. Kawliche is the only provider in the area who has equipment that can handle the Theta Burst protocol, and he named the treatment CTB, which stands for Corporal Theta Burst. It is important to note that CTB is not the same as TMS, but the same machine is used for both treatments. The center’s two MagVita R30 machines, built in Denmark, are extremely versatile this way.
“I made it clear to Brian that using CTB to treat pain is strictly experimental,” Dr. Kawliche emphasizes. “I told him that he would be part of a study of its effects on pain.”
After completing all five sessions for a total of 60 minutes, Brian says he has gone from not being able to get out of bed to resuming a physical lifestyle.
“After the fourth day of treatment, I went into work and I said, “Man, I feel great.
“It has been nine months since Brian last had treatment and he is now training for a decathlon,”
Dr. Kawliche says. “Results this dramatic cannot be expected for every patient, although it is the result we strive for with each patient.”

Personal Results

Dr. Kawliche says he considers himself the guinea pig for the experimental treatment.
“I enjoy running in my spare time and I developed Achilles tendonitis in my left ankle,” Dr. Kawliche shares. “For fifteen years, it had been impossible to run for more than ten minutes. If I attempted to run, I would be paying the price for a couple of weeks afterward. I would be limping around and feeling like a cripple. I tried everything from massages, heat and cold packs, TENS units– and nothing seemed to work.
“One day, I thought to myself, If TMS can be used on the brain so effectively, and more specifically Theta Burst protocol can give results so quickly, why can’t it be used on other parts of the body?
After a handful of sessions to treat his own ankle, Dr. Kawliche says he was found he was able to run for an hour or two without any pain.
Dr. Kawliche wanted to take his own results and find a way to expand upon them.
“I knew I was onto something, and I wanted to conduct a study with real-life participants in order to further prove its effects,” he explains. “We gathered forty volunteers to be in a study that we presented in Berlin at Biospine last April.
“Those participants had very positive results. Some of those patients came off of opioid medications. Others were able to cancel invasive procedures such as spinal fusions, stem cell injections, spinal cord stimulation implantations and morphine pumps after this treatment.
“After one ten-minute session, the effects of the MagVita machine are comparable to someone being given the energy to lift a parking lot of cars. The amount of power that is radiated has effects at the atomic level. It is restorative energy.”
Dr. Kawliche hopes to see the FDA approve pain-related magnetic treatments so more people suffering from chronic pain can reap the benefits. The treatment is a safer, more cost effective and more effective way to treat pain without the risks associated with surgery or medications.
“I could see this being effective in treating patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia and even migraines.”

Living Life Again

Brian says not having to take more than 20 minutes to get out of bed every day took some getting used to.
“I would wake up and start doing my old morning stretch routine to get out of bed, and my wife would say, I thought that your back wasn’t hurting anymore?” he recalls. “And I’d say, It’s not. And then I’d remember and think, Oh my God, I’ve been doing this so long, I forgot I don’t need to anymore. Now, the alarm goes off, I get out of bed and I’m immediately in motion.
“I’ve been telling everybody I know about the treatment. I can lift my kids without problems. I’ve started running again. I’m scheduled to run a 5K next month and then I will be running a full marathon next year. The treatment truly has been life-changing for me. I was willing to try anything to get my life back, and this has definitely done that for me.”

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