Low Back Breakthrough

Unique, nonsurgical therapy eliminates patient’s pain.

A Maryland native who relocated to Florida nearly 30 years ago, Joyce Broom was preparing to return home for a brief visit this past spring when she ran into an excruciating roadblock.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Joyce Broom

“I was supposed to leave for the airport on Wednesday, March 28th, but on Tuesday evening, I started having intense lower back pain,” Joyce recalls. “I’ve had lower back pain for thirty years or more, but it was never this intense.
“It doesn’t take much for my back to go out. It could be that I lifted too much or twisted or turned the wrong way. It could be anything, but I never felt pain like this before. It was sharp pain in my lower back that I even felt in the front, in my abdomen.”
The pain kept Joyce awake all night. When it persisted into the next morning, she concluded that she’d never be able to sit on the plane for the trip to Maryland. Disappointed, she cancelled her flight and made an appointment with her family physician.
“From my description of the pain, my doctor thought I had kidney stones,” Joyce recounts. “He thought I passed one because the pain wasn’t as bad then as it had been in the middle of the night. The doctor gave me medication in case I needed to pass another one.
“When I got back from the doctor, the pain got worse, and I couldn’t even stand. The only comfortable position was lying on my back with my legs elevated. I couldn’t walk or do anything; I just had to lie there in pain. On a scale of one to ten, my pain was a fifteen.
“This continued through the weekend, so I called my former chiropractors, and no one could see me. My husband heard about Back Pain Institute of West Florida and told me about them, so on Monday morning, I called them, and they got me in.”
Back Pain Institute of West Florida is where Dr. Craig S. Aderholdt
provides the most advanced treatments for patients in severe pain. Among them is a unique, nonsurgical treatment called VAX-D® Therapy, which is a patented, FDA-approved medical decompression technique for alleviating pressure on the discs of the spine.
“Joyce had a very painful back condition, and for her, as with many patients with similar painful
conditions, I recommended VAX-D Therapy,” observes Dr. Aderholdt, who is one of the few doctors in the country who offers this unique treatment.
“Dr. Aderholdt said that VAX-D Therapy should help me, and I could start immediately if I wanted to,” relates Joyce. “I was in so much pain that I said, I’ll do it.

Revolutionary Technology

While VAX-D Therapy is a medical decompression technique, it is not a traction device, emphasizes Dr. Aderholdt. It works differently and achieves significantly better results, the doctor ensures.
“For many patients, chiropractic adjustments alone can actually relieve the pain,” he asserts. “However, for select people with sciatica or herniated, bulging or degenerated discs, VAX-D Therapy has proven extremely effective.”
During VAX-D Therapy, the patient relaxes on a comfortable, computer-controlled table, secured with a pelvic belt or patented cervical collar, depending on the area to be treated. Carefully specified tension and pressure changes guide the use of VAX-D, allowing the therapist to focus decompression at the exact level of spinal dysfunction.

“I felt almost one hundred percent better after three weeks of VAX-D Therapy, and I feel one hundred percent now.” – Joyce

Because the VAX-D system is computerized, it enables the table to make subtle but targeted movements, which create a powerful vacuum within the disc space. This vacuum gently draws the disc back to its proper orientation, which pulls nutrient-rich spinal fluid into the disc and stimulates repair cells that effectively mend the disc.
“I consider VAX-D one of the most effective nonsurgical medical treatments for low back pain, neck pain and sciatica today,” declares Dr. Aderholdt. “This revolutionary technology is one more tool I can offer my patients as we work toward relieving pain and maintaining the health of the lumbar and cervical spine.”

Activities Resumed

“Nothing else can create such a powerful vacuum,” stresses Dr. Aderholdt. “That is what makes VAX-D such a valuable tool for pain relief. There are imitators, but the vacuum effect is the most powerful one known. It doesn’t allow the muscles to contract like other machines might. In fact, VAX-D is the only nonsurgical treatment that has been clinically proven to reduce disc pressure to negative levels.”
VAX-D Therapy has a long track record of leaving customers satisfied, notes Dr. Aderholdt. Long-term studies have shown that VAX-D is effective in more than 88 percent of patients who go through the treatment.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Joyce began feeling relief from her back pain after her first VAX-D treatment.

“The treatment wasn’t uncomfortable, it was just different,” reports Joyce. “I’m a fidgety person, so I don’t like to stay in one place for very long. The treatment takes between a half hour and forty-five minutes, so that was the hardest part for me – staying still for that length of time.
“But even after the first treatment, I felt some relief. Dr. Aderholdt says that’s not typical. For most people, it takes several sessions for them to feel relief, but I felt at least some relief after the first session. I went for sessions five days a week and made continual improvement after every session.
“I felt almost one hundred percent better after three weeks of VAX-D Therapy, and I feel one hundred percent now. My pain level now is a zero. I don’t even have my regular lower back pain anymore.
“With therapy, I initially went from not being able to walk to walking ten steps without intense pain, and it just got better and better over the course of treatment. I like to walk my dog, bike and swim, and I’ve been able to resume all of those activities without pain.”
In addition to treating Joyce with VAX-D Therapy, Dr. Aderholdt and his team also educated her about suitable exercises and lifestyle habits to protect her fragile low back.
“I learned not to overextend myself because I don’t want to ruin the work Dr. Aderholdt has done,” she says. “I don’t lift fifty pounds anymore. If something is over twenty pounds, I think twice and lift carefully. I know my limits.
“I still go to Back Pain Institute of West Florida for adjustments, to keep things in place, but since VAX-D Therapy, my back is fine.”
Joyce raves that her VAX-D Therapy was a success. She was so happy with her results that she recommended the treatment to an 87-year-old friend who had it and also experienced significant pain relief.
Joyce also raves about Dr. Aderholdt and his commitment to his patients. She says he was always there for her VAX-D Therapy sessions, offering encouragement and advice. He told Joyce just what to expect from the treatment and answered all of her questions.
“He’s a great guy,” Joyce states. “He’s very knowledgeable and wants to help people. I think that’s his main goal. I don’t think he’s in this for any other reason except to help people, and he looks for opportunities to do that.
“The staff at Back Pain Institute of West Florida is great as well. I’m pleased with the entire process. I recommend them and their VAX-D Therapy.”


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