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BHRT, cosmetic procedures restore youth and vitality.

Illinois native Donna Turner spends her days juggling two demanding careers. She’s a landlord for the eight rental properties she owns but also manufactures swimming pool and spa accessories.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Donna Turner

She can’t afford to be slowed by symptoms of perimenopause, but those symptoms recently began to take a toll on her nonetheless.

“Being a woman of a certain age, I began having hot flashes, which were miserable, and I was fatigued,” Donna shares. “I was also achy and overweight. I was aging at a rate faster than I wanted.

“Sleeping wasn’t that much of an issue, except when the hot flashes woke me up at five o’clock in the morning. My biggest problem was that feeling of fatigue that sat me down in a corner and knocked me out. My energy was really low.

“I continued to exercise, but I wasn’t seeing any difference. I wasn’t losing weight or gaining muscle. It was like I hit a plateau. I was stagnant in my workouts.”

When Donna’s friend told her about a seminar held by Infinity Medical Institute, which treats people with symptoms like Donna’s with bio-natural L3 pellet hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), she decided to attend. She learned that this type of hormone replacement therapy is the most natural and effective solution for hormone-related issues.

“The people from Infinity Medical were very knowledgeable, upbeat and positive,” Donna describes. “I was impressed because Infinity Medical’s program has a medical basis to it. Many other places are more like spas, so you don’t know how medically sound their programs are.”

When patients first arrive at Infinity Medical Institute, the staff perform thorough testing to determine each patient’s exact hormone needs before formulating a treatment plan for them, stresses Moriah R. Moffitt, MD, of Infinity Medical Institute.

The Infinity staff’s testing of Donna’s hormone levels proved they were quite low and were therefore the cause of her unpleasant symptoms. But those low hormone levels also made her an ideal candidate for BHRT.

“Through our bio-natural hormone replacement therapy, patients such as Donna achieve consistent absorption of the proper, predictable levels of the hormones their bodies require for optimum health,” Dr. Moffitt states. “This is done through the simple insertion of a pellet approximately every three to five months.”

“First, I went in and had an interview with Dr. Moffitt, and she went over my blood tests,” Donna remembers. “She was very knowledgeable, and I felt very secure with her. Their medical component is one of the reasons I’m very pro-Infinity Medical, and I researched other places.

“Another reason I chose Infinity Medical is that before I get my pellets every three months, they do a blood test to measure my hormone levels. Other places only do blood tests once a year. The staff at Infinity Medical react to me as an individual, and they adjust my pellets to what my blood tests show. They don’t just follow a standard game plan.”

Yam Good

The bio-natural hormone pellets used by Infinity Medical Institute are derived from wild yam plants, a natural plant material that is molecularly changed in structure and function for a 98-percent bio-identical match to the body’s own composition. Synthetic hormones, by contrast, can be as little as six- to eight-percent bio-identical.

“Hormones affect everything, including our growth through childhood, our sexual development, our moods, how we break down our food, sleep patterns, stress, how much weight we gain – just about every function in the body, big and small,” Dr. Moffitt informs. “They also play a role in many health conditions such as diabetes, an over- or underactive thyroid, osteoporosis, obesity, anxiety and depression.

“Our bio-natural L3 pellet hormone therapy helps to give us an edge as we provide patients with a product that is all natural, and we stand behind it. It’s the most effective hormone treatment on the market because it’s replacing natural, normal hormones with biologically identical hormones that the body is used to seeing, rather than synthetic versions of the hormones.”

“Now that my hormones are consistent, my moods are level and I’m sleeping well. And I’ve got my energy back.” – Donna

As Donna points out, staff at Infinity Medical Institute perform comprehensive evaluations of overall health prior to the pellets being administered. This is to ensure that patients are receiving the proper amount of hormones in their pellets.

“We want to be sure that the treatment we administer is going to be the overall best course of action for that patient,” Dr. Moffitt verifies. “We’re very thorough with the labs at every visit in order to see what has changed, and what needs to be altered.

“We want to be sure every patient is feeling the best they possibly can, so we not only look at their labs, but we look at their overall health because other issues, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, can affect how the treatment is administered.”

People respond differently after beginning BHRT from Infinity Medical Institute. Donna experienced a quick reaction to her hormone therapy, and the benefits remained evident months after her initial pellets were inserted.

“After the first treatment, my hot flashes were gone, and I started getting more energy,” she raves. “A couple of months later, I began to feel like I wanted to work out instead of like I had to work out.

“And once I did start working out again, I started building muscle and losing weight. Now, I feel like I’m in my forties, not my fifties. It’s amazing. Now that my hormones are consistent, my moods are level and I’m sleeping well. And I’ve got my energy back.”

A Second Concern

Donna is excited by her BHRT results, but its success highlighted another concern for her. While she felt much better about her body, she felt less comfortable about her face. She believed it needed a little lift to give her a more youthful appearance to go with her renewed energy.

“Even though I felt great, I thought my face made me look tired all the time, like I just woke up,” Donna confirms. “I thought it could use a little tweak.”

The staff at Infinity Medical Institute encourage BHRT because it regenerates and restores a youthful feeling in their patients. They also offer a wide range of cosmetic services to help patients look younger.

“We’ve expanded our cosmetic services to provide a one-stop shop for whole-body wellness and youthfulness,” explains Michael Montemurro, president of Infinity Medical Institute. “This way, we can help our patients look more youthful to match how they’re feeling on the bio-natural hormones.

“We offer the popular neurotoxin BOTOX® Cosmetic, as well as dermal fillers consisting of the entire JUVÈDERM® collection: JUVÈDERM Ultra, JUVÈDERM Ultra Plus, VOLBELLA® XC, VOLLURE XC and VOLUMA® XC. All cosmetic fillers have unique properties that perform best in different areas of the face and last for different periods of time.”

Infinity Medical Institute also offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which can regenerate and tighten skin as well as change skin tone. The institute recently expanded further to provide a nonsurgical facelift called the PDO ThreadLift.

“The PDO ThreadLift is an FDA-approved procedure using PDO (polydioxanone) absorbable sutures to lift, tighten and smooth skin, improving texture,” Michael explains. “There are various types of threads used to achieve the desired results.”

Smooth threads are used for fine lines and improving overall skin texture, twisted threads are used for deep folds or wrinkles, and barbed threads are used to visibly lift the skin around the face, eyes and neck, commonly referred to as a “mini facelift.”

Results are immediate using barbed threads, but all three threads force the skin to produce collagen, which lifts the skin and fills in lines over the following three to six months. Threads are absorbed throughout that time as they are replaced with new collagen.

“First, I was treated with XEOMIN®, which is a neurotoxin like BOTOX Cosmetic,” Donna relates. “I got the treatment in my forehead and around my eyes to soften the lines and wrinkles.

“My face was a little saggy because the tissue starts to break down as people age. I recently had a filler injected into my cheeks and chin to build up that tissue again. I also underwent a PDO ThreadLift to tighten up my cheeks.”

Perfect Score

Donna took advantage of several cosmetic treatments available at Infinity Medical Institute. She says the results appear very soft and natural. They make her look as good as she feels on the bio-natural hormone therapy.

Photo by Jordan Pysz.

Donna is looking and feeling better and gives Infinity Medical an A+ grade for making that happen.

“It’s not like a facelift, where people look like the Joker, with their skin stretched tight like a balloon,” she elaborates. “Instead, most people don’t even realize I had anything done. They just say I look well-rested and happier.

“The woman who injected the filler started me off with a little bit, just enough to fill in some creases, but not enough to change the shape of my face. It tightened up around my cheeks and neck because those are the areas that bothered me most.”

Donna says she began to see a difference in her face and neck within a week of receiving the dermal filler and PDO ThreadLift. That and the results of her other treatments earned Infinity Medical Institute’s staff a perfect score from the entrepreneur.

“The treatments are slowly tightening and taking away the waddle under my neck and the creases in my cheeks,” she enthuses. “Now, I look like I’m smiling instead of grumpy. And I know there’s going to be even more tightening.

“I can’t say enough good things about the people at Infinity Medical. There’s a doctor who treats me, a nurse who works with me and owner/managers who check on my progress. It’s so good to know they actually care about me and care that I’m getting good results.

“My experience at Infinity Medical Institute rates an A-plus. On a scale of one to ten, I give them a ten.”

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